Monday, January 2, 2012

Can you guess where this is going...?

I love the use of the "double entrende"...

I found this great frenchy burlap runner this Fall at Robin's and knew that it would end up on my Dining Room table after Christmas. But I also knew that once it was there, you wouldn't be able to see the wonderful graphics, so here it is draped across one of my slipcovered chairs in the Living Room.

Very heavy linen-y hemp-y burlap-y goodness.
So here is where the fun "other meaning" comes in...
look in the lower right corner.

My little companion, the burlap addict. 

Her brain is being taken over by the desire for burlap indulgence.

"Hmmm....what's my  next move?
Hey mom, don't you have someplace else to be?"


So, once I removed the slobbering mess,
the burlap went to it's proper destination.
sans cat.

I'm trying to transition from Christmas to "Winter"
more later from the zoo...

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