Wednesday, August 5, 2009

White Wednesday, Kitchen Whites

Today I wanted to share a few photos of my kitchen "whites". I love the look of white, but I have to use some "color" for a backdrop. I have used gold or yellow on the walls of several of the kitchens in houses we have lived in, and to me it's an automatic mood booster. To wake up in the morning to "sunshine", helps get me going and brightens the start of my day. So please excuse that it's not all white-on-white. My sunroom that I have posted on in the past is off the kitchen to the right of this photo.

When we bought the house we live in now, we did a lot of furniture shopping. In the past we had had a lot of mismatched flea market items and antiques that I loved, but it was time for a change. There wasn't any cohesiveness in our rooms, so we tried to find furniture that was vintage look, but actually had drawers that worked and table legs that were firmly know, functional furniture. Then we added in the vintage pieces and antiques to layer.

I fell in love with the design of this chair, and I knew I wanted white distressed furniture for the kitchen. The table has a leaf that enables us to seat eight for family dinners.

Most of my accessories are vintage, or have that look. I love English and French Country, and in the kitchen I use a little black to balance.

I love vintage bird prints, really anything "bird" gets my attention.

These are a few of my cow creamers. Some are alike.
This one on the top left is from England and is really old.

Marble pastry block.

I started collecting ironstone several years ago, and my collection
is growing rapidly.

I use my chintz teapot daily in the cooler months.

These are two of my door frame headers. This one is really chippy.
I thought I might have some opposition about it going up, but hubby now
appreciates my white chippy things.

( I know, popcorn ceilings... but hey it's an 80's house, and they had just been redone by the previous owners. So I live with it. Sorry HGTV)

This is one of my strawberry carriers that I keep on the island, in easy reach of the cooktop. I love soy candles and I keep one burning most of the time when I'm home. Anyone with cats knows you can only yell and use the water spray bottle so many times. They tend to do what they want, including lounging on cabinets.

I've been collecting copper items for the last several years.
Some of it is hanging from my white pot rack, but a lot has
spread over to the top of my fridge.

Dove tealight holders that I bought for Christmas one year have found a place to roost.

I found this "White House Cookbook"
last weekend in St. Louis, published in 1926.
It's in pretty poor condition, but I have seen these before for a steep price.
This one was only $3.00, so I overlooked the yellow brittle pages, and discolored cover.

It truly is a little piece of history.

Thanks for joining me on my little "white" kitchen tour.

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Have a Wonderful White Wednesday!


  1. Hi there, Your kitchen is lovely and so is all your whites that make your kitchen pretty!

    Thanks for sharing and have a Wonderful Day-

  2. just lovely, your kitchen is beautiful. I see how the white pops from the gold walls and nicely accented by bits of red. thanks for sharing...

  3. The White House cookbook is a good find at that price. Lucky you on that one. I think the design of your chairs is classy. I too have those dreaded popcorn ceilings at the beach house and we are thinking of replacing them but it costs a small fortune so we may just spay them white again (UGH!) Those cow creamers are the cutest. I always look at them (for years now) and think I should buy one but never do. Probably my fear of always moving and packing and unpacking so I will admire your cute collection:)

  4. It's nice that the cat lets you call it "your" kitchen! :-)

  5. I accidently deleted a couple of very sweet comments, please forgive me.

  6. Hi Debra, I love your kitchen whites. I laughed at your apology to HGTV about the popcorn ceilings. I have them too. Someday I will change them out, but for now, I too will live with them.

  7. Your kitchen is just beautiful!!! I love all of the white!!! You have some gorgeouse pieces that just pop off the screen!!!

    I love this post!!!


  8. So lovely...your cow creamers are my favorite...

  9. Hi Debra....LOVE your HOUSE PICS my friend. What a joy to peek into your pretty space.

    Thank you for sharing! Everything is BEAUTIFUL!


  10. Thanks so much for entering my give away! I am so glad I got to "find" your blog, too. I love all your beautiful.
    xo Lidy

  11. Love all your kitchen whites... especially love the cows marching across the shelf in single file. Happy white Wednesday!

  12. You have a lovely kitchen...would make me want to cook more if my kitchen looked like that! He!He! Great find on that cookbook! I love old worn books..shows they were used and loved well.


  13. Today's White Wednesday was my first post and I have had so much fun visiting your girls.
    Hope you will come by and say hello
    Til then

  14. Thank you for the guided tour. You have surrounded yourself with lots of lovelies! I'm loving the cat on the counter. ~Mindy

  15. What a lovely kitchen.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures.
    Have a Blessed Thursday,

  16. Everything looks wonderful, and you are not going to believe this- I just started my collection of cow creamers this past weekend and I have two.
    I too love all things bird. I just bought wonderful bird plates at TJ Maxx today.

    Hurry- go see them


  17. Everything looks beautiful. I have the same popcorn ceilings, but I figure if that is what people notice then I must be doing something wrong! I think my favorite white is your White House book.


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