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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #29: Going Green for St. Patty's

To celebrate
St. Patrick's Day
 I thought I'd grab a few of my favorite green things.

Watering cans come in all colors at my house.
I have plenty of the plain zinc kind,
 but I always love me some accent color for the season.

So for Spring, I snipped a few branches of my monster forsythia out back
and brought them in to force.

This little chair was one of a set of table and chairs that was
a present for my 2nd Birthday.
My brother and sister used it too,
so I only managed to get one of the chairs.

 I found this precious little book last year;
(published in 1933)
my favorite shade of green,
french gardening graphic,
and perfect for my vintage "garden book" collection.

This is one of the photos inside.

Ivy and miscellaneous Spring stuff
in one of my carriers.

Uh oh...look who's here!

Out for a tasty snack of forsythia.
The girls love Spring too!

And now for some inspiration fun from last week:
Be sure and click for some great ideas!

Freckled Laundry

Today I'm joining in on these great parties.

Hope you'll join in the
Vintage Inspiration Party!
Please grab the button for your post and sidebar
so everyone can share in the fun!

and if you've been featured then there's an ap for that!

I may not get to leave a comment with everyone this weekend
but I'll be coming by.
Thanks so much in advance for linking up for the party!

I had a washer malfunction, which led to purchasing a new washer, dryer,
and while we were at it, a new dishwasher.
(dang these things are expensive!)
I've been without a washer since Monday...eeeck!

And then...
since the appliances were out
I've been painting and redoing my laundry room!
Don't know if it will make the blog cut,
but it sure has been overdue.

So have a fun weekend;
I have my work cut out for me!

love you all,

p.s. I'll try to get out the rest of the wonderful photos from Leola's this weekend

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday #4

I've had this little vintage step ladder at my booth for awhile to use in a pinch.
If a piece of furniture sells, it takes up the slack until I can bring in something else.

But since I've been looking for ideas for my front porch
 I grabbed this the last time I was there,
and brought it home for a try out.

Here's my inspiration for the ladder display.
And while it didn't make it for the front porch,
I thought it was fun for the sunroom.

Love those corn husks and old crock jug in the book image.
Oooohhh, to have a front porch like this.

When I was growing up
 our old farmhouse had a large front and wrap around porch.
I'd love to have one now;
such great memories.

Here's the book that I'm having so much fun with!

 I really love me some black kitties...
well, I'm fond of any kitty,
but I've had about 4 "Blackies" in my life.
I know... can't say I'm the most original when it comes to names.
I just love black cat images.


And I had a great time at the local pumpkin stand as you can see...
more on the front steps.

If you remember, I will be having a monthly give away for the party goers.
So one more chance to win by joining in this weekend.

Hope you all are having fun decorating for Fall.
I found some urns for the front porch,
and it's now officially

Pictures coming soon!

Hope you'll link up and share what's inspiring you this week!

Thank you so much for all the well wishes and prayers for my family
in the passing of my Father-in-law.
I appreciate each one of you!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vintage Botanicals and a Garden Table

This little metal outdoor table
at one time was in my booth space at the antique mall,

funny thing...

it never sold.

And you know what happens when things sit too long,


they come to live at my house.

So now it sets right under
my kitchen window on the deck.

You can see it from the sunroom,
 so I really enjoy decorating it with my vintage
garden thingys.

A black birdcage covering some hearty ivy and my "Collegian" botanical notebook that I found several weeks ago at Spring Creek, are sharing the table with some silver of the galvanized zinc kind. I have several old watering cans, but this was a Birthday present a few years ago from my older daughter from Restoration Hardware, one of my favorite stores.

 Marion Bradway (lady or gentleman?)
must have had a Botanical assignment
to catalog wildflowers back in their college days.
My best guess is from the 1940's.

I thought about dismantling the pages and framing them out.
And I still may do that, but for now,
they are all together.

My kitties were very interested in the old pressed flowers,
but every time they went near them they started sneezing!
Funny how after so many years there is still pollen of some sort.

I love the typewritten pages and the aged tape.

You can see my white garden gate behind the table.
 I have two of them.
Can someone say ...selfish...?
And my old hose hanger.
Just gotta love that color of blue!

I'm linking up with these wonderful parties.
If you have time go visit and say Hello.

Have a Wonderful Weekend everyone!
This Mommie has some fun time planned,
with her big kids.

And if you have a few mintues and you'd like to know me better,
and you can read what I've learned by being a mother.
love you all,

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall Nesting on White Wednesday

Metal Motel Chairs...I can still remember sitting on them in my grandparents yard. I'd pull one close to where my grandmother was working in the garden, for a rest. I remember how the metal would scorch my little legs because my sunsuit offered no protection... a long, long time ago.

I found this one a couple of years ago. It had been white,
so it received a coat of white spray paint.
But I soon found that nothing was stopping the rust from peeking out.
I'm quite fond of that rust right now... shows the age of it.

Speaking of age...I'm trying hard to not let the "rust"
on my exterior change who I am. I want to enjoy life
and be the woman that still feels young,
vibrant, energized and happy. Contentment from the inside,
that doesn't depend on outward circumstances.
That's what I'm striving for.
Just thought I'd share a little from my heart today.
God has to be the author of that.
I can't work it up by myself.

This is a white squash I found over the weekend. He's real.

Great rusty patina, don't you think?

My fascination with Angel Vine this year has caused me to accumulate several.
This one resides in a vintage white McCoy flowerpot...

on a vintage mesh metal flea market side table.

This is a market basket filled with a dried gourd from last year
and a faux painted pumpkin.

Vintage flowerpots and white sprinkler are ready for baby mums.

I'm participating in two parties again today.
Melissa over at The Inspired Roomis hosting "Fall Nesting Week"
to help get us "in the mood" for fall.

And Kathleen at Faded Charm is hosting our wonderful White Wednesday!
Please be sure and click on the links for more fun!

Yeah, It's Fall, Y'all!!!


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