Saturday, November 23, 2019

Weekend Inspiration: Baker's Rack and Transitioning from Fall to Christmas

With Thanksgiving being so late this year I've found myself more antsy than usual to start thinking about decorating for Christmas. (you too, huh?) One thing I know for sure is that I need to make it easy this year. I tend to say that each year then push myself to decorate "everything" in sight. But before I start sharing on the blog how I've gotten started with Christmas and still celebrate Thanksgiving, I have a few pics of the Baker's Rack in the Garden Room that I wanted to post.

I love "Lodge-y" and woodsy decor and I think it's perfect for late Fall. 
I have a couple of pieces of beat up  vintage deer and elk motif pottery
 so I like to use them this time of year. 

I found these wonderful salad plates a couple of years ago

So here's the rest of the Baker's Rack. 

Shhhh... but as of this moment it's in transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas
and a few pieces of Tartan plaid have creeped/crept? into the mix.

I've been checking out other posts on Transitioning from Fall to Christmas on Pinterest.
Here's an older one of mine and a few others that have great tips.
Check them out, they each have great basic ideas.

Holiday Decor that Lasts from Thanksgiving to Christmas

Holiday Table

Fall to winter decorating ideas - decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving

cozy winter decor, How to Transition From Fall To Winter Decor

fall and winter spiced potpourri for the holidays

OK friends, enjoy your weekend,
I'm sure there's going to be a few Christmas trees going up.
I love having a bare woodsy tree at Thanksgiving!!

I'll just leave you with this image from my Pinterest Board,
Cabin at the Lake
Have a Cozy Weekend!

p.s. did you get a chance to take in all the inspiration
of the Hop this last week?


see you Monday evening,

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  1. Love that baker's rack with the woodsy theme. I am all about Christmas right now, no apologies, lol!

    1. me too, we're not having company for Thanksgiving, so I'm doing some decorating this weekend. I've enjoyed my turkeys, time to see some Christmas!

  2. Oh Debra. I love your elk dishes. They are adorable. The plaids been creeping around my place too. Have a great evening.


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