Saturday, August 27, 2016

Finally... Checked Curtains in the Kitchen

I've had a project that I've wanted to get done for literally months. It's not that it's a huge one, but knowing myself like I do, I didn't want to tackle it until I was feeling better. I have a tendency to want to see something through in one sitting, and I didn't think I could accomplish a new set of curtains in one afternoon.

Back when we moved to the lease house I treated myself to two new sets of chair pads for the kitchen. I have two sets of chairs, so I had to buy two different sizes. I know... they're not inexpensive little boogers. I bought the chair pads from Ballards, and knew once we moved in here, that I wanted to find curtains to match. Only problem was that I wasn't a fan of the curtains that were in this "Small Toffee Check". I tried other options but was never satisfied, so when a fabric sale came up at Ballards I decided that to get what I wanted, I was going to have to make them myself.

I don't really like to sew, and that's putting it mildly. I'm impatient and sort of a klutz when it comes to the sewing machine. Often I have to rip out seams and end up with something that wouldn't pass the test if you gave it a close look.

Chair pads at the lease house, January 2014.
These are the smaller size.

So Wednesday I gritted my teeth and got to work. I'm not sure if working with the checks instead of a print made it easier or more hard. At least I had a line to follow, but then again I had to be super careful not to get "off" and end up with something that looked like it was sliding downhill!

I need something in here that functions as a "neutral" with all my different patterns and fabrics. I love to change things up in here seasonally with quilts, pillows, and table runners, so that means I can't have my curtains needing to be changed alot. Hubbs frowns on me crawling around on ladders and balancing on tippy toes.

 So far the chair pads haven't clashed with anything,
 so I'm hoping this is a good all purpose look.

I changed a few things out on the Baker's Rack for "Late Summer".
I have a few pieces of chipped Majolica that I use this time of year.
So they're here; a pitcher, a teapot, and a few plates.
Nothing I've spent much on...

I really do like them, so I guess it was worth the effort to make them myself.
Earlier this summer I just had some plain linen ones up.
They match everything but they were too blah for me.

It's about time to bring in the "Early Fall" quilts and pillows.
I've yet to be inspired as to what those might actually be.

You all can laugh at me with the "Early, Mid and Late Fall" catagories,
but honestly, it's a different look for September vs. October and Halloween,
and November and Thanksgiving.

So, are you ready for transitioning from Late Summer to Fall?
We have trees in our subdivision that are already starting to change.
Now, if the cooler weather will just show up!


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  1. Oh I love the checks, so pretty and this room is totally amazing. Love it.

  2. Your new curtains are perfect, Debra...really look wonderful in the space! And decor is CONSTANTLY evolving with the seasons (or partial seasons lol).

  3. The curtains are so pretty ♥

  4. Fist off - I'd NEVER laugh at your for doing summer, late summer, early fall, mid fall, late fall - because when you live in an area that has these seasons it makes perfect sense! I do the same thing.

    Now - your valances - you did a remarkable job, they're absolutley perfect. Well done.

    And lastly, I am SO GLAD you are feeling better each day - keep up the good work, just don't over do it, love. Have a wonderful weekend. I am going up to the lake for a family reunion and staying in my sister's lake house. SO excited. Haven't been up in years. So sad, but I am busy and my life is here. My little month-old grand baby is going up too - they're there already- and I get so much baby time, whoohooo hoooooo hooo yayayayayayayayay. ♥♥♥ Hugs!

  5. I love these checks Debra!! What a good fit!

  6. You were so right to hold out for this fabric! Looks fabulous!


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