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Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentine Ideas?

If you're like me you enjoy giving
 a little Valentine gift to friends and family.
I wanted to share some Valentine images,
in hopes of generating some creative ideas.

these cute little pillows and totes
all dressed in hearts
are found at Ballard Designs.

It's been warmer here these last few days and
I've been decorating for Valentine's Day this week.
It helps brighten the dreary days of January,
and move me toward the colors of Spring.

Ballard Designs
I've been playing with a few bits of paper and vintage ephemera,
but I've had a little "itch" to get out my sewing machine


felt hearts?

Country Home

collaged bottles with posey?

Country Home

decopauged hearts?

Country Home

or how about these?

No sewing machine required.

What are you doing for Valentines gifts?

Have a sweet weekend,


Shelia said...

I Debra! I love seeing all the sweet little Valentine things! I can't believe it's coming so soon! I'm just getting my Christmas things put away!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

red.neck chic said...

This is going to break your heart... but I can not stand Valentine's Day!!! I know, right?!?! You can kick me later... xoxoxo

However, I would have to change my mind for a cupcake. LOLOLOL I REALLY can't wait to see what you come up with though!!! How about some red purses? Maybe..... red plaid hearts? OR!!! Red plaid pillows? You could do felt lambs with a red heart hanging around it's neck... I would have to change my mind about Valentine's for that too.

Much Love!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Debra... I love all of your Valentine ideas... those little felt purses are soo cute and the little pillow with the frog prince is adorable! xoxo Julie Marie

trash talk said...

I pick cupcakes...now that's what I call a sweet gesture of love!

Rebecca said...

All such sweet ideas! If I had to choose just one, I don't know what it would be!

T's Daily Treasures said...

All these photos are inspiring me to get going with Valentines projects and trying my hand at something new. Those cupcakes and cookies look great too. Maybe I'll bake something up first. Hope you are having a great day. Blessings, Tammy

Lisa said...

I just got my Ballard catalog in the mail yesterday and still have not had time to look at it! I love all the pillows! Really cute.

The Green Pea said...

Cute post, the cupcakes and cookies are looking yummy this morning. sandi

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You've inspired me to make some things using your pics. Thanks, hope you have a great Friday and weekend, T

Mrs. P. said...


All wonderful ideas....especially those Linzer Tarts :). I've bought some vintage valentines fabric and am not sure what I am going to do with it yet...you have my wheels turning now :)

Have a great weekend!


Junk Exchange said...

valentines is the day after rods birthday - the coolest thing i ever did for both days was a huge mobile of glittered and wallpapered and pleated tissue hearts - playing off the theme of the old candy hearts - and hung it in the bedroom ..we still have it ..


Wizard of Was said...

I am so looking for some inspirition for Valentine..as that's our show theme in one week..yikes! I have some things already done, but your have awakened, I think, some OCD here! ha...Love the cards with the queen of hearts...hummm....back to the drawing board....
Have a great day

Jen Chandler said...

oooh, these ideas are wonderful! I love paper and script and these are all just delicious. Thanks for sharing. Have a marvelous weekend!


Auntie Cake said...

I'm giving hubby wall graffiti of our initials in a heart. DS + KS = Love. It's very sweet... Love it! It's cheap, a sweet decoration for our bathroom, and something I can enjoy just as much as he can!
PS- going back to check out my latest Ballard's catalog, I somehow missed those pillows!

Barbara Jean said...

Sweet ideas Deb.


blessings on your day

barbara jean

Anita said...

Cute ideas! I am taking a screen printing class and I am excited to make some little things for Valentine's Day.

Beth Gales said...

I just don't get too excited about Valentine's Day, but this put me in the mood to make something fun and share it :)

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

I need some Valentine inspirations...thank you! I've been stumped lately!

Anne~Fiona and Twig said...

My favorite is the collaged bottle with the queen of hearts on it! I'd love to try it, but I don't think I have a deck of cards here.
Eureka, I'll print one off the puter!

Off to the post office now, I'll give ya a call on the way (you've been warned, hehehe).



Let's see what you have been making!!! If its the cupcakes...I'll be right over!! I am so craving some sweets!
Deb :)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Debra, I love all your Valentine ideas! Love is in the air! Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

Rebecca said...

Hi Debra
I keep sitting at this computer instead of working on Valentines displays...maybe your post will inspire me to get to work...

Theresa said...

Wonderful ideas and thanks a ton for sharing them! Have a blessed weekend dear Debra!

Brenda said...

I love the felt and the decoupaged hearts! I have been working on a valentine project this week and am hoping to post it tomorrow. I do not have valentine decor and have not thought much about it until seeing all of it on everyone's blogs. Thanks for stopping in to check up on me. I'm doing good just has been a busy week. Have visited you at a day in the life daily but just have not had enough study time to feel able to comment. But I have been there! Love ya! Have a great weekend!

ClassyChassy said...

Sweet ideas - glad you posted them. It helps a mind start inventing again!

Denise said...

Very very cute! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

cindy said...

These cute things fill my heart with happiness! :D pun intended! And I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet...most likely wait till the very last minute and then throw something together in a panic! :D

yapping cat

Carla B. Reeves said...

Hi Debra,
Love, love love...Valentine's Day...to let everyone I love to know they are special in addition to my special Valentine! It is such a fun day. I love your Valentines...it makes me want to buy a sewing machine again. I mostly make cookies!

DustyLu said...

thanks for getting me in the mood for Saint Valentino Day! lulu

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