Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cats a la Carte and a Story

Last week before we left for our getaway, a good friend had a major sale at her store that she was closing. Everything was pretty much "garage sale" prices. Needless to say, I found quite a few things. So much in fact that my sister and her husband had to go back that night with a pick-up to get the rest, for me.
I knew that I would keep this little wicker tea cart because I have a "thing" for white wicker. You haven't heard the story about me and white wicker. BUT, I brought it into the house to get it out of the way in the garage. I wasn't sure where to put it but the Dining Room made sense for the time being. Immediately it was covered in swarming cats. (I only have two, but they were swarming) They were all over it smelling all the fabulous nose tickling "smells".

This is as close to live action that I will get for awhile.

And of course Miss Jenkins always has to be the boss and smack Miss Wrigley.

So after this display it went into the Sunroom and I changed out a little table. I could see that the top of the curio cabinet was just too tempting, and I didn't want to come home to everything in a pile of tiny glass pieces.
Such is the life with cats.

OK, the story of white wicker. Many years ago when my husband was not
as tolerant of my shopping fetishes, we had a little "showdown".
We had lived in a larger house then moved to a smaller one.
I refused to sell a white wicker settee that HE found to be old and useless.
He let me know he would deal with it.
One day when I came home and pulled into the garage he had all my wicker
pieces roped together, hogtied and hanging from the ceiling of the garage.
Of course from the street it looked totally insane and sick.
Oh well, I finally broke down and sold them, just to avoid the embarassment.
But...we now have moved once more, into our larger house.
Ha Ha, I have many, many more now.
(fiendish laughter and rubbing of hands)

Ahhh... revenge is sweet.


  1. OH how husbands are just alike... mine would have dreamed up that same type of solution, to which I would have thrown my little temper tantrum and just sold it all... I love white wicker also and it looks to me like your baby girls have found a new jungle gym... This would interest my cat for about 2 sec. until it was nap time and then he would be all sprawled out on it like a king high up on his throne.

  2. Ain't love grande? Your hubs sounds like a hoot! As for the cats? Love 'em! I have 4 indoor cats and they love to swarm in on any new thing. The wicker piece is niiiice. ~Mindy

  3. Your wicket story has me laughing on the floor. My husband hated (and I mean hated) our wrought iron patio furniture for years. We moved 11 times and each time I took it with us and just kept spray painting it (before spray painting was the thing to do). He complained about it at every house. 3 years ago we moved back East and I just left it at the house because honestly I had no bites on Craigs list or at the garage sale. I only tried to get rid of it because I was moving from coast to coast and it was costing more to move it then it was worth and I was totally into wicker too. So after looking around for new patio furniture my husband and I are shopping and guess what he picks? You guessed it..a wrought iron set. I just about spit nickles in the store. So now we have Ikea furniture on the patio on his side and wicker on my side of the patio. Men!

  4. I really think they are just waiting to be taken for a ride and the cat fight...that's just determining who gets to ride shotgun!
    P.S. Hog tied indeed!

  5. You wicked (I mean wicker) girl you!!!! ;)
    The cats looks like they were having so much fun on that precious little tea cart!
    Your story was funny as it seems all male gender species are just plain DIFFERENT. I can think of one man I'd like to hog tie and hang from the ceiling at've given me a great idea Debra!!!
    everything vintage

  6. I'm with Jodie on this one. My husband has a fit everytime I bring something home and put it in the shed. If it goes right into the house he's fine about it, but in his shed, no way.
    I say 'what's a shed for' if I can't put my 'finds' in it.
    Your kitties are in Heaven with this piece. I definitly think they approve.

  7. Kitty Cat Bunk Beds!!! Now if you could just get them to sleep in them like bunk beds! That is too cute, they are adorable! Blessings, Janna

  8. That sounds like something my husband would have done...except he would have broken a few pieces in the process and said a few choice words for the neighbors to hear him! And I would have done exactly as you more! He!He!


  9. I can so relate. Totally sounds like something my husband would do! Glad you got replacements though!

  10. Tooo cute Debra!... I guess I never saw this post back when... Hello Kitties!... xoxo Julie Marie

  11. Too Cute!!! I don't know what's keeps us on our toes more...Pets, or hubbys...LOL

  12. Great story! My hubby is always telling me "this is the last time this can be fixed, Jann". I hate tossing garden treasures that fall apart. Still, he fixed them again and again. I have always loved white wicker also. Would love to find a cute cart! I thought you were going to say there was a little mouse caught in the wicker somewhere. lol! That would've got the cats attention for sure!


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