Monday, August 3, 2009

What I Rescued This Weekend, Monday

A great find this weekend! One of my favorite prints,
"The Gleaners"... so Country French.

I cannot deny it. I am in total junk overload. Kind of like when maybe you've eaten a whole box of Russell Stovers candy, or a giant Mocha Moolatte, or a half dozen Krispy Kremes. That's where I am. It was while I was in the process. Now I feel a little sick at my stomach, especially when I go out in the garage and see it all...kind of like when you look in one of those 3-way mirrors and you just groan and wished you hadn't indulged quite so much. That's where I am.

I have enough stuff to share for many a Monday, so I'm going to do this in installments so your heads don't fly off and your eyes bulge out. I could open a store in my garage. I know many of you are in the same place as I am. We are short on space and long on fabulous finds, so they end up in a place that our men find we are infringing on their territory. My husband has grown much more tolerant of my shopping endeavors, but still I know it makes him a little fussy to have it all there.

Here are a few things I got together for a little group display.

Lots of silver, a great little table, black metal standing shelf, frenchy jewelry box and fashion print. Painted gold plaster pilaster stand and more silver. Paper mache tray, brass candleholders all in front of my screen I redid a week or so ago...a great garage backdrop!

Here are some other recent finds.

Dawn from A Feathered Nest knows I love bird prints and books as much as she does, because everytime she so graciously posts about her favorite find I have to immediately track down the book. Dawn is one of the sweetest most talented persons I have ever come across. Someday I would love to meet her. "Hi Dawn! Thanks for being a wonderful inspiration, in every way!"

My husband and Keith found this precious book in a flea market in St. Louis this last weekend. I have everyone on the lookout for goodies. This is just one of many beautiful colored photographic plates from this book published in 1903.

Here is the little wicker tea cart aka cat "bunk beds" that Janna from Artsy Fartsy Finds so appropriately named. It's not particularly old, but I just loved it. I found it last week at my friends store closing sale.

I didn't take time to "style" it, everything that was on the table that it replaced
just landed there.

Speaking of white and wicker here is an update on my sunroom. I mentioned that it gets changed out everytime the wind blows, so here is the August version. I have several antique quilts and this one was really summery with the sailboats. Recently my MIL divided up her quilts between myself and my Sister in law. Many of them were old, and all of them were "family".

The octagon picnic tin is one of my new find favorites, along with a divided basket and some flea market mismatched silver. The little tea towel is from my sister's recent stash.

This is another antique book that I found in St. Louis that is from England. Actually it is a gallery of individual British engravings. Each one is approximately 16x12. These are just a few of my favorites.

You will see the water damage on them, but they are still extraordinary.

This post was a little rambling. I really didn't know where to begin with it all, but I'll just show a few of my new finds every week. Polly, hope you don't mind if I'm cheating a little. Check out Polly's weekend finds at Sassafras Stuff.

You can find links to Dawn at "The Feathered Nest", and Janna at "Artsy Fartsy Finds" on my blog list.

Have a great week, my fellow junkers... Antiquers!
P.S. I promise I have never eaten a whole box of candy,
drank a giant Moolatte,
or eaten 6 Krispy Kremes.
(I was just using those as examples.)


  1. Oh boy, this post was a feast! Everything you pictured is just what I would have brought home too. It would have even been worth listening to Dale's complaining about it going in the shed. Your sunroom is a delight!
    Oh and by the way, I HAVE done all those things to make myself sick so I understood exactly how you were feeling.

  2. Girl, you don't have to worry about blowing my head off...I lost it a long, long time ago!
    I am in total love with your quilt. I love everything about it from the pattern to the signature! It is wonderful!!!

  3. My piles of goodies are currently all along my driveway and into my front acreage. Sandford & Son has nothing on me. Eeek! You do have lots of goodies! It's hard to say no when the goods are there. Especially, after the cold months, when the sales are not so plentiful. I am loving your sunroom. It looks so cozy! ~Mindy

  4. Oh my but that quilt is just the best for the summer:)

  5. OMYGOODNESS Debra!!!!! You have a knack for finding the most wonderful things! I'm so glad that you found a beautiful bird book ~ just gorgeous and the art book....I. am. drooling!!!!! The prints are divine! Thank you so much for the sweet words Debra ~ you're an angel, it's so great to find kindred spirits here in blogland, isn't it? Enjoy your treasures and I love the wicker display, just gorgeous! xxoo, Dawn

  6. Thanks for sharing all your great finds. So many lovely things. I really like the (not so old) tea cart and the quilt in your pretty sunroom.

  7. You have some wonderful things! If you do open a store in your garage, I bet Mindy would love to shop it! :-)

  8. I LOVE that silver tray,love,love,love it!!!!

  9. Looks like you found some great treasures. I have that exact same little black metal shelf. Thanks for all your nice comments.

    See you Wednesday and have a great week!


  10. Good Morning Debra!
    It's wonderful to wake up this morning and see soooo much beautiful finds!!!

    Also, did someone mention Mocha and Krispy Kremes? Where? When? Yummy! (I will never tell how many I have eaten at one time...never!)

    Anyway, besides all of the goodness you found, there is still yet another bright spot:
    Comparing these to splurging on the sweets, these finds will NEVER stay on your hips!!! Yay!

    Sooooo, therefore, feel free to find, find, find! It's a form of exercise and it is good for your body!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great day~
    everything vintage

    ps...seriously, where's the krispy kremes???

  11. Oh where to begin....that painting is absolutely it. And here I thought I was the only one who gets fussed at by hubby because my "finds" keep growing in the garage! LOL. And the last still my heart...just lovely. And your porch..perfect for curling up and reading that book. :D

    yapping cat


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