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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...just gotta brag

There's no way that my photos
can do her photos justice,
but I just have to brag on my bestie Anne.

She's gone and done it!

with help from some "fabulous"  and talented friends.

I'm one of the lucky ones that get Romantic Country Magazine thru subscription,
so I have mine even before Miss Fiona and Twig!

Six yummy pages of wonderful photos
taken at the home and Bed and Breakfast of Linda and Ludmil Markov

Anne is a woman of many talents;
her strengths lie in her determination, goal-making, and strong faith.
Miles may be between us,
but we have a connection that speaks not of the distance,
but of the heart.

I'm proud that one of her dreams has come true.
May it only be the beginning.

Look for Romantic Country to be on display next week.
te he,
lucky me...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I have a good excuse...

My house is a wreck,
there are still turkeys running around,
the laundry is piled high.,
not one Christmas box or tub has been opened...

you might be asking.
Moi, who has been chomping at the bit
to get started with the Christmas decorating...?

Well, let's say the Christmas decor train
got rerouted to Home Depot last Saturday
and the result is something that
I just couldn't put off...

Plus I had the help of my handsome hubby
who was repaying me for days away for deer hunting.
Sometimes payback can be...
a good thing!

I've been terribly whiny
about wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets
and lighten things up with a new wall color,
so I had to make a decision,
decorate for Christmas...
or have a whole new look for the kitchen.
I guess you can tell what won out!
I still have a ways to go.
So hopefully soon I'll have it "blog worthy"!

Just a few pics to show you I'm still alive,
and then I want to apologize for being a lousy blogger friend.
I'm too far behind to ever catch up
so please know that I love you all,
appreciate your joining in for

Vintage Inspiration Friday,

and always leaving such wonderful comments.
I'm not ignoring you all
but I know the world doesn't stop
just because I can't come and visit all you great peeps.

Now, having said that with a humble attitude,
I'm closing in on that 1000 follower mark
and I'm not going to let it go unnoticed,
so hopefully,
when I can get myself and my house together...
and take care of the personal hygiene,
I'll put together a Give Away to celebrate!!
Also, remember that this week starts the

Vintage Inspiration Christmas Party

Please grab the button and plan to join in with the vintage fun!

Today, I'm linking up with Kathleen for White Wednesday
be sure and visit all the wonderful whites!

Now, back to the paint can!
lots of love,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My little fantasy...

Don't we all have little fantasies? An affinity for a certain place and time and era. A place that would seem to fit who we are and nurture our personal dreams?

I'm really not sure why, but a life in an English cottage has always been a little dream of mine. Cozy, comfortable, with a flower garden and a gate out front. Quiet and peaceful where you can hear the birds sing, and maybe a little brook close to the house that beckoned for a dip of the toes and a grassy spot to open a book.

(image from an old church fan in my collection)

English Cottages and gardens were a popular subject for images, paintings and prints in the early 1900s. They have always spoken to me, so today I wanted to share of few of mine with you.

Can you see me?
I'm waving from the window!

An R. Atkinson Fox print that I found at a flea,
for just a few dollars...
who no one recognized.
Lucky Me!

This is an old needlework piece that I framed.

This is an old paper German calendar,
 but the cottage is what grabbed my attention.

(sorry about the glare)

Love the muted tones in this one,
it's almost a study in sepia.

I can't believe I still haven't seen this movie,
The Holiday.

Probably because my husband's not into
"Chick flicks".

It's going on my to-watch list.

After all, we all deserve a little fantasy.

What's your fantasy place and time?

Today I'm linking early to

and Laurie at

And you have until midnight to enter
The Royal Treatment Give Away.
Let's make it to 500 followers.

That will be something to celebrate!!


Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm Soooo Ready!

I wanted to show you a little something
 that I put together today to take to my soon to be
 new and expanded booth space at

Spring Creek Antiques.

I'm "holding my breath" to get in there...

having "ants in my pants"...

and driving everyone else crazy!

I like to "play" with jewelry pieces.
I'm not a "professional jewelry person"
like so many of you fabulous gals out there,

I just like to have a little fun
with some odds and ends.

(just so you won't worry about me,
these are 3 separate pieces)

so don't look too close...

And then, I won't show you

 the stacks of plastic tubs...

and boxes...
in the garage and hallway...

waiting to be taken...

or my dirty kitchen floor...

or the baskets of laundry...

or my unmade bed...

Trust me,

this feels like having a baby...

I just want it done!!!

But I WILL tell you about Inspirational Home's

Spring Open House
next weekend March 19-21.

More info and photos of what's "In Store"
coming next week.

Check out my friend Debra's wonderful store
Inspirational Home, in Springfield, Missouri
if you have a minute.

(yes, her name is Debra, too)

OK, keep a good thought for me this weekend...
I have no more fingernails!

hugs and love,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Junkin' Monday

This hasn't been a very good week for Junk around my place. We stuck pretty close to home this weekend... didn't hit our usual haunts. I found a few things early in the week, but I added a few things that I hadn't shown yet from last week. The mirror below is really pretty. It has great pewter-y color paint. You don't see too many old mirrors with that finish, usually they are gold-toned.

I love these little glass boxes, not particularly old,
but so many possibilities to display with them.

Old black scales could be used in a neat Halloween display.
I need to put on my creative thinking cap.

Old marble mortar bowl.

An old briefcase with initials.


wicker picnic basket

Old green birdcage, that I may use for a Christmas display.

Some great vintage woodsy-cabin prints.

One of our dreams is to have a cottage/cabin at the lake
filled with woodsy furniture and camp style goods.

A great luncheon tablecloth in fall colors
and a stack of old books.

After buying several things from this one vendor,
he asked me if I liked old books, when I said yes he just gave me this stack.
He said, "All this stuff has to go. I could not stand to throw away a book."

This is an old Bible

This makes me want to set a sweet lunch spot for the sunroom.

I'm joining Clara and Marcela over at

Be sure to check out their blog for more participants.

Have a great Labor Day!


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