Wednesday, August 12, 2009

White Wednesday, Baa Baa "White" Sheep

As you might have noticed...I love sheep. They have wandered into several of my posts. I have a few collections, but I think my sheep are my favorite...and this is my inspiration.

My Dining Room buffet is the place where many in the herd are located.

I love this sweet little face.

Shhh...don't tell him...he's not white!

Butter dish in the curio cabinet.

Russian ram, found on Ebay.

Reproduction Staffordshire shepherdess and lamb

paper mache lamb, originally a Christmas nativity piece.

Mom and baby, a gift for Mother's Day

trinket box on brown transferware under cloche.

cast iron lamb

William Bouguereau, Madonna print, in old frame

Next week I'll introduce you to the rest.

Thank you Kathleen.
Visit Faded Charm for other White Wednesday wonders.

Enjoy the wonders of white today!
I am also participating in another party today,
"Feathered Friends" at Shabby Chic Cottage. You will see it as the previous post.


  1. I enjoyed all your sheep photos. I have a tiny collection of chalk sheep (nativity pieces I suspect)--not nearly the diversity you have! The buffet looks so pretty too.

  2. What a lovely collection .. I love the covered box & the cake mold most. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Hi Debra,
    I love sheep too! So much. I beg hubs to get me a ewe so I can have baby lambs frolicking around the pasture. No go.I really love old prints and paintings of them. Your collection is beautiful.You definitely have a flock!
    Baa for now,

  4. Love your post. Just like us... We are HIS sheep.... I loved your first picture... thanks for sharing your collection with us!

  5. I'm trying to catch up today on my reading. Not sure it's possible. Wanted to drop by and say thanks for your prayers and sweet words. I am doing well. Loving your sheep collection! ~Mindy

  6. When I saw your post it reminded me of the print I just posted. I too love lammies!

  7. Love the first photo and all the little lambs to follow in his path.

  8. Are there any more sheep out there? I'm thinking you got all the good ones! Hmm I've been anchoring to start a new collection of something, maybe now I know what. You're so inspiring! I really enjoyed each one, not sure which is my favorite...maybe the one after the sweet lamb chocolate mold, unless there's chocolate in the mold, then that's my favorite, ha.

  9. I too love sheep. Fun to see your collection!

  10. Ewe shear are ram-bunctious about sheep. I'm sure folks flock to see your lamb collection. I wooled if I was closer.

    Oh, that was baa-aa-ad! :-)

  11. Get outta town...I just got a papier mache sheep as well!!! I think I've told you before that I collect them as well...just not nearly as many as you have...but I'm working on it. I love that last print!

  12. And to David I say:
    Ba-dum-dump. That's the sound of a rim shot. He had to work really hard for that lamb, I mean lame, comment. He certainly isn't sheepish about humor!

  13. I came over to see your bird contest posting, but the sheep were here above the bird post - What a marvelous collection! It would be hard to pick which sheep I like the best! Amazingly beautiful arrangement!

  14. I love your sheep Debra! I think they are so cute and so innocent-like. Such a peaceful little animal! I chuckled when I read that you'll be posting about "the rest of them". You surely must have a herd of them girlie!
    Should I be calling you "Miss Shepherdess", your honor?
    everything vintage

    ps. David made the cutest comment ever! VERY clever!

  15. Hey you...great post,just love seeing someones treasures,they are such an important part of us!! All the best,Chrissy

  16. oh, I love your sheep collection~ and so beautifully displayed! Can't wait to see more...

  17. What a great collection. I love the way you have them displayed.

    yapping cat

  18. What a great collection! I love seeing what others collect! I can see why you liked my post today with all those lambs!

  19. Hi Deborah,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my new blog. I need some followers! I will add you to my blog roll too.

    Now, don't you find it interesting that we get buffets to serve food on and then fill them so full of stuff there is no room for the food!
    I love your blog...

    Inspired Comblogulations


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