Monday, March 12, 2018

Moss Covered Cross for Easter

This last week I've been bringing out "Spring" around the house. There still aren't many signs outside except for some Daffodils and the buds growing on the trees. It's been fairly bleak around here weather wise. Typical March weather, windy and on the cool side. Did I mention "windy"? Enough to blow you away.  

When I'm decorating for Spring and Easter, it's easy to get carried away with all the adorable Rabbits, Lambs, Bunnies and Eggs. I've been doing my share of that with Spring decor, but this year I wanted to use my moss covered cross that I made several years ago, in the Entry.

Just last week I shared my Entry Console with a Birdie theme, since we've been under assault by crazed nesting birds.

I found my moss covered cross in one of my Spring Flower tubs in the garage, but it had been jostled around a lot and it was looking pretty sad and forlorn, so I needed to do a little refresh. I'm going to have to do a better job at packing it away this year, because just moving things around looking for other items can dislodge the moss easily. Lesson learned.

I was planning on using some of the moss "sheets" since they are easy to cut and shape, like I used on my Moss Heart for Valentines Day. But after I started fitting it on the form it just looked too fake-ish; not organic and slightly wild like I had wanted. So I started over with some real moss cut in clumps.

It had the look I wanted, but it was proving difficult to keep the moss adhering to the plastic form. So after a gallon of Tacky Glue, I ended up having to wrap the entire piece in florist's wire. 

I'm always an optimist when it comes to judging how long a task will take. I say, "oh that will only take 30 minutes or so", but then it ends up taking 90 minutes and that doesn't account for the time to clean up the entire area, and myself that's covered in a mossy-glue-y mess. (notice once again there are no photos because it's impossible to take photos and work with moss and glue.)

I found the two Peace Lilies that I had used before at the bottom of the same tub. I wish I'd had another lily, but I added in a stalk of faux gladiolas to give the flowers a little something extra. I used some wired organic type florist wire/wrap to keep the florals in place. 

You can read the original post from Easter 2011 HERE

This is a Pinterest Pic that I found after I had finished, that I really love. With the twigs and small branches it looks very wild and organic. Someone did a lovely job of wrapping the form in twine with a beautiful cris-crossed pattern and flowers and greenery. You can see my Pinterest board on Mossy Things Here.

I thought I would share this with you now, so in case you'd like to put one of these together yourself you'd have some ideas. I found a few of the cross forms available online. I have a few more religious items I used for Easter this year in the Dining Room. I wanted to do cloches again, so this year they are a little different than years past. I'll be participating in two Spring Open House Tours this week and next. I hope you'll be back for more pics and Spring and Easter Inspiration. Have a wonderful week, 

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  1. Your cross turned out very nicely, Debra. That moss is so messy to work with, whether it's on a sheet, loose or from the yard!

  2. Debra, I love your cross! I really like the look of both the wire and the twine.

  3. Looks absolutely fantastic!

    By the way, I work with both sheets and clumpy moss and I have found that if I use spray adhesive directly on what I want mossy and then just push it on it - works like a charm....but it also includes very mossy finger tips haha.

    I think I may need to find one of those crosses - the true reason for the season - love your inspiration, Deb! Thanks!!

  4. Beautiful job! I love the natural organic look of it. I actually enjoy getting lost in the process of a project like this. Crazy how much time it can take, but such good therapy. Beautiful spring display with so many elements that I love!

  5. Your cross looks fantastic! I love getting out the Easter decorations because they add so much color and freshness when the weather is so drab.

  6. I love your mossy cross, Debra! Have a blessed Easter weekend!

  7. I absolutely love this idea Debra. I am so very glad that you shared it at the Spring and Easter Joys party. Have a very Happy Easter!


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