Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bunnies, kitties, and burlap...

My sis brought these extra darling bunny silhouettes
 over for me and the girls for Easter.

Love that bright pop of green grass!
Mine is the white one with the damask
(she knows me so well)
and there are two of the black ones.

The girls will love them!
And thanks Beck, for your creations on your silhouette machine!!

Moving right along,
a few days ago I found this great little burlap luncheon cloth at Relics,
and put it out on the kitchen table.

Great little blue stripe

I guess it's kind of a mixture of linens really,
but evidently it had that "burlap" smell and feel!


Oh yeah....

that feels fabulous!

And in case you're horrified by cats on the kitchen table,
I can tell you there's no controlin' cats.
They may not do it in front of you,
but you can be sure
the moment you leave the house
they are doing whatever they want.

I thought I'd give an update on the Kitty Wars.
If you remember I took the above offender to the vet
and came home with some kind of "happy pill",
good attitude collars,
and pheromone pleasing plug ins.

So the good news is that it seems to be working.
yes, there are some very minor skirmishes,
but all in all, things have quited down substantially.

Spring Fever seems to be under control!!!!

see ya tomorrow for
Vintage Inspiration Friday

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Sideboard

Time for the April edition of  "The Hall Sideboard".
Or I guess we could call it "What's On YOUR Buffet?"

Either way,
 I've been enjoying some Easter "fluff" for the last couple of months.

Besides the sun room,
 this is the spot that gets a new look each month or Holiday Season.

I like to change out my vintage prints seasonally,
so this floral all pink and pastel really fit with my Easter theme. 

My little Velveteen Rabbit has climbed up in a garden chair;
he even has a little vintage fabric cushion for his back.

Do you remember these sweet little china crosses or Bibles with Bible verses?
My grandmother had one that set on top of her TV cabinet,
this one is from my husband's grandmother.

My German Glass Glitter bunny's nose and ears are starting to tarnish

I just love decorating with vintage Postcards.

All these items were purchased in flea markets or antique malls except the
Velveteen Rabbit; my favorite shopping places!

I don't mention this often, but because it's Easter Week,
I'd like to invite you over to my other blog,
which is a Bible Study (sort of)
It's my thoughts on scripture, and things that I've personally
been reading and studying.

(it's not your grandmother's Bible Study)
You can also find the link toward the top on my sidebar.

I'm linking up today with these fun parties.
The links are on the sidebar images.

Hope to see you Thursday afternoon for Vintage Inspiration Friday.
and hope you'll share your vintage Easter memorabilia.

Grab the button on the sidebar if you'll be coming!

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter Week,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vintage Easter Inspiration this Week

I've hesitated to make any plans for a Vintage Easter Party
for Vintage Inspiration Friday,
as it falls on Good Friday.
And I really don't want anyone to think
 that I think Easter is all about chicks and bunnies.

Hopefully we all know the real meaning of Easter,
just like we all know that Christmas isn't about Santa Claus,
so I want to be sensitive to our sacred beliefs this week.

(image from the Graphics Fairy)

A lot of us have vintage Easter decor and memorabilia,
so I decided that I should go ahead and plan a little get together
that gives us a place to share our vintage Easter.

I'd love for you to share your family traditions
 and photos of childhood Easter celebrations.

And of course VIF is also for any other vintage inspiration,
not just Vintage Easter...
"anything vintage or vintage inspired"

 Celebrating Christ's wonderful Resurrection Day,
I send Blessings for Easter Week, dear friends!

See you Thursday afternoon

Friday, April 15, 2011

Vintage or Vintage Inspired

If you have a post that's Vintage or Inspired by Vintage
I'd love to have you come and join the party.
Lot's of inspiration linking up over here.

just scroll down to the next post!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday: #33 New Spaces at Relics Antique Mall

It seems like only yesterday that I found a space at Relics,
oh yeah, it WAS only 6 weeks ago that I moved in.
But hey, things can change in 6 weeks...
things like the opening of tons of new booth spaces
that will be surrounding a soon-to-be-open tea room. what did I do?
well, I grabbed two smaller spaces right next to each other
on a well trafficked aisle.

More space in this new area equals less "stuff" in the garage
plus a happier husband,
and a lot more people going by.

I hated to ask my guys to make another move so soon,
but they saw the great opportunity too,
so we had on "happy faces" all around.

Do you ever get the feeling "something" just isn't quite right?
Well, that's how it felt in my first space...
I guess my location just wasn't quite right

and this new location just feels right

Every time I'm there, a new dealer has come in,
so there's lot's of inspiration,
and everyone is excited to have the tea room opening this summer.

If you're anywhere in the area be sure you come by the mall.
It's huge and has the best selection of antiques and quality vintage in town.

Now for some great entries from last week's VIF:
(seriously, you guys have the BEST stuff!!!)


at Cabin and Cottage

booth space picnic fun

Talking Trash

(good grief, this chair is fabulous!)

Many of you have asked about a VIF party button...
Well, I finally got it together.
(I do think I've pulled out lots of my hair in the process...yikes!)

I'll work on a "featured on VIF" button for next week.
thanks for being so patient.

And thanks so much for joining in for the party.
I adore each and every one of you and love seeing what you're up to!

I'm joining Rhonda for

be sure and drop by and check out her new get together!

lots of love,

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