Monday, August 24, 2009

What I Rescued this Weekend, Monday

I keep telling myself, "No more furniture that requires a project!"
I keep telling myself, "Enough with the furniture!"
I keep telling myself , "Stop, the garage is full and we need to get the new car in the garage before cold weather!"
Guess what?... "self" has not been listening... because "self" brought home a new piece of furniture that will require a paint project, and now we can barely walk through the garage, once again.

I DID ask my husband's opinion on this one though, unlike the white desk of a few weeks back, and this one had his approval.

It has a small amount of damage on the veneer in front, but that can be smoothed out with some filler, and then it will be painted black. The caning on the secretary back is in great shape and it is very now one more reason to spend time in the garage. Oh, and it's on casters.

Great chippy shelf.

Here's a table full of smalls. I'm looking for fall colors.

I had to have this little bisque doll. What a cutie!

Little apple jam pot, small ironstone bowl and brown pottery.

I just love this orange pottery tea pot!
"Gobble gobble"

Every fall picnic needs an organge plaid Thermos.

"Piano baby" busts and a great advertising thermometer.

Concrete Pekingese

Chalk last supper.

Great little cottage pot holders and hot pads.

How many of you remember shopping at TG&Y or Ben Franklin
with one of these canvas and metal collapsible baskets?
Johnson Bros. ironstone bowl with turkey feathers and a great
cream scrap book of someone's dream house from 1938.

"Instant ancestors"

I really look forward to the weekends. That's when we go junkin'.
Before our girls left home, my husband and I didn't really get to do much
together. He works 6 days a week, but since then we have learned
that time spent together with a common interest is so important.

Go by Sassafras Stuff today and visit Polly, to see her finds from the weekend.
Have a great week!


  1. Dang, you sure find treasures. As I went through your pics I felt like a little kid with the Sears Catalog at Christmas time, thinking, oh I want that, and this, and .....

  2. I would not have been able to say no to that desk. It is amazing.

    I can't walk through my garage either, but my excuse is it is too hot right now to work outside- Today it is supposed to be 106!


  3. Oh Debra, I love all your wonderful finds-especially the bisque doll, chalkware Last Supper, white shelves, and the desk. I can tell it would be fun to go junkin with you!

  4. Good Morning
    It looks like you had such a good time and found lots of good stuff. Lucky your husband goes junk'in with you, mine would not enjoy that! And I haven't been in my garage for 6 years, every year I say this is it honey, I will have it clean by not this year!
    Have a great day

  5. Debra...

    I love it when I read about women who repurpose aging treasures giving new life to the old. It does my heart GOOD to know things headed for the trash are rescued, loved and cared for once again!

    I have a set of the Piano Busts. My Momma had a set she bought with greenstamps.

    Hugs to you...Rebecca

  6. Hi Debra, you got a hold of some great stuff there. The design of that desk is wonderful and will look great when you're done. I'd love to see more of that 1938 scrapbook. Does it have all their ideas in it?

  7. What a haul girl, you did good...I would've painted that lil' desk black too, what a charmer!

    We can't's like Hershey know the rest of the story...ha!

    The girlz upstairs...

  8. I love the orange teapot!

  9. Wow, what amazing finds. I didn't have that much luck this past weekend. I am looking forward to next weekend. I love the desk. It has wonderful potential. Glad you stopped by my blog it allowed me to find you. Will stop back soon. Take care!!!

  10. Debra
    Can I come and follow you around? You seem to be finding some awesome finds lately!! I love that desk! Please post an after shot..

  11. Great finds. I love that desk. Have you ever tried restor-a-finish? I learned about it on this post
    and have used it a few times (will post about it soon!) with great success on pieces similar to this.

  12. Nice pics! Can't wait to see what you do with the desk! I have a few turkey feathers collected. I hang them by a sting on the end of an old arrow. When I stick the arrow into the ground, the feather blows in the wind and becomes a decoy for coyote calling. But since I haven't been doing much coyote hunting lately, maybe they can be used for decoration until I need them.

  13. Dear Rooster Party Participant,

    Just a reminder that the Rooster Party is this Friday, August 28th. I am so glad you joined and I'm really looking forward to seeing your Roosters.

    Hope you have a wonderful time!


  14. We totally get your furniture us!!! Lots of potential in that piece...good think you didn't pass it up!! Have fun with it!

  15. I love your new project desk. If you have been following my garage piles project you know I can't stop myself either! I love the colors of fall and of course, ironstone is one of my favs so I love everything.

  16. Great stuff! Love the desk - is it gong to be white? Love it all!

  17. Love the finds...especially the desk, that I think will be awesome done in black. Are you taking your smalls to Spring Creek? I might have to go buy some of them! Are you selling the Pekingnese?

  18. Awesome goodies!!

    I LOVE that desk. I am on the lookout for something to replace my computer desk in the living room. It's an old particle board thing we've had for 8 years. It's time for a change!!

  19. Debra,
    I have long said someone needs to start a therapy group like AA where we come together and say...Hi my name is Lee and I haven't bought any furniture or stuff in three weeks... I was tempted by a flea market but called my friend Debra and she prayed and talked me through it. :)
    Somehow I don't think it would work... for Shopaholics. It just gets in your blood. I even bought a smaller suv "the Pearl"to deter me and my sister crammed it full Saturday, I was skawking all the way to her house. Should have kept my clunker...haha! On second thought she needs a truck. Be blessed!

    Inspired Comblogulations


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