Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Winter Dining Room in Neutrals

Since packing up the Christmas decor I've been bringing out my light and neutral decor pieces. In the Dining Room that meant changing out the table runner and doing something a little different on the table. 

My faux Paperwhites in the Pottery Barn Urn have made their way around the house this last few months. They were on the coffee table and also in the Entry. It's a look I'm fond of, and since I haven't had the real bulbs to plant, this is almost as nice...and no stinky smell. 

The urn needed something "weighty" with it on the Dining Table so I added in my two heavy French Alter Candlesticks that I usually have downstairs on the hearth of the fireplace. They're really heavy and I can only carry one at a time. They must be some sort of concrete and I have to think hard about moving them before I trudge up the stairs with them.

This Table Runner was a wonderful Give Away win from Sherry at No Minimalist Here several years ago. I just checked the designer's Etsy Shop Antiques Lifestyle,  and Laurie doesn't have any items listed. I have it layered on top of a piece of grain sack linen that I purchased from Antique Farmhouse several years ago. Anyway, I use it every year, sometimes multiple times as it perfectly fills the bill for a custom French table look. Thank you again, Sherry, it's one of my favorites!

Sorry it's a little wrinkled despite a good ironing;
 that's just the nature of Burlap.

I left the buffet pretty much the same as Christmas, just removed all the Plaid ribbon and Vintage Font Garland. It's winter, so I still wanted the Pinecones and Pears to stay surrounding the Antique Ironstone Tureen. The cloches and silver teapots are still filled with seasonal greenery and a few little birdies.

I've shared this oil painting before, as it was in our previous home in the Living Room. It was an anniversary gift from my Hubbs and he knows me well. Anything with a sheep or lamb will make me happy.

 I really love the ruffle at the ends of the Tablerunner, 
I think it's a nice touch with the chairslips.

Today I'm changing out the Kitchen Sitting Room settee and baker's rack.
I was still using the Red Tartan Plaid, but it's time for something a bit different.
Now I'll be ready for some Valentine inspiration.

We have an ice storm headed our direction and we're all praying it won't be severe. It was 10 years ago that we had a major catastrophic ice event here in the area. We were all out of power for over a week and it took down many beautiful old trees, power lines, and damaged homes, property, and streets. I still have nightmares of transformers blowing up and covering the sky with an otherworldly green glow. eeeeck. Hope you all in the path of this will take care and be safe.


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  1. Debra, the runner is beautiful and perfect with your chairs! I've alwaysl oved your large urn too. A sheep picture is on my list of wants. Yours is beautiful! Hope the ice storm is not severe. Hunker down and stay warm!

  2. It all looks just beautiful, Debra! I love the runner and wish I had some faux paperwhites! Love your chair slips too!

  3. So pretty, Debra! I love what you've done. You have that special touch!!

  4. Beautiful dining room, Debra. Your chair slips and runner add a lot to the room and just the right amount of femininity. Your sheep oil painting is gorgeous!

  5. You have a beautiful and light filled dining room! We are prepared for the storm that's coming, thank goodness they say it will warm up soon after. The fridge is stocked, we have wood for our fireplace and the generator is ready.

  6. I just love this look, Debra. It's a testament to finding something good when you want to use it repeatedly. I know your baker's rack and sitting room are going to have similar results, and I'm looking forward to seeing those, too. Those sheep and that frame!

  7. Everything has a new fresh look without Christmas accents, Debra. I love the arrangement on your tabletop! And another painting I'm drooling over. Love!

    Stay warm!

  8. The sheep painting is very good, but I love the frame, gorgeous details on it. You always style anything you do so beautifully.
    Getting so beside chickens I love cow and sheep photos/paintings. I love restrained cottage look. Our house is small so need to keep clutter way down.
    Was looking at Winter 2015 Country Samplers Prairie Style zine, really studying it to discern what difference prairie is from cottage, country and farmhouse. Noticed you have Farmhouse style zine featured on right of your page, wondered where you got it? Would love to get copy to compare.
    It's kinda perplexing how we feel after putting holiday decorations away, does your home feel sort of blah to you after all the pretty lights and bright colors of decorations? Have mixed feelings, seems calmer but bit blah at same time?
    Absolutely love your table runner, very nicely made and graphics on runner are lovely. The ruffle on runner compliments ruffles on chair slips. Think I need to make couple new burlap table runners.
    Might try using ironing spray/not starch when you iron burlap. Spray, let it sit for few seconds then use hot iron.
    We had bit of ice storm on Tuesday, people were sliding all over, couple of snow plows even turned over, accidents everywhere, we stayed home out of harms way. Not nearly as bad as your part of country tho, much drier here in western CO. Sounds like having powerful generator good idea where you live. Hope storm won't be nearly as bad as one you spoke of.
    Have fun decorating, you inspire me every time I see photos of your home.

    1. You know, I love elements of "Farmhouse", but often that style seems too stark and sparse to me. I love English and French style, but not over the top. I like cozy and comfortable with a little clutter to go along with it. The Farmhouse Style magazine featured my sun porch from my old house. I think Farmhouse has a broad range of elements, open to a wide range of decor. Thankyou for always leaving great comments, I appreciate you joining in!

  9. This is my first time on your blog and so glad I stopped by. I would describe your style as luscious, rich and feminine. Beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.

  10. Your dining table is set so pretty. I love the centerpiece and runner. I hope you will be ok during the winter storm. We just had one last weekend and it kept us homebound for a few days! We ended up with a lot of ice and frigid temps. We aren't equipped for it here in the south. But now, it's sunny and warm. Such crazy weather!

  11. This is lovely, Debra! The runner is so pretty and I am always inspired by how you use the iron urns with wreaths...I must try it! Hope the ice misses you!

  12. Everything looks so inviting, Debra!! The piece I love most of all is the botanical print window frame leaning against the wall. It speaks to my love of the botanical world and also represents that sense of renewal and hope that we all crave at this time of year. This type of project has been on my to do wish list, and I hope to get to it in 2017! Praying that your area of the country stays safe during the ice storm.

    Best wishes for safety throughout the storm,

  13. Everything is so lovely, Debra! I love how you bring nature into everything, which is so refreshing in these gloomy January days.

  14. It is so fun to "refresh" after Christmas. I love the table runner....and your faux paper whites....
    This is the first year in years that I haven't brought paper whites in to start....just didn't get to it I guess.
    Love it all.

  15. Looks awesome Debra. I love that urn so much. Such presence and love all the natural parts to your vignettes too.
    Happy Friday.

  16. I love those ruffles also, what a beautiful room!


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