Saturday, March 3, 2018

How to know when it's almost Spring...

Of course the weather will be on a gradual warming curve; more days of 60 than of 30. I can see little bits of green popping up, previously hidden in the "monkey grass" along the courtyard sidewalk. The buds on the Peach tree are swelling up, just waiting to explode in a gorgeous pink bloom. But there's one sure way to tell Spring is almost here...

Not only are the birdies back in town, but a few of the finches and smaller birds are literally going crazy! The search for a nest is foremost in their tiny pea brains and they will go to any length to scope out every possibility for a family residence.

We have a motion sensor on our front porch area and it has started going off all times of the day. Usually, there is a UPS, Mail, or Fed Ex truck out front, but this last week, it's been non-stop buzzing with no package drop off in sight. 

I brought back my mossy "O" and tied it up with a brown checked ribbon.

My gray door basket is just too perfect to leave alone. I can see little birdie silhouettes bouncing around and happy chirps trying to nudge a place within the fake blooms. No sooner do I open the door and shoo them away, then they are back... or another persistent little couple. I gave up this year and took down the basket. I'm now on the hunt for something that is not "expectant bird parent" friendly. 

So right now, it's all about the birdies and giving my Entry Console a little "pre-Spring" refresh. I'm using a reproduction framed vintage wren print that was originally a wall hanging a few years ago, and has been all around the house. This week it's front and center for the vignette.

A Walter Alois Weber bird illustration from 1930 is held by a vintage clip board.

I have several of these little bird figurines from the 50's and 60's. They were mass produced, so no monetary value, but I really enjoy their "illustration-like" poses and colors. Perfect for sitting on moss in a small cloche. 

The faux Paperwhite arrangement has a few branches of Pussy Willow added in.

This is the spot that sees the most frequent changes throughout the Seasons.
 There will be several Easter Versions, I'm sure, 
but this week, it's all about the "Birds".

Have you been "Spring-ifying" around the house?


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  1. Had to laugh at your visiting birds on the front porch. We have a chandelier 16 feet up in our alcove and the birds sit on it and...well...they poop right in front of our door. I like your spring-i-fying the inside with bird pictures. It really turned out lovely.

    1. thank goodness our light fixture out front doesn't have anything to build a nest on or we'd be in big trouble. Somehow we're not thinking of birds congregating when we put in lighting!

  2. I love the clipboard to hand artwork! Genius! Hope you have a great weekend Debra! I'm starting a new book this weekend!The Woman and silk or something?? laura

  3. I also cannot put a wreath or basket on the front door because of the nesting birds!!! My first sign of Spring is that the onions and potatoes in the hanging basket in the kitchen have begun to sprout!!! They are not fooled by the weather but have their own clock.......

  4. I have a door basket on my front door and had the same problem as you wit birds trying to nest in it. Then a friend told me to put a fake snake ini it and that would solve the problem. Works like a charm. No more birds for two years. I just hid it a little near the top. Hope it will work for you.

  5. Love, love, love. The birds are waking me every morning around the same time, between 5:30 - 5:45 am, with their chirping. I think it's robins, but the silly mockingbirds do such a fine job imitating, I could be getting tricked. Our magnolia is right outside our bedroom. :) Your decor is adorable, and I'm happy to hear spring is coming in your region too.

  6. Love seeing all your Spring beginning to come out. Isn't it funny how birds just love to nest in the wreaths or baskets hung on front doors. You would think they would be too scared to be that close. I guess wreaths and baskets make for good and warm places to have their babies. Have a good week.

  7. Ha, ha, now I know it's time to put my birds out...always love yours they are all so cute! PS, we always have chickadees nesting in my big wreath out on the garage.

  8. I've had wasps build a nest in a similar flower basket on my front door. I'll take your birds any day! Your spring touches are gorgeous.

  9. Oh Debra, your home is beautiful and I love the bird theme. We are enjoying them here too, though here they are fighting for their seed through the snow! Love the prints on the clipboards. And I have to say that your banner is one of my all-time favorite blog banners with its sheep and lovely colors. What a treasure. ~jeanie from Marmelade Gypsy

  10. Oh, yes. The birds are very clever by finding already made nests for their pleasure. I'm sure they appreciated your help! Enjoyed your post -- birds can't be beat!

  11. Hi Debra! I love the way you have used the birds prints so beautifully on your foyer table. That is about the surest sign for me that Spring is here to see the bird "parents" looking for nesting places and materials. Last week it felt like summer here in Alabama and now we are having freezing temps...hope all the new tender plants that came out early will survive.

  12. Just to say I enjoy your posts so much. Always brightens my day!! Blessings.

  13. I have. I love your birds. So cute. That figurine is perfect under glass. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  14. Debra I absolutely adore this post. I shared some of my birds in my spring home tour but I need to do another post similar to this focusing on my bird vignettes. I am always amazed at our similar style but you continue to inspire me with each and every post and give me new ideas! I am okay with birds inside but absolutely will not tolerate them anywhere near the house after finding out the kinds of diseases in bird nests. They are beautiful but best left alone. I have the same problem with them wanting to nest in my porch decor. One time they used a faux nest as a nest!!
    I love your mossy initial wreath. I have featured it with some other wreaths and garlands at TFT. Thanks for linking up! Praying for you today!

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