Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Vintage White Suitcases Make a Comeback...

January is the month for a fresh start and a clean slate. I always look forward to a new calendar and the possibilities that the New Year brings. No matter what the previous year has held, good or bad, I thank God for His good plans for the future, and I'm grateful that we are moving forward with a positive attitude. 

Even though it's a small part of the new year ritual, I enjoy the packing away of the Christmas decor, and looking for a few ways to change up my surroundings. We live in a walk-out basement home, and my upstairs (main level) Living Spaces aren't big enough to do much rearranging of furniture, but I can change out some smaller pieces and rework the accessories a bit. When I was clearing out the Christmas decor I decided it was time for something new under the sofa table in the Living Room. 

I've had the big white windowbox under it for quite awhile now, and even though I love changing out the seasonal faux florals, I was ready for something different. I thought of just old suitcases, but knew that they probably needed to be white ones so as not to be visually disruptive. I've had the white trunk for years and it holds vintage papers and ephemera. It weighs a ton, so I had to scoot it to a small rug and push it into place. I'm not too good at waiting for Hubbs to help me out if I can come up with a plan of my own. I did need his help with getting down the suitcase from the cupboard in the basement though. 

I've had them stacked on the little china cupboard
that's been downstairs holding extra bits of vintage china, pottery, and figurines.

At the old house this stack was in the lower level
 sitting area on top of the Holiday Cupboard.

(I really miss having that cupboard to display Seasonal and Holiday goodies)

I painted these back in 2007 and have used them for craft supply storage.

When I decided to paint these pieces of old luggage I made the decision
to take the time to leave the hardware and trim original.
Yes, it was much more time consuming and detailed,
but I love the look, which is much more authentic
than using a broad stroke and painting it all white.

I'm not ready to trade out the Boxwood topiaries yet.
I think they'll work for the rest of the winter,
then I'll do something different.

Here are a few examples of white vintage luggage
and how they are used in contemporary decor.
They make great storage containers
and look good too.

I just adore this white trunk as a coffeetable,
from a Country Living feature years ago.

You can see more examples of antique and Vintage Luggage
by clicking on the link of my Pinterest Board above. 

Hope you're off to a good start in the New Year!
Happy cleaning and fluffing!

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  1. I love the white suitcases under your table much better than the floral filled box. They look so elegant and the area is simplified and streamlined. I agree that leaving the hardware original was the thing to do - so authentic. Good job, Debra.

  2. I just love suitcases! Provides much needed storage.

  3. Yes, that look is nice and tidy for a January refresh, and looks really sharp with the hardware left as is, Debra. Ugh, I just now traded out my conical boxwoods for spheres, and am struggling while breaking down my bar cart for a new look. Right now it's bare naked, and I can't seem to find the right combination for my clean slate refresh. Think I'll go read awhile.....:)

  4. I reallly like the white against the original hardware. It looks so fresh and contemporary.

  5. First of all, I love your new photo, Debra! So cute!

    I think we're all trying to organize and shuffle things around for a fresh new look. Your suitcases fit perfectly under your sofa table, and they offer lots of storage space for magazines and whatnot. I love the idea of stacking them next to a bed, too. I use my gigantic suitcase to hold toys that only come out when the grands are here and my small one to hold knitting patterns. They really are handy!

    I'm just like you. I can't wait for help when I want something done NOW!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

  6. Hi Debra, We bloggers all share a love of suitcases and your white ones look fabulous under the sofa table!! I have some natural ones and I'd love to have some more, but they are becoming harder to find. Your living room looks pretty.


  7. Love those suitcases...they are perfect under the table!...The room looks so pretty and fresh to enjoy during these winter months!

  8. Love your January refreshing Debra. The suitcases sure add such a nice touch. I have an old red trunk. Maybe I need to drag it out of my shed and use it with some decor. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Were you really detailed when painting the trunks around metal and leather attachments? I'd appreciate knowing more about your adventure into painting them. I have been ready to paint 3 small trunks and am not sure how well it will go. Do not want to take the attachments off. I am detailed, but mistakes regardless are going to happen. Suspect hand painting is the best way though.

    Love the suitcases/trunks with nail details.

    1. Hi Sandra, I used artist brushes to do the detail edging work around the leather and metal fastenings, first, then using a small roller and bigger brushes for the larger areas. At the time Chalk Paint wasn't available so I just used interior wall paint, several coats. You'll do great, just take your time and be sure to use several coats. You can also use painter's tape to mask off some of the leather or metal edging. I wouldn't try to take the hinges or leather off. thanks for asking!!

  10. Love the suitcases. Very pretty. Happy New Year Debra. Wishing you lots of good health, happiness and lots of DIY's for the new year.

    1. thankyou, Kris, Happy New Year and love right back at ya!!

  11. Love the look of the white suitcases under the table; I love to move things around to get a new feel to a room.

  12. I love all the white and neutral colors! Perfect for any decor. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. You certainly get a lot of 'mileage', pun intended, out of your suitcases. I have a few---which I haven't utilized to their full extent yet. I have an old blue one which I have to decide to gut...paint, or try and scrub clean. Grins and what a happy start to the new year. Sandi

  14. Debra, the white suitcases look fresh, pretty, and elegant beneath your table! Wishing you all the best in 2017!!

  15. Hi Debra! I so enjoyed this post! Your decorating ideas are always inspiring.
    Have a great new year.


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