Friday, May 5, 2023

Vintage Baskets in the Entry

Last week in honor of May Day and Mother's Day, I put together two little baskets, one vintage, the other basket new but with similar elements. I was inspired by the old tradition of May Day where you would put together a small bouquet and hang it on the front porch door. Then you would hide and wait for the lady of the house to come to the door. Such a sweet gesture, but maybe not too practical in today's time and culture.

The main change up was my florist basket with a few faux hydrangeas in pink and white with a little ivy. I usually have my iron urn here but I wanted something spring-y for May. I had such fun putting together this little antique basket. I used a faux "tussy mussy" a mini clay pot with moss and an unused finch nest that I found in my front door basket. I can't let them nest there because of the vulnerability of the nest. We have crows that will wreak havoc. 

When I saw this basket years ago I had to have it. I love the old silver patina.
(faux eggs, below)

This is one of my favorite vintage spring prints by Robert Atkinson Fox. I can get lost in this lush English garden. I'm not a gardener at all, and this last winter just about killed so many of our landscape plants and shrubs. The summer heat and drought stressed them all out and then the winter sub-zero temps swooped in and finished them off. My azaleas and hydrangeas, and dwarf Nandina are so sad, we've had to cut them way back because most of them were beyond help. Just a little growth at the bottom. Hopefully, they will hang in there and get the will to live.

So, a garden like this is a dream. 

Here's my post from last week where I shared the fun process.

My editor has been acting up and I cannot keep the photos centered. Anyone else in Blogger having problems? (that's the problem)

Here's last year's Entry with some of my favorite bovines.

I hope you're having a great week, with some warm sunshine. I have birdies in one of my nesting boxes on the back porch. Happy chirps, everyone!!

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  1. I love the tradition of May Day baskets. Your two baskets are so pretty. Happy Thursday. Have a fabulous day Debra. Hugs. Kris

  2. I love the May Day baskets too! Beautiful. The painting is too. I'll bet you have a greener thumb than you realize though. Love the designs you've created. I too have had to remove nests over the years. I do love the look of them with the faux eggs. Yes, I too have problems with keeping my pictures on center in Blogger. Hope that changes. I love your post xoxo .Dolly

  3. Love your entry way table, everything looks so inviting and pretty.
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Very nice entry vignette, Debra. I believe I've had that Fox print before and sold it (or a similar one). His work is wonderful. I bet your dwarf nandina will return (mine are), and hopefully the azaleas. My worst boxwood is showing new growth, but it will be slow. Yesterday I found 3 more my wide copper gutters!! Two were false starts I could easily remove, but one was active - mourning doves. Mama flew off when I got up on my ladder, but there are two eggs. It's on the end opposite of my downspout so she shall stay undisturbed, but now I'll have to vigilant for future construction.

  5. I had my wedding bouquet placed in a tussie mussie, the thing I did not realize was how small it would make my bouquet until the day of our wedding. I chuckle now about it, but I was a bit upset the day of. This past winter was so bad for plants and shrubs, our boxwoods are struggling, I am hoping they recover. Thank you for sharing Debra.


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