Thursday, August 20, 2009

Table Makeover and Studio

A little over a week ago I found this white desk/library table and knew that I wanted to keep it. The size of it made me realize that it would look great in my office, because I really needed a worktable. My office is not lacking in furniture as it is now housing several other pieces that I could not part with.
This poor table had seen better days for sure, as it had been used for a worktable in someones garage or basement. Paint was caked and dried on the top, a board was loose and it was missing the drawer, but I could see that it would be worth the effort and TLC that needed to be invested.

Before photo

I just had a stinkin' fit over these legs.

We cut a small piece of plywood to cover the missing drawer opening.

And here is the top after sanding and sanding and three coats of paint.
A little antiquing and distressing

And here it is all decked out in my space.
I have a few fall projects in the works, so
I'm really enjoying being able to spread out.

My little Hartmann train case is now my supply caddy.

Fall magazines, my favorite read!

So while we're in here I'll just give you a little tour.

Collection of squirrels and chipmunks.
Now that it's almost fall they will be scurrying around the house.

Organized clutter

This gesso framed print, "A Girl Reading" hung in Mom's living room
for as long as I can remember .

Old white sideboard

One of my favorite vintage prints of my favorite tree, White River Birch.

Happy Chair and ottoman

Miss Irma and her junk jewelry

My mom made this ceramic cat for me back in the 80's

Supply storage

TV cabinet

This is a cross-stitch P. Buckley Moss that my Mom gave to me
for Christmas one year.
It has two little girls working on a quilt.
Just like my two little girls.

Each year the Highschools in town put on an art show of their school projects.
My husband bought this chair for me about 18 years ago,
and it is still one of my favorite pieces.
(Miss Jenkins is my office helper and computer love bug.)

A yo-yo pillow my MIL made for me a few years ago.

And this is the view out of my front windows.

Now that I have a worktable, my room is now a "studio",
and not just an "office"!

Have a great Friday!



  1. I collect luggage and train cases. Love yours, and what lovely photos on your blog. Have a great evening. Blessings, Sandi

  2. Is it possible you are a follower twice? I know I just read your blog. But it is still wonderful...........Sandi

  3. Beautiful presentation, really enjoyed everything. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Hi Debra,
    Your studio is a wonderful place to be. I love the furniture in there and that view is...well, divine.

  5. This isn't an office, but a love nest. You have surrounded yourself with special things that I'm sure bring you great joy when you survey your kingdom and all that you rule.
    Your mother and mine must have been kindred spirits. My mother had a cat like yours made for me one Christmas (my lack of talent comes from her...but she taught me how to buy it!) and that same print hung in her bedroom.
    Your table, as I know Miss Jenkins has probably already told you, turned out purr-fect!

  6. You have such a nice office-I confess that it makes me a little envious. My craft space is cobbled together in a corner of our finished basement! And congratulations on the rehabilitation of your table. It looks great!

  7. what a lovely tour of your favorite things, I can see why you love them- all beauties to treasure. The desk came out awesome and a perfect place for those fall projects! Love the squirrel collection..

  8. You did an amazing job! Everything looks wonderful-
    Every photo was full of great things-

    so so pretty.


  9. This is so pretty! Love the table as well as everything else. I love things that have special!

    Lou Cinda :)

  10. what a fun project and room! fun decorating too!

  11. Hi Debra,
    I think you're hired! That re-do on the desk is wonderful! You did an amazing job. Thanks for the tour of you work studio, what a nice peaceful view you have to be inspired by!

  12. My grandmother had the same ceramic cat...thanks for the lovely memory!

  13. Great worktable makeover ~ and I love how you are using the little train case for your supplies!
    ~ J ~

  14. I'd have a fit over those legs, too...Great table and a great *studio*!
    I also really liked your *Whites*-the stool, basin and old jars caught my eye.
    Your *Captain America*- photo is priceless! My how times change.

  15. It looks lovely! I especially like the crown hook, so fitting for all those lovely jewels! x


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