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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blooming 'Brella

OK, we've all seen adorable vintage umbrellas adorned with faux flowers for Spring. (nothing new for the Pinterest crowd) I DO love me a fun umbrella. And I AM kinda sorta experiencing a faux flower withdrawal over here at the smaller house. This last weekend whilst packing (yes, the never ending job I'm involved in at this moment in time) I spied my Spring floral umbrella in a pile of "stuff" waiting to be put away in one of many large plastic tubs marked "Spring". 

It had to be rescued. If you guys could see the boxes of holiday decor and seasonal faux flowers, branches, twigs and the likes, you'd think seriously about having me committed. But it's one of my vices that I'm working on. You know the kind of personality that sees a container and wants to fill it with SOMETHING! There must be a "disorder" that could be slapped on me.

So, the umbrella came home with me. There are no nails in doors around here, and I'm not going to lose a security deposit over a door wreath or something else. It will do hanging from the kitchen transferware cupboard, brightening up my sitting room.

I wanted a nest in it to go with my old garden tools, but made do with a petite whitewashed clay flower pot instead. My birdie has taken up residence in there.

I'm trying to round up all my "garden decor" and vintage garden goods out on the sunporch, because it all needs to be packed together.  Believe me, I've moved enough that I know the hazards of packing things where they lay. I've found strange things in boxes a year after a move.

I'm having to be content with a few touches of Spring around here, and not create a full blown "explosion". I found one basket with faux hydrangeas that had been in the storage room, that had so much dust on it, it literally became a white cloud when I decided that it was time for it to be dismantled. I'm hoping to learn some life lessons through all this. Hey, I'll write a book entitled "One Woman's Lessons Learned from Downsizing".

I smell a bestseller in the "self help" section. Right now, I'm just trying to figure out how to get it all done without going bananas. And to not make my husband bananas, too. I've also been cleaning and downsizing my closet, but then that's another whole chapter...

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love you guys,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kitchen Sitting Room

I was ready to show you a new tabletop vignette I had put together when I realized that I hadn't shown the rest of the Kitchen Sitting Room pics. This space is such a departure from what I had at the other house, but still "my style". I had been concentrating on just whites in the small kitchen eating area, so it was fun to bring in some "woods" over here. I like a mix of the woody tones and whites and neutrals, and having this unexpected space off the kitchen, I have been able to use some pieces I never thought I'd be able to.

This big armoire was in the basement holding quilts and pillows, but since I needed extra storage for pantry items in here, I brought this with us. I had originally hoped to put the tv in here but it took up valuable shelf space, so it's on a separate wicker table.

Yes, it's black on the sides. The girls that had this piece in their shop were spray paint "happy" back before chalk paint came along. They just painted the two sides, (glad they didn't mess with the front of it) but when we get settled, it probably will get a paint makeover...not sure what color.

The two large breadboards are from Antique Farmhouse,
 and the laundry basket is filled with extra linens.

I found the French Cheese sign at Robin's Vintage Suitcase.

This little shepherdess is one of my all-time favorite prints,
it was in the powder room right off the kitchen in the old house.
I love this dark comb painted frame.

I told you about this antique table and chairs here.
It still has initials carved in the top from one of the kiddo's guy friend's.
When I found out, I thought of man-handling him...
good thing he could run really fast.

sorry, sort of blurry

The kitty girls had to find new napping spots here, 
so this is now a fave.
Bonus is that the grain sack replica is burlap,
 so when she's not napping she can chew on it.
(Madonna Pillow from Elliot-Heath Designs)

One of my milkmaid prints is hanging here, 
 the other one had such a heavy frame 
I didn't want to put in the wall anchor for it.

I'm so glad I was able to use this wicker settee that had been on the sunporch.
 It's my new coffee drinking spot first thing in the morning.

An old bench is doubling for a small coffee table.
Just big enough for one of my black tole trays.

Toffee Check Chair Pads from Ballard Designs.

I don't think I've ever shared this old ironstone hexagon shaped tureen bottom;
another basement decor piece.
(I had all kinds of things hidden down there!)

Cute little English Cottage Salt and Pepper.
(you all know I have a little English Cottage thang going on)

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Hope you're having a great week, 
March cannot get here fast enough!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Salesman Sample Bag for Fall

I've had this big brown leather bag for I don't know how long. It's always sat at the bottom of the stairway, and often it's just been something to trip over. It's pretty worn in some places, so it's been better at gathering dust and being in the way than being a focal piece.

But I  was determined to do something different downstairs for the coffee table in my little sitting area, so I decided I would try to make this work. These are often confused with doctor's bags, but these salesmen's sample bags are bigger. Doctor's bags are most always black, and have a lower profile even though they are similar.

I wedged an old book between the metal frame of the hinges and stashed in some Faux Fall flowers and bushes. That's one thing I love about Fall, you can take bits and pieces of Fall leftovers and group them together, those wonderful colors and textures are so forgiving!

That's my ceramic pumpkin from the early 80's. 
It's seen better days, but I drag it out each Fall to enjoy one more season.

My red floral sofa is now sans slipcover,
as I was tired of it looking messy. 
Better red than sloppy.

Hope you're off to a great weekend,
rainy and cool today,
The Holiday Cupboard tomorrow!

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