Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm in Heaven

I just received my fall issue of Victoria Magazine. They have revived their "British Issue" and yes, I am in heaven! I plan on devouring every word and morsel of it. I'm an Anglophile you know, and I truly believe we need to support the magazines we love. A lot has been said in comparing the "New Victoria" to the "Old" one, but as for me, I will subscribe, and support Mrs. Hoffman in her wholehearted effort to carry on the honored tradition.

Fall and England, what a wonderful combination!



  1. Debra, I'm so glad you posted this because I have been so meaning to subscribe to this wonderful magazine. Although I pick it up regularly at the grocery store, I would love it to grace my mailbox!
    your little suitcase is beautiful! Almost identical to the one shown in the magazine! I can see why you love Victoria so much!!!!!!
    everything vintage

  2. I feel the same way when the Cabela's Archery Catalog arrives.

  3. Oh don't you just love Victoria, that is still my all time fav magazine!! Now, I'll have to go and find it in the stores.

  4. Dont you just love it when you see an item in a magazine that is similar to one of yours! What positive affirmation of your style.

  5. I collect luggage and the small cases are my favorites. I also have every issue of Victoria, and enjoy the beautiful pictures. Have a nice weekend. Sandi

  6. I'm off to get this Mag! I don't have a subscription but I'm thinking I need to. The old Victoria's were great but also massively expensive to produce. It guess times change... I'm sure the new one is lovely as ever. I've only purchased a couple as I they are never on the shelves when I get by to pick up a copy! :(

    You've got me excited.


  7. This British Issue is a lovely one. I can read the articles and dream of staying at Newick Park hotel or visiting the beautiful castles, cathedrals and abbeys that are shown. I love the British recipes like Yorkshire pudding, beef Wellington and trifle.

    I know that I'll want my subscription to continue.

  8. Oh, thanks for the heads up. I love English castles and cottages. Use to get Victoria Magazine for years, making me think I should again..

  9. I want an issue too. Enjoy your read.

  10. Debra, I just looked at David's last comments. You are right. He is funny! I'm glad he shares his humor for all to see and enjoy. ~Mindy

  11. If you are an anglophile (btw, can the doctor prescribe something for that?) you ought to check out the Britsh Country Living. I only have one, but I have worn it out looking at it and dreaming!

  12. My sister subscribes to Victoria, so I get to soak it up when I visit her. While it was out of print, she I was going through withdrawal, but she's normal again, thank goodness! Now, when I get my Tea Time Magazine, she hurries over here to read it, and she writes down all the recipes, so we share both magazines. Happy Pink Saturday!



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