Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday: #33 New Spaces at Relics Antique Mall

It seems like only yesterday that I found a space at Relics,
oh yeah, it WAS only 6 weeks ago that I moved in.
But hey, things can change in 6 weeks...
things like the opening of tons of new booth spaces
that will be surrounding a soon-to-be-open tea room. what did I do?
well, I grabbed two smaller spaces right next to each other
on a well trafficked aisle.

More space in this new area equals less "stuff" in the garage
plus a happier husband,
and a lot more people going by.

I hated to ask my guys to make another move so soon,
but they saw the great opportunity too,
so we had on "happy faces" all around.

Do you ever get the feeling "something" just isn't quite right?
Well, that's how it felt in my first space...
I guess my location just wasn't quite right

and this new location just feels right

Every time I'm there, a new dealer has come in,
so there's lot's of inspiration,
and everyone is excited to have the tea room opening this summer.

If you're anywhere in the area be sure you come by the mall.
It's huge and has the best selection of antiques and quality vintage in town.

Now for some great entries from last week's VIF:
(seriously, you guys have the BEST stuff!!!)


at Cabin and Cottage

booth space picnic fun

Talking Trash

(good grief, this chair is fabulous!)

Many of you have asked about a VIF party button...
Well, I finally got it together.
(I do think I've pulled out lots of my hair in the process...yikes!)

I'll work on a "featured on VIF" button for next week.
thanks for being so patient.

And thanks so much for joining in for the party.
I adore each and every one of you and love seeing what you're up to!

I'm joining Rhonda for

be sure and drop by and check out her new get together!

lots of love,


  1. Debra, your booth(s) is amazing. It sounds like the perfect place for you with all the tea room traffic that will come by and all. You have some great stuff in there.

  2. Boy, do I wish I lived near you! There are so many great antique malls in the US and we have none here!! You were smart to combine your things in 2 booths and it looks just great! Having a tea room in the summer will draw people in too. I wish you all the best. Blessings, Pamela

  3. I always enjoy Vintage Inspiration Friday parties. I don't always link-up to them because I just haven't blogged about something vintage, but I do enjoy these posts.

    *I actually might have something for tomorrow*

  4. so many of my favorite things all in one place! you're not that far from me...and I do have a summer road trip coming up!

  5. Very pulled together and perfect! I hope you have tons of visitors and sales - I'm sure you will! Jennifer

  6. Beautiful displays! I have two booths now and could easily fill up a third! Best wishes on your new spaces!!! Thanks for hosting the party!

  7. Your new space looks absolutely wonderful Debra! I gotta believe you will be selling your goods like hot cakes and the tea room will certainly be a plus. Love the bird windows and Debbie's cahir from last week... wow! How cool is that???
    Thank you for the party! I actually linked up two posts if that's o.k. if not feel free to remove one. I posted so early in the week thinking I wouldn't get another post in, but I did. I shocked even myself!
    Have a great weekend! t. xoxo

  8. wow!
    so many pretty things!
    so pretty!
    Take care,

    these boothes are very popular!
    How fun it must be to decorate a space for fun and for a little exta monies:)

    lovin' that feedsack chair and white window peak frame!
    xo, Rosemary

  10. Your new booths look great. I so wish I could come shopping there! You are right its all about location, location, location and I'm sure all the moving around will be worth it. It looks like a wonderful place to shop.

  11. Oops! just realized I'd already shared my dining room last week. I came back to delete it but couldn't. Sorry about that.

  12. Hi Debra,
    I'm in love with your booth spaces. I love the layout and it would be very easy to browse inside. I know what you mean about something not feeling right. I bet it does now.


  13. Let's see...I'll take one of those, and one of them...oh and I know I just have to have that large bird print...The huge window frame is coming home with me...Ohhh, Debra I love your two spaces here and what great things you have in them...I'll take one of everything...that old tin ceiling moulding would make a FABULOUS shelf...wish I lived closer to Ozark...I'd be there in a flash to buy it all up...have a great weekend!!!

