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When your body has had enough...part 4

In this last post in the series I'm going to share with you how things started to fit together for me. I believe in God's timing, even if it isn't fast enough for our individual desires. I've been praying and searching scripture for verses on wisdom and knowledge concerning my health issues. It's taken what seems like forever, but maybe I wasn't ready before now. Please remember, I'm not telling you what to do. I'm just here telling you what I've learned... the hard way. Here goes...I'm sorry it's a long one

 If you haven't read the first 3 posts, 
you should start at the beginning with Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 

The first thing I had to deal with was the Hiatal Hernia discovery when I went to the emergency room in March. Knowing I had one, explained a lot of pain and heartburn that I really hadn't taken seriously. I'd been given a Proton Pump Inhibitor quite a few years ago for acid reflux, but finally stopped taking it when a connection with heart disease came to light. Prolonged use can destroy the lining of your stomach, and we need some stomach acid to digest food properly. I stopped because PPIs cause some blood thinners to become ineffective. If you'd like a concise article on this subject. CLICK HERE for info from Harvard Medical School. I take Zantac each day, try to stay away from spicy foods, drink lots of water, use a Tums or Pepsid tablet for immediate help and I sleep at an angle propped up. That way acid doesn't creep back up at night. The pain I was having in the center of my chest was really just as bad as heart pain. (go figure) Now I have a handle on which pain is which.

Anemia. This was another real revelation finding out that I was anemic. It took a major blood loss during my heart surgery to bring it to the forefront. Of course the first thing the medical system wants to know is, are you having any sort of internal bleeding. Do you have blood in your stool? It can be caused by a bleeding gastric ulcer, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, cancer, diverticulitis. etc. They will want to determine this first. I had none of this. Doctors will want a colonoscopy, which I'm not a candidate for because you can't be on blood thinners. Check out "COLOGUARD" as an alternative test. Mine came back negative. So that leaves a couple more reasons for anemia. Lack of iron in your diet, (which mine was not), lack of B12, and the possibility that you are not producing enough red blood cells. This last option is what I need to know about, since I've been anemic seemingly my whole life. My red, and now white blood count is in the "low" category. My anemia and iron blood test numbers came back in the normal zone, but my blood cell count has not. I'm going to have to push for a definite answer here; more blood tests. I'm not going to let this slide, I've been sick for too long to ignore this.

B-12 Supplementation and Intrinsic Factor. This is an easy fix, and no one mentioned this when looking at my anemia. You have to have B12 to convert iron into usable form for absorption. If you don't have B12 you can take a stomach full of iron supplements and they won't do you any good. I researched this on my own and now take a sublingual B12 tablet every day. It has to be sublingual as this goes directly to your blood stream and bypasses your stomach, which is probably the problem in the first place. (this is why taking PPIs can mess up your stomach lining) Make sure it's  methylcobalamin B12, that's what is absorbed much easier. Here's a real scary fact. Anemia and lack of B12 absorption (which increases with age) could possibly be the reason for a huge number of older and elderly people having symptoms of dementia. I've read several places that a simple Sublingual B12 tablet could impact a large segment of population which has dementia problems and symptoms. Get your older folks some B12 and rule that possibility out.


So, I was feeling a little better, but still had most of the original symptoms. My new Internist (I've only seen her once.) I'm sure thinks I'm feeling better with the anemia under control, but when those good numbers came back and I wasn't feeling better I knew it was time for me to start doing the deep research. It seems like almost every medication I take has side effects of dizziness, fatigue and headaches... I knew this was going to be some work and was going to take awhile.

Heart Medications. I started by going through each one and looking at the listed side effects, and reading patient reviews. What I read was shocking. The drug companies are not going to be up front about all the people that have had problems with their drug. They are going to minimize the side effects and use a very small print. I got dr. permission to cut back on one of my main ones, since I had better blood flow, but the other two were low dosages, so I couldn't lessen those. They are already listed as a "least offender" so I moved on to my cholesterol meds.

