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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top Projects of 2011

Looking back over this last year, I found a few of my favorite projects to highlight. This first one was pretty quick and easy and turned a blah divided screen into a Frenchy beauty, using antique French lesson books, and tons of Mod Podge.

This petite dresser in the entry went from black to distressed white,
and was a "foreshadowing" of things to come!

Painting my laundry room, which can be seen right off the kitchen was long overdue. It took a few days but was well worth the effort! Now I'm not embarrassed with the view anymore!

And then it matched the kitchen re-do from late 2010.

One of the biggest projects I took on was the booth space at Relics Antique Mall. It's morphed several times this year, but the new tearoom should open this Spring, so I'm planning another space re-do at that time.

I'd wanted a potting bench for the last few years and this was my late Spring project that I enjoyed so much all Summer and Fall.

Then in July started the mother of all projects, at least it was for me this year; repainting all my Living Room furniture. This was a huge decision that I had wrestled with for quite awhile, then I just decided to take the plunge and go for it. So glad I did!

It has made a huge impact on our home and my emotions...

All together I think I painted close to 30 pieces of furniture,
and it took me the rest of the summer to get this room where I wanted it.

Then came this bad boy '80's Chandy
that I tackled on Labor Day!

Eight hours on the ladder and this was done! Painted by hand this is the icing on the "white" cake in the Living Room, what a change, and it saved us at least a thousand dollars of buying a new one and the installation. Big job, but wow, what a difference!

then came pillows...

table runners...

more table runners...

and playing with jewelry.

so  much fun!

Hope you enjoyed this ramble down Memory Lane of 2011.

Be sure and join in for 
Vintage Inspiration Friday
starting Thursday afternoon where we will be recapping
our favorite vintage posts.

I have some fun things planned for 2012,
and I'll be spilling the beans soon...
so stay tuned!!!
love you all bunches,

joining in for 

Kathleen at Faded Charm
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Sale this Weekend

See all this great stuff?

Well, it's all at Relics Antique Mall
in Springfield, Missouri.

We're having a giant Mimosa Party,
and your invited!

And what's a "Mimosa Party" you might be asking...

Let's just saaaaay there's some champagne in the house...

And most dealers are having a sale.

These next pics are from my spaces.
First row west of the soon-to-be tea room.

it's all 30 % off!

See this darling round white coffee table,
 I nabbed at the Seed Box Open House?
yep, it's 30% off!

There are lot's of great booths.
Come check us out this weekend!

Relics Antique Mall
corner of Kansas Expressway and Battlefield Road,
right next to Grizzley's.

Have a great weekend everyone,
I'm feeling better!
love ya,

Monday, May 30, 2011

What I've been up to this weekend...

I love inviting you all into my sunroom;
My 80's "seen better days" sunroom.

It's my fun spot in the house,
where quilts and nic nacs and color schemes change each season.

But guess who I found out here this weekend?

(me on left, Debbie on right)

Deb and her other half, the infamous Cat Daddy,
decided to make a weekend trip up through Oklahoma,
then into Missouri in search of junk gold.
They came by the house,
then we headed out for an Italian dinner.
I haven't laughed and hugged this much for a long time!

If you don't know Debbie,
then please go visit her at Talking Trash.
They are seasoned veterans of Warrenton,
and dealers at Winnie and Tulula's in Athens, Texas.
Talent extraordinaire!!
(and kindred spirits)

The reason I didn't get to spend more time with the dynamic duo
was due to something that had been in the works for awhile.

I've had a great booth space at Spring Creek Antiques and Tea room,
in Ozark Missouri for the last three years.
But it's not an easy place to navigate
 with furniture and tubs of merchandise.

And as some of you know,
I have a little issue with my heart;
a hereditary thingy, which has been kicking up lately.
The result of which has meant letting go of that space.

So Saturday me, hubbs, and daughter #2 Alyson,
headed down to pack it up and move it out.

But as we were about to unload it all in the garage,
I just couldn't make myself let all the "stuff" come back inside.
A quick decision and we were on the road again to Relics
where I have two other spaces.

There just happened to be an available space
 on the same aisle as my other two spots,
so I grabbed it up and we hurriedly put together this new booth;
a little more girly and white.

With 30 minutes left until closing we started unpacking tubs of smalls.
Aly is great at display so she threw it all together in record time.

See the window on the dollhouse here on the upper right?
that's how I felt by 6:00 that evening.
A little "wonky"!

But, thank you Lord, it's not in the garage!!!!

love you all,
off to buy white geraniums...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday: #33 New Spaces at Relics Antique Mall

It seems like only yesterday that I found a space at Relics,
oh yeah, it WAS only 6 weeks ago that I moved in.
But hey, things can change in 6 weeks...
things like the opening of tons of new booth spaces
that will be surrounding a soon-to-be-open tea room. what did I do?
well, I grabbed two smaller spaces right next to each other
on a well trafficked aisle.

More space in this new area equals less "stuff" in the garage
plus a happier husband,
and a lot more people going by.

I hated to ask my guys to make another move so soon,
but they saw the great opportunity too,
so we had on "happy faces" all around.

Do you ever get the feeling "something" just isn't quite right?
Well, that's how it felt in my first space...
I guess my location just wasn't quite right

and this new location just feels right

Every time I'm there, a new dealer has come in,
so there's lot's of inspiration,
and everyone is excited to have the tea room opening this summer.

If you're anywhere in the area be sure you come by the mall.
It's huge and has the best selection of antiques and quality vintage in town.

Now for some great entries from last week's VIF:
(seriously, you guys have the BEST stuff!!!)


at Cabin and Cottage

booth space picnic fun

Talking Trash

(good grief, this chair is fabulous!)

Many of you have asked about a VIF party button...
Well, I finally got it together.
(I do think I've pulled out lots of my hair in the process...yikes!)

I'll work on a "featured on VIF" button for next week.
thanks for being so patient.

And thanks so much for joining in for the party.
I adore each and every one of you and love seeing what you're up to!

I'm joining Rhonda for

be sure and drop by and check out her new get together!

lots of love,

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