  14. Wow! You have quite a shop! With a tea room, the place will be buzzing! Wishing you much success!

  15. Congratulations on your new spot! Location, location, location! Love that big architectural thing, and the metal basket, and... you name it! Thanks for the sweet surprise, Debra! I'm honored to be mentioned here.xx

  16. your new space looks amazing, debra. love all of the bird prints. thank you so much for mentioning birdie blue in your post, such a surprise.

    have the loveliest of weekends.

  17. Hi Debra - Congratulations on expanding your spaces! I love your things, if only I lived closer to your area.

    I myself have been considering expanding my booth here in Carlsbad, but I'm scared. Happy weekend to you!

  18. Your booths look wonderful! Good location! thanks for hosting!

  19. debra, It does make a difference when things are not quite right. I am glad you had the opportunity to get the two booths together and on a busier aisle.
    I hope it spells S-u-c-c-e-s-s!!!
    It looks fabulous.
    Thanks so much for the shout out and for linking to THT.

  20. Love your booths !! And, wish I could visit them in person ... I spy lots of wonderful goodies !! Thanks so much for hosting and inviting me to come play. *Becca*

  21. Debra, I didn't even know you had a booth. I hear it is a lot of work. I still may do one though. I have a ton of stuff I need to get rid of, but it may end up at the consignment shop.

  22. It's a good thing I don't live near your booths . .. I would be in SO much trouble and you would have SO much less inventory! Thanks for hosting the party!

  23. That flower seed box is to die for....loving it & your space! xoxo, tracie

  24. Hi Debra! Your space looks so beatuiful! I'm happy that you now have just the "right" spot! Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful weekend!

  25. Hello Debra!
    Your Booth is Wonderful! Thank You For Hosting us!
    Happy Thursday!

  26. Hi Debra...this is my first time joining in on your party. What a nice looking booth filled with treasures. Thanks for hosting.

  27. I LOVE your new space at the mall! and I'm so happy you are excited about it. The tea room will be fantastic for business! I sure will visit if I'm in the neighborhood. It looks like a great place to make a special trip for!
    Thank you for hosting all this fun,
    Hugs, Donna

  28. Debra,
    you give the prettiest parties- love your Fridays. Your booth looks so inviting and full of great items...


  29. Boy oh boy this is awesome Debra!!! Your spaces look awesome. You always have a great looking space wherever you go. I wish you so much luck in this new space and I'm sure the tea room will make traffic even better.
    sending hugs...

  30. Debra,
    What wonderful news about your space! More traffic, more space. It looks terrific!

  31. Debra, your spaces look wonderful...I see so many great goodies! Thanks for the fun party!

  32. I know what you mean. If it doesn't feel right, it just won't work. Everything looks so good. I'd be there tomorrow if I lived closer.

  33. Oooh...I just did a little virtual shopping, Debra! Too bad I am so far away! Love your booth! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  34. Your space looks amazing--you have such an eye for detail and display! Thanks for hosting--

  35. I've got my eye on the seed box also! Your shops look wonderful and so much fun. Is Relics in the building that was called Grizzley Tools or something like that? Looks like there doing an amazing job with the mall and with a tea! Sara and I heard that it is huge.
    Sweet Blessings, Abbey

  36. Hi Debra~ Your booth looks so beautiful!! Filled with wonderful treasures and goodies! Sounds like your new location is just perfect for you! Thanks for hosting and being such a sweet Friday party friend! Have a great weekend! :)

  37. Amazing, Beautiful & Creative.... I just want to Stroll slowly & take Everything in~ Oh How I Wish I Could Shop There!

  38. Remember how I told you I didn't miss having a booth? Looking at your gorgeous spaces makes me miss my booth.
    So pretty!!!


  39. What a great space, and a great link party!

    I'm a new follower - thanks for letting me show off my Goodwill makeovers!

    henry  happened

  40. I wish I could come browse your booth - it's just shines with charm... and good stuff!

  41. Debra your booths are amazing!! Boy would I love to shop there! Thanks for hosting, Martina

  42. Love your mall space! That is my dream, to someday exit the corporate rat-race and opena booth in an antique mall. This is my first time linking up to Vintage Inspiration Friday and I'm looking forward to visiting some new blogs. Thank you for hosting!