Statins and other Cholesterol Medications Can I just say, OH MY GOSH!!!! the list is a mile long, and most of you who take statins know the side effects, or at least YOU SHOULD. I cannot take most statins as I have severe muscle cramping. I've found one that didn't feel like it was crippling me and that was Simvastatin (Zocor). The other one I take is Zetia, and it's loaded with GI side effects. I don't know why I didn't put 2 and 2 together, but the patient forums are filled with horror stories of this drug. It actually worked to lower my cholesterol (genetic) and so I turned a blind eye to that possibly being one of my problems. It and the Simvastatin were going to be my first "elimination test" options. After being off of those 2 drugs for a week I felt tons better. My hiatal hernia was much better, my guts didn't feel like an earthquake, and my headaches were lessening. So now that I've found this out, I'm looking into one of the new injectable cholesterol meds. I'm hoping to be in a trial that Rapatha has. Anyway, I'm looking into other options. I WONT be going back on Zetia for darned

At this point I'm better, but still having dizziness and fatigue. not as much, but still some. Enough to make me afraid to drive. I take Effient and aspirin as my blood thinners. I've tried Warfarin, but I have an allergy/sensitivity to it, it just doesn't get my numbers where they need to be. And then it makes me go crazy anxious and nutter butters. Let's just say I turn into a hostile, depressed, angry woman... So, hopefully I've weeded out the drug culprits...

On to the Supplements and OTC products.
This is where the Health Journal is the most critical because it's much easier to cut out foods and supplements than your medications. I'd discussed Celiac Disease and some other issues with my new doctor, but foods didn't seem to be the problem. Except I'm lactose intolerant and I already knew that. I didn't think it was the foods, but maybe the additives that are used in them...? I'd noticed that I felt "weird" after drinking certain things like a diet soda and diet juices, and the absolute worst of it?...I felt weird after drinking my morning coffee!!! Oh, say it's not so!!!

So what was still making me feel weird and dizzy? I cut out all sugar substitutes... Splenda being my big crutch and I know I used a lot of it. Don't just take it from me, Splenda and most sugar substitutes can be dangerous, not just troublesome. I'd used Splenda aka sucralose for years without any known problems, guess I again just didn't want to think this might be one of my culprits. Here's the bad news... Splenda is in everything. OK, maybe not everything but I've had a big eye opener. The FDA has authorized it's use in food, beverage, and medications, so they have it in almost all products that need a little sweet tweeking. Even with so many people having problems, it continues to be okayed by the government. You will have to check labels yourself. It's in almost all diet foods, diet sodas, bottled flavored teas, low cal juices, salad dressings, Jello, OTC laxatives, fiber pills, antacids, health supplements, yogurt, ice cream, low-sugar cookies and desserts, etc. Everything I thought that was helping me with my weight and sugar reduction had now turned against me. It's even in my sublingual B12 supplement!! Check this out for yourself, it causes a bunch of GI problems, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, even seizures. You can CLICK HERE. Please keep an open mind. This is about how they effected me. If you use it and you don't have any problems, then ok, but please know this is my own experience. I'm now using Stevia, and Truvia, and it seems to have helped alot. I just now can't have some of my favorite things.

I've been so much better since I've had this epiphany. The dizziness is mostly gone and I can drive again, yay!! I'm still not 100% but I'm getting better each week. I have a bad day or two once in awhile but by and large I think I got rid of a few big problems. I've tried a few things out just to be sure its a problem, and then I pay for it with dizziness and feeling cruddy shortly after.

Next thing was to look at other chemical additives. I've used Mira Lax, but never felt comfortable with what I'd read about it. It works pretty well, and they give it to you if you have to have a colonoscopy, but I needed a fiber product I could take every day without worrying. When I started reading labels, I began seeing a few additives in the "inactive ingredients" one of which was polyethelene glycol. My husband was reading an Internet search with me, and asked me. "Do you know what that is? It's anti-freeze". WHAT??? no wonder I didn't feel good about it. Another additive to be on the lookout for is Polysorbate 80 in foods used as an emulsifier, Polysorbate 20 used in beauty products and lotions, and Sodium Benzoate, a preservative. I'm not trying to go to crazytown here, I'm just saying if you're having some unhealthy symptoms check out what you're ingesting and the amounts. The manufacturers say in small quantities these substances that are identified carcinogens, can't hurt you. But what if you're consuming larger amounts because you are using multiple products and you have a sensitivity to several  chemical additives? Just read labels and be aware. I haven't been able to cut out everything, but at least I'm aware now, and reading the labels. I'm making a conscious effort to keep these products to a minimum.

I also looked into Decaf Coffee and found that most coffees use a decafination process that uses formaldehyde. So now I'm back to regular coffee with a lot of Lactaid milk. No more sugar-free Coffeemate. boo-hoo. But you know what... me feeling like a human being again is worth it!

