Monday, August 10, 2009

What I Rescued this Weekend, Monday

First of all, I can't believe I'm showing my garage to Blogland. I try to keep it off limits. You know you're special when you get to see THE GARAGE. So, consider yourselves special.

I found this desk/library table this weekend, and had to have it. Can you see the potential? All my husband did was look at me with the "you've got to be kidding" look on his face. He knows I sometimes get in over-my-head with a project. And the garage is filling back up, so my space is limited to work on things.

It has great lines and detail...and oh, baby, those legs...but sadly it had been setting in someone's workshop, so the finish is absolutely horrific. Globs of paint were splattered on the top, it had a mud dobber's nest underneath, a board was loose on top, and the drawer was missing...but I had to have it!

So home it came.

Secretly my husband didn't think it would fit in the back of my little CRV, but surprise, it miraculously shrank to fit! TeHe!!

I sanded and scrubbed, we put in some brackets to level out the top,

wood glue and wood putty, so we'll see what happens. A white distressed finish of course.

This may be a keeper.

So sad, I know. Years of neglect and ground in filth.

Here are a few other items from our escapades this weekend. A cutglass lamp and some frenchy wall plaques, a toffee tin with dog graphic, frenchy hand mirror, gravy boat, silver candlesticks, and a great etched mirror with a green metal rim.

As I have said, I'm doing a lot of smalls, because I have an Itty Bitty Baby Booth at the moment.
Besides, I love little things.

The little round frames with landscapes are Syroco.

I found this stash of great photos and cabinet cards of women and children.
Their faces intrigue me; who they were, where they lived, who loved them.

A little 60's shabbiness can work if you don't overdose on it!

Set of Italian nesting tables

And this is my favorite find of the day, a metal crucifix. It definitely will stay with me.
The patina is so worn and beautiful.

Hope you had a good weekend, full of fun junk finds.
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to see her junkin' finds for the week.



  1. Oh my gosh...that table is 2die4. LOVE IT. LOVE EVERYTHING!

    I will NEVER show my garage.



  2. Great find on the table. I love the nesting tables the most! Have a great week, T

  3. What fabulous finds!!! I love when we see things as a diamond in the rough and just imagine all of the possibilities!!!! That table is wonderful and are all of your junkin' treasures!!! I am off to look around your blog!!!

  4. you should post your jewelry box too -let's start a trend!
    fabulous scores- the desk is fabulous!! congrats~

  5. Hi Debra!
    First off, let me start by saying that you are SO right. Only a woman knows the yard sale limitations that her vehicle can handle and there is NO doubt about that! You are so funny, I just popped out laughing when I read that! found some wonderful pieces!!! That desk is beautiful and has much potential. I'm glad you are going to bring it back to it's full glory! Your husband should be so proud of you for rescuing it!!! ;)
    Great finds did well~
    everything vintage

  6. Wow oh Wow, girl some great finds! The desk is fab, but I personally love the crucix! Just about the time I say to myself no more, I find another crucifix that just a little different than what I have, so of course I have to keep it. All in all a small reward now and then for ourselves should be written in a rule.... somewhere. With all the slepping and dragging and moving and painting and, scrubbing, and... and... and...whatever we do to bring treasures to the customers a small treasure for ourself now and then is our right...right!?!? I'm really trying convince myself into kepping a few of the things I have right now at Matildas...hmmmm. Anyway, good hunting!

  7. I've been gone but am getting caught up. I loved your kitty/mouse story, my cat is the same way!! and that table, what a find! I agree, the legs make the piece. I've enjoyed your blog.... thanks for sharing.

  8. Great finds. The table is fabulous, I wouldn't have passed it up either. The crucifix is lovely as well. I have those same two little 60s plaques. They were my MIL's and I sprayed the frame part black and have them in my black and white study. They are so fun and kitchsy.

  9. I love the table and yes, I would keep it for myself. You had lots of great finds. Have a good week. Sandi

  10. I love the crucifix as it reminds me of the old ones you see south of the border.

  11. You are a wise woman and I bow to your eagle eye! You're also tres smart to be buying up smalls. That's what seems to be selling right now here in Texas...good smalls. The ones that are so dadgum hard to find. The table will be wonderful. I kind of like the top the way it is, but I'm just a little bit throwed off!

  12. Oh, I would keep that too,its beautiful!! What a lovely post....all the best,Chrissy


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