  43. You have such an eye for decor. I love the way you display these treasures! I'm cracking up regarding your comment about the garage and your husband...about twice a month we have garage discussions around here as well. It's FULL and it's all MINE! oops. Glad I could link up this week! -diane

  44. Boy do I see several things in your booth that I would love to have!

    It looks like you are having great fun arranging everything and congratulations on the bigger space!

    Thanks for having this party!

  45. Hi Debra, Thanks for hosting each week. I link up whenever I have an appropriate post. Love your booths. Glad it is 'right' now. How great to have a tea room in an antique shop. Love it!
    ~ Julie

  46. How many treasures!!!!.I love bridssss in the frame and the arrangement of our location!!!.You are an artist!!

  47. Your booths look amazing! Change is good for the soul. We are happy in our space for now. But I'm looking forward to growing!

  48. Oh Debra! Secretly these girls would LOVE to have a booth outside of the store - but, we seem to be too busy for that - we imagine that it would look like yours - Lovely & full of inspiration! Today we are taking that wonderful window pane idea with us - LOVE it (of course - anything with vintage birds seems to get our hearts a-poundin'!)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend :)
    Karla & Karrie

  49. Debra,
    Great space you have. Good luck with everything.
    Thanks for hosting.

  50. Thanks for hosting! Love your booths! I would love to have a booth but haven't gotten the courage to do so yet! I am linking up my work office that decorated to feel more like home!

  51. Hi again! I have been working at the Market just a couple of months. I am there about every Saturday, and one other day during the week! Stop by anytime, Kathy said she knows you, she knows everyone! Have a great weekend! PS. I am headed to Relics today, can't wait to check out your booths!

  52. Thank you for the feature! I LOVE your new space and see several things I would snag! Always so fun over here!

  53. Hi Debra... your booth (booths) look just beautiful!... you know what they say... "location, location, location"!... love all your vintage birdie treasures, and how fun a tea room is coming!... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  54. So many pretty things! Your booths look lovely as well.
    Chic Modern Vintage

  55. Your booths look great ! Can't wait to get a chance to get back up to Relics . I know it has grown a lot since I was last there , Of course I'm sure I will be spending all my time in your booth.

  56. Your booths are amazing, you have inspired me to get mine at one of our local malls, Thank you for hosting another Vintage Inspiration Friday.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    XXX Ido

  57. Hi Debra...your space looks great!
    That seed box...fantastic!
    Thanks for hosting and enjoy your weekend!

  58. Debra,
    So I'm out enjoying a little stroll in blogland, trying to get caught up with my visiting when lo and behold...what do I see, but my chair! Thank you darlin'. It was my attempt at "creating" that all of y'all do so easy and so well, but for me...not so easy!
    I'd love to link up again, but I feel guilty that I don't have the time to visit all the wonderful talent linked. I think you are a wonder for doing this.
    Love your new venue and I always love your bird frames!

  59. Your spaces look great!!!
    I know what you mean by just the right spot!!!

    I love that seed box!! And the wicker sofa! CUTE!

  60. Oh Debra, I wish I did live close enough to visit the mall~ I'd love to just visit YOUR booths. They are beautiful. You have displayed everything so nicely, and I think you will definitely be drawing in the buyers. Thank you for hosting. laurie

  61. Dear Debra-
    this is a wonderful spot ,much more place- and full of all your lovely things.I`m in love with several pieces like the little white table- and all looks so inviting--I wish you much luck, with this new "corner".
    Happy week-end dear friend.

  62. Hi Debra. I LOVE that tin cornice thing-a-ma-jig (in pictures 3 and 4 at the top). Do you know if it's still available? And if so, how much?

    Thanks! Blessings... Polly

  63. I just got my first booth in an antiques mall about a month ago, so loved seeing how beautiful yours is. Good luck with it. Isn't it fun playing store?


  64. Congrats on the new spaces! I'm getting down there one day to shop....I don't know when but I'll be there!

  65. Your new spaces look great. The like the shot with all the empty spaces beyond exciting it will be to see them all fill in one by one, or 2 by 2 as in your case.


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