Hubby and I went through some of this "process of elimination" when he went through being diagnosed with Meniere's Disease a few years ago. (We cut out all salt and spices and he ate only bland whole foods) He had to go through the Benign Positional Vertigo process to rule that out, and have an MRI to make sure he didn't have a brain tumor or injury. It was a long process also, and we were really disappointed that the EENT docs weren't even giving him a consideration of Meniere's. Just like the cardiologists, if it's not their specialty they won't even mention trying something else. For a doctor to know of another treatment, specialist or procedure and not refer you to them just because they don't do it, is unbelievable. It's criminal and unethical BS. They should all be horsewhipped! He had to do lot's of Internet research and we found an amazing doctor in St. Louis that ended up doing crainial surgery to insert a shunt behind his ear to drain fluid and release pressure. He's good now, but he had to stay focused and plough his way through to get the help he needed.

What do I think caused all this? Why would things that didn't bother me for years start to make me terribly ill? I think there were several reasons, but I feel like the main reason is that my body was going through a lot of trauma with my two arteries going down. By last fall I'd already suffered through 2 years of severe heart problems. All in all things were bad, and they'd been that way for too long. I think my body was in such a weakened state that the anemia began to take it's toll. I'd unknowingly coped with it for years, but no longer could handle the lack of oxygen in my body, So things that a stronger body can deal with like the chemical additives, sugar substitutes, and multiple meds, started dragging me down. I've read about a condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. It's a legitimate condition, but a few people claim it's all in the person's head, others can testify, like myself, that for some reason, our bodies and immune system start to go a little haywire. Most people who know it's legitimate agree that something can trigger our immunity to start reacting. Some kind of trauma, toxic exposure, chemical overload, or in my case heart trauma and too many strong medications can trigger our sensitivities to certain substances.

I'm hoping to get to the root of the low Red Blood Count and maybe it will get higher after my anemia is back to normal for awhile. The symptoms for anemia are just what troubles me... the fatigue, dizziness, headaches, etc. For whatever reason, I now find myself having to check labels before I take anything and think hard about what might be in some food or drink. This has taught me a hard lesson. Don't turn a blind eye to problematic symptoms. Don't try to wait them out. I know I'm not in my 30's any longer, but don't think that it's just because you're getting older that you're sick ... not if it's something like being dizzy and fatigued. What started out as annoying became critical. I just wish I'd had an unbiased opinion to make me start a personal evaluation before now... someone to give me a good kick in the pants and say..."get yourself in gear and find out what's wrong!"

Thanks so much for letting me share this road I've been on. It's been a long one and I know many of you have been on it also. Thankyou for your prayers and good thoughts for me, it means so very much. I'm working on a link on my sidebar to all these posts in case you want to share them with your friends and loved ones.

Thank you again, for each of you sharing here and cheering me on!

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  1. Eye opener alert! I just checked labels on my B12 (mine's the synthetic, cyanocobalamin - need to change!), and my husband's on the lesser of your 2 cholesterol meds, plus an OTC Fiber Con (yep, it has polyethylene glycol, just like Mira Lax). Wow. Just wow. Very informative.
    Hoping the road to low red, white blood cell count is shorter now for you. My mother was in a similar situation, and after taking B12 shots and iron supplements (the latter of which took her down the path of a bleeding ulcer, yes), they finally got to a dx with a bone marrow biopsy. After that, she had good management. Thank you for sharing this very important information, Debra.

    1. Hi Rita, thanks for weighing in on these posts! I'm so glad your mom was able to get some help. I'm not making a self diagnosis, but this is looking like where I might be headed. The low blood cell count is a red flag that I just cannot understand no doctor has seen fit to explore. Hope you guys aren't having any of the problems I'd had. I really appreciate you always leaving a comment. Have a wonderful Sunday! xoxo

  2. Debra, I'm so glad you are starting to feel better! It's amazing how much we can change in our bodies by changing what we put into it. These days you have to be so proactive, good for you for taking charge of your health. Cheering you on my friend, to a life lived with every day being a " feeling good" day!

    1. Thankyou Lidy, I hope you're having a wonderful relaxing summer. Fall will be here before you know it. I always look forward to your posts, they're a mini magazine treat! Xoxo

  3. WOWWWWW wow wow = what an eye opener, holy moley girl - thank you for taking the time to write this all out - we are all hurting by this. I know I am making some changes going forward - thanks so much.

