Monday, August 17, 2009

What I Rescued Last Week, Monday

Yes, I know, I am the Queen of Smalls. That seems to be pretty much what I found last week. When you have a small booth then it just makes sense to concentrate on smaller items. Believe me, I love big furniture and have had my share of selling it, but since my last heart attack scare last January, I have made a deal with my husband and myself, and that is "not to buy anything I cannot carry myself." (OK...maybe a few items, but nothing like before...old habits are hard to kick!)
I have some really great little tables, shelves, bookcases, etc. that I have in the garage, but I've been on the lookout for darker, "fallish" items, lately. Booth spaces are starting to show signs of fall colors, with leaves and pumpkins showing up, so I guess it's not too early to start the change in my space for fall decor.

Four great bird illustrations

Brown transferware soap dish

Stack of restaurant ironstone platters.

little drawers

Hat case with gorgeous blue lining.
Check out "A Heart in Provence" on my blog list. She has two wonderful
hat boxes in great condition.

The find of the day... Blue Staffordshire tureen bottom.
Can't you just see this filled with fall fruit and leaves,
and then at Christmas with paperwhites?

(this is a keeper)

And lest anyone think I am just shabby, pink, white, and chippy,
I do like some primitives.

Primitive shelf

Antlers in small garden urn.

Small yelloware crocks and bubble prints labeled
"Souvenirs from San Francisco".

paperweight with a courthouse view

English bisquit tin

This old popbottle crochet hot pad brought back memories.

small print of Mount Vernon

Orange Italian tray that screams FALL!

Very old tortoise shell

Hiding under all this is a great grain sack that I found
on the way home from St. Louis.

I have the update on my table re-do from last Monday.
It took some elbow grease, but it turned out really great and very functional.
I'll show you soon.
Hope you're off to a great week!


  1. Debra,
    Thanks for visiting...Wow what great finds, you did some shopping, girl! I must say I'm in love with that brown transferware soap cute is that!

  2. Oh mylanta girl...what a haul! I love everything especially the antlers and grain sack!


  4. Oh Debra...I love your SMALLS!!!! ;)
    My fav would have to be the brown transferware soap dish! Or is it the lined hat case? Or it could be the drawers. No, maybe the grain sack. Okay...definitely the soap dish! Final answer!
    Can't I just say that I love it all????
    everything vintage

  5. In case you're interested, your shell is actually from a turtle. Looks like a Red-eared Slider, Chrysemys scripta, if I'm not mistaken. My head's just full of absolutely useless information!

  6. Hey David,
    Didn't know the difference between turtles and tortoises except one was land, the other water. Thanks for the info! Really, I'm not being smarty...I've forgotten most of my biology!

  7. Gurl, it's all "speaking to me" (as we like to say). LOVE that case, the Italian tray (fab!), and that brown transferware dish...adorable! You done good, you done real good! :D

    yapping cat

  8. Pack up the antlers in the hatbox, along with the tortoise shell and send 'em my way! Great stuff, lady! ~Mindy

  9. Hello
    Thanks for stopping by...I love your finds especially the brown transferware! It all really looks great.

  10. Loving that transferware soap dish! Great finds!!

  11. Hi Debra,
    I am lovin' your hatbox! You do small so well!

  12. Okay, with every picture I thought I would write that was my favorite...finally after several pictures, I just decided to tell you I LOVE IT ALL! Great finds.

  13. Debra, thanks so much for visiting my blog recently and becoming a follower! Everything you shared in this post is a great find. What fun adventures you must have :) I'm looking forward to more of your posts!

  14. Debra, the reveal is going to be fun! Just wait and see... I love all your finds too BTW. Have a great day, T

  15. Oh my gosh! You have amazing things!

    Do you head out every weekend or just go to estate sales?


  16. I love that the soap dish has holders for your 2 toothbrushes as well! Wonderful finds, wish I had been with you!


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