Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Wonder if Her Dreams Came True?

Last Monday, in my post about the finds I had from the weekend, I showed this cream scrapbook, sort of in passing. When I was young I had a scrapbook or two, usually about movies that I had seen, memorabilia... high school stuff. My husband called this one to my attention, and truthfully I just bought it because of the color.

Monday in my comments, Dawn, from Cottage State of Mind asked about what was in the inside, so I had a look...and when I did a young woman's hopes and dreams were on display.

From the car, I'm thinking mid 1940s, although one photo of dishes was dated 1938.

Pictures of the ideal couple.

She liked modern architecture.

And had clipped magazine photos of how she would decorate each room.

Master Bath

Future daughter's room

Master Bedroom

Sun porch


Music Room

Dining Room

Table service


This page is entitled "Color Harmony".
There were many more pages of thoughts and ideas.

So Helen, did your dreams come true?
Here's hoping our dreams do come true.

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