    Praying for you to feel good as new soon. Hugs and love. ♥

    1. thanks Michele!! I know you've been through som stuff too, xoxo

  4. wow Cathy, you are a encyclopedia of great natural health knowledge!!! I was using magnesium and calcium, but it seemed to be causing some angina, but that was a while back, I need to try it again, it could have been something else. I too only use olive oil, and really not much of that since I don't fry or saute much. I take a wonderful liquid vitamin, Intramax, and I'd hate to think where I'd be today if I wasn't using it. there are so many things to think about... thanks for sharing your info!! xoxo

  5. Hi Debra! I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better! Oh, my, thank you for sharing this as probably most of us would not know most of these things. You have to be your own advocate! Blessings and prayers for continued health.
    Shelia ;)

    1. thank you for your thoughts and prayers, Shelia, I know you had a rough year with that fall and injury. I just didn't have a clue!

  6. Debra, I am so glad that you are feeling better. Thanks so much for all this information. I also do a lot of research too. I want to know what I am taking.

    Once again, thanks so much for all this information and so glad that you are feeling much better.


  7. wow-you've really been through a lot. I'll also bet that some of your research might help others with something. (and i've heard of the antifreeze in products. disgusting what the govt will allow.

    1. I just don't understand how the FDA can approve all this garbage that they put in stuff especially health products and meds! They know a lot of people have horrible reactions but it's still allowed!

    2. That's because they make so much money from pharmaceutical companies. Have you researched how many chemicals are in our food, our fruit and vegetables are sprayed with toxic chemicals. Toxic chemicals are in the air we breathe from factories, machinery etc. Our water is full of them as well. When all of these chemicals are in our body over a long period of time we are poisoned. The earth is slowly being poisoned and our bodies along with it. Why? Greed. The FDA approves these drugs but they won't approve a lot of herbs. Have you read about medicinal cannabis and it's wonderful healing properties? It's been banned not because it's a drug but people will realize they don't need drugs to help them get better they need nature just as it was a long time go. Why do you think cancer is on the rise, and so many other illnesses? All the chemicals that are being dumped on us. Our grand parents and earlier generations rarely had these problems because they ate fresh fruit and vegies without chemicals. They rarely had packaged foods. Have you read about chem trails? You can see them in the sky at different times. Of course people are brainwashed to believe this is just a "conspiracy theory". The more I learn the more horrified I am at the evil that is controlling this world. I can no longer bury my head in the sand, we are the only ones that can take a stand against these atrocities. Educate yourself further and try to take back what they are trying to take away from us. Our rights. I abhor violence, but I know that if I don't take a stand when I can then I am just as bad as them. Fear of repurcussions controls me no longer

  8. I applaud you for doing your research, and of course that you are doing better. Truly, I think we have to take matters in our own hands. We have the benefit of the Internet and like you, when I'm prescribed a medication I always Google and read up on it. Amazing results and of course, warnings.

    Although my issues with an autoimmune deficiency were not so life threatening as your heart and associated problems, it was wreaking havoc on my body (sores that were so numerous and deep that I was a huge candidate for sepsis), I sought treatment at some of the most highly regarded university hospitals in Chicago, none of these physicians had anything new to offer other than steroids and topical ointments. I moved on to natural plant based soaps, lotions and ointments; I had to take it into my own hands at this point. I finally found the right doctor, one who had spent years and years researching severe eczema, its cause and treatments that truly work. He lectures world wide and has written three medical textbooks.

    The meds I am taking are truly powerful and with many side effects. I also take a probiotic and some lotions that do not contain steroids. I am almost symptom free after 5 months. Its been a long road and although my treatment regimen may not be something everyone agrees on, for the first time in 20 years I am not covered with bleeding, oozing and infected sores covering my body. And God bless young children who have this disease, its prevalent in young kids (and was for me as well). Some have to be home schooled as they cannot bend their arms or legs without the skin cracking, oozing and bleeding, and the risk of infection. It moves me to the point of tears.

    Again, the road to health is something we can only do our best in navigating. I really think you are on top of it, Debra, and I wish you all the best.

    Sending a big hug,


    1. Oh Jane, I'm so glad you shared this. I too had eczema when I was a kid up until about 6 years ago. I remember when I was around 12 having it cover my hands, arms, and feet it was horrible and then in my 30's and 40's having to go to bed each night with cortisone slathered on my hands with plastic bags. Each winter my hands would crack and bleed when the weather got colder. I'm so glad you found the right treatment and medications. Have you had other AI illnesses? Xoxo

  9. Thanks so much for all of this info. I read many years ago about how healthier you would be if you didn't buy prepared foods & for the most part, I don't. Other then vitamins I only take one pill which I'm going to research today. I just find that my Dr. is kind of disinterested in my health's like get me in & get me out. It's so worth it to spend time researching your health issues & I'm going to try & do better about asserting myself. So glad you're feeling better & certainly hope it continues. Hang in there girl!!!!

