Thursday, August 6, 2009

3 Blind Mice

This is a story of 3 stuffed catnip mice, 2 spoiled cats,
and 1 crazy woman who evidently has lost her marbles.

We started with 1 mouse, but it would get lost or batted under the furniture at night which would cause 2 spoiled cats to meow loudly for 1 crazy woman to get up out of bed and retreive the 1 stuffed catnip mouse. After many disturbed nights' sleep the 1 crazy woman went to the store and found 1 more stuffed catnip mouse to satifsfy her 2 spoiled cats. But now 2 stuffed catnip mice would be lost under the furniture and the howling only intensified of the 2 spoiled cats. Now, instead of just crying for the 2 stuffed catnip mice the 2 spoiled cats were digging and pounding on the furniture at night causing not only the 1 crazy woman, but now her husband, who actually works for a living, to lose sleep also. So the 1 crazy woman went back to the store to find yet another stuffed catnip mouse to add to the mayhem.

Guess what, now the mystique has vanished and the 3 stuffed catnip mice are no longer the objects of great desire, so they are left to play happily amongst the chippy white wicker and be lost for days at a time under the bedroom dresser.

The End...sort of.

The picture you didn't see is me in my pajamas with a yardstick, trying to fish these little suckers out from under the bedroom furniture.
If there is a moral to this story I think it would be...
either don't have cats or wear earplugs to bed.
Shutting the bedroom door doesn't work either,
they just cry and throw themselves against it until you let them in.
Oh well, I love 'em.
P.S. Have I sounded tired and cranky lately????


  1. Here's a thought...put the mice away before going to bed! Tell those 2 spoiled kitties to go to sleep.
    P.S. I'm guessing the one poor mouse with his face half gone is the original "blind" mouse!

  2. These are so cute. Esp. the one w/o a face. Feed them a little spiked cat nip before bed and all will be well!

  3. Maybe you need stuffed catnip rats that won't fit under the furniture. Nah... just keep using the ear plugs.

  4. That's hilarious!!! That sounds familiar...when my cat teases my dog to no end at night all you hear is growling and cat hair going everywhere!

  5. And it's not like the cats are kids. They won't grow out of it. But, I know good and well you will love them anyway! ~Mindy

  6. Cute post and love all the photos. Sandi

  7. I grow my own weed(catnip) brother's cat loves it and rolls himself stoned in it and is quiet for hours...Scratchy won't allow a cat in the house, Terrier you eater...have fun!

  8. I can say, been there, done that! LOL. And yep, when the guy came to move the washer...guess what was under it...about 10 of the little ones...really gross and dusty...ewwwww. LOL.

    yapping cat


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