    1. thanks Jan, I'm so glad you're in such good health, that one is all you need!! I think that's the truth, they're just not interested, in and out, next!! big hug your way!

  10. I'm so glad you are staring to feel better!!! I think it is great that you have looked further and not just settling. For what the doctors dish out. I'm so into natural health , like one of your other readers posted western medical Dr. Hand out scripts, most of them have not had any training in nutrition. you might find this interesting the quest for the truth about cancer/ . This is every informative and interesting ,and they also talk about other medical. Issues in these articles,Magnesium cetrat is what you would be looking for, you take them at night sometime before bed. naturalpathic Dr. might be. Worth looking into and talking too, there are a a lot of Good ones who could help navigate through the supplements and pharmaceutical issues,

  11. I've read your compelling story with great interest because I, too, went through a very difficult period 6 yrs ago. I was diagnosed with MS almost 20 yrs ago. Every doctor from that point on wrote off all my symptoms to that and never investigated further.

    Then 6 yrs ago I hurt my back very badly & decided to sell my business so I would no longer lift things. I went home to rest & heal. But all the inactivity probably contributed a great deal to the blood clots which years later we feel were caused by my lifelong anemia. In August 2010 I almost died twice when both of my lungs completely filled with blood clots and after 2wks in ICU I went home with no more idea of what to do or what caused them. Tons of pills & 24/7 oxygen was the doctor's answer.

    The side effects made me suicidal and after 3 yrs I just quit it all. And began my sister's advice to find a naturopath and give up gluten. There are all kinds of gluten sensitivities but the bottom line is the gluten we eat today is most likely causing the epidemic of auto-immune illnesses. Becoming gluten free is challenging but might take you a long way and would be worth trying it to see how you feel. It is much easier to eat that way today because of Amazon and access to all the ingredients we need to cook correctly. Try some of the Paleo blogs for FANTASTIC recipes and hopefully you will feel better soon!

    Oh, BTW, the blood work I had done after the ICU showed me to have small, inferior, misshappen red blood cells. Today they are just fine! We definitely have to be our own advocates because they are so many toxins thrown at us every day in so many ways that our body reaches a max point and cannot cope any longer.

    This is a very short synopsis of what I actually went thru but is only meant to let you know that there is a way thru it but YOU need to find it. I'm sorry to say that outside the naturopaths the doctors are not going to be much help. Fortunately the naturopaths are much easier to find these days and insurance recognizes them as well as Medicare.

  12. Glad you are feeling better and here's wishing you many, many more good days. Hubs and I are big label readers, on food, drinks, meds, and beauty products. It's criminal the crap that is allowed (encouraged?) in products we consume or put on our bodies. I may print out the post complete with comments for future reference.

  13. Wow, what a journey! The first words that we get from our docs is that we need to lose 20 pounds or whatever the magic number is. I have had several tell me to try several items that contain artificial sweeteners. I cannot take those as they trigger interstitial cystitis. They don't know everything. do they. Health care is not a one size fits all program either. You proposed some very good health care practices in that you suggest some great advice or all of us and some great thinking points.

  14. OMGoodness! First of all I am glad you are starting to feel better! What a raid you have been on! THANK YOU for all this wonderful information! I will share this with my husband and friends too. I also will start checking labels....good grief!

  15. First of all, thank you for sharing. I know it couldn't be easy. In addition, I want to say I agree with you about all these food additives.They scare me.My husband and I are both diabetic and used Splenda for years. About 18 months ago I stopped and now he has as well. For the small amount of sugar I use, it doesn't seem to make a difference. Since I have some neuropathy as a complication of diabetes, I started taking Lyrica. Lyrica led to Lasix for the edema. I can't take it. Many days I am so fatigued, it's an effort to brush my teeth. I am 67 and hate this As an aside, after taking IV antibiotics for 6 weeks, my neuropathy was exaceerbated. Until the abx I could control the tingling with vitamins. Meds are supposed to help us but sometimes interact. Who knows. I try to do the best I can.

  16. Debra, it has been a long road, hasn't it? So glad you are weeding out the culprits little by little and feeling better for it. I always heard that you need to lay off sugar and all the "real stuff" and I had big gastric problems when using the substitutes. So I went back but just in slight moderation and the problems stopped. I guess it is hard to know what will affect your own body, but to have all the info is so helpful. Thank you for that and keep getting better..Judy

  17. Hi Sweet Friend, what a blessing that you have taken the time to do this series so others can benefit from what you have learned! Thank you for that!! I am delighted that you are doing better and will pray about the blood cell issue. God has seen you through this far and I pray that He will continue to strengthen and heal you completely!! Big Hugs to you Deb!!

  18. I have become a big believer that the closer we are to nature with what we put into our bodies, the better we are. I think God gave us everything we need and man is messing it up with science. I'm going to look into some of the things that you and your readers have mentioned. I take Vitamin B sublingual drops, but not sure if it has B12 -- want to check this. I dealt with BPPV some years ago, so I really feel for your hubby. I always tell my doctors I don't want prescriptions and I try to solve my issues naturally. I realize I might not always be able to do this but for now I'm trying. Cholesterol needs to come down so I will try to do this with diet. I'm so glad that you came out of your comfort zone to tell us all your story. I appreciate your details and the encouragement some people may need to do this for themselves. I hope you continue to improve, Debra.

  19. Hi Debra, thank you for your thorough explanation of your health symptoms. I learned long ago to listen to my body and be my own advocate with doctors. I resent the pharmaceutical companies pushing their pills on the doctors who don't want to find the root of health problems but simply want to treat the symptoms. What a mess that causes. Since you go to St. Louis for medical help I want to Tell you of a doctor my cousin found who has been a miracle worker for her. He is a pediatrician by training but has become well versed in environmental and chemical allergies. I too went to him but living in Oklahoma City, the visits were becoming too difficult. And I do have an internist here who actually listens to me! You might check dr Tipu Sultan at Environmental Health and Alergy Center out. He addresses health problems from a much more naturopathic viewpoint which I think you would appreciate
    Praying for your health! Mary Reeves

  20. Debra,
    I'm thrilled to see that you are beginning to feel better, dear friend!
    I do believe that one can be on too many medications and have a sensitivity to them.
    My Physician have an agree~to~disagree relationship which is "rare" in this day and age.
    When recommending a new medication for me, I fist ask what other alternatives are available.
    After an agreed upon trial period,
    if I don't see good test results, we may~or may not try other methods.
    Although not easy, I appreciate your sharing with all of us!
    You never know whom you may have helped!

  21. We try to eat mostly organic foods when possible....I have never used sugar substitutes as my doctor told me many, many years ago that they were chemicals not conducive to good health....The sugar substitutes have been number one on the bad food list...Glad you are getting to the root of your health problems....a lot of these food additives are banned in many countries like France....make you wonder....

  22. This is such a great post, Debra. I am so on the same page as you, and have loved reading the comments, too. I gave up artificial sweeteners and gluten 4 years ago. I was very anemic then, which I attribute to the PPI I was taking. I am taking another one now which I am weaning off of, adding probiotics instead. I appreciate some of the suggestions in the comments for digestion. I won't take statins...the same muscle problems you mentioned. I also take the sublingual B-12. There are many changes we can make in our lives to help us to feel better, I think dietary and medication changes are a great places to start! Thank you for sharing with us, Debra! I hope you feel better and better!

  23. Debra, Good for you taking control of your health! Thanks for all the good info and I am so glad to hear you are doing better. Please keep us updated.

  24. I have gone through similar problems. Water, diluting the acid, was my best fix. Off the pills and no more HH. Do you have a Kroger near? Check out their Carbmaster brand in milk and yogurt. Carbs and sugars are so low and lactose free. Even tastes better, to me, than Lataid. Good luck and prayers for your path. We have to take control.

  25. Thank you for all of your val;uable information and research dear lady... and I am so happy to hear you have improved some!... isn't it amazing what we can figure out on our own just from researching it on the internet?... I check only the legitimate sites, like Web MD or Mayo Clinic who I feel I can trust... I read EVERY label on every single thing I buy and like you, we have eliminated a number of favorites over the years... so glad you are no longer using sugar subsitites!... and another BIG one is partially hydrogenated oils... they are in everything!... so we no longer buy anything with those in them... bad bad stuff!... Jack had a heart attack in 2003 and that made me especially aware of everything... he is still on heart medications and sees his cardiologist once a year... so far so good... prayers continue for your healing... you are sounding more like "you" and I am so happy for that!... God is good, love you, xoxo... Me

  26. They are shocked by anything you write!! It's really terrible dear!!
    Also it happened to me to have chest pains for gastric reflux...It seems a heart attac
    Thanks for sharing!!


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