Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When your body has had enough...

Each time I sit down to write a post on health issues, especially my own, I cringe. I don't like to draw attention to myself. I know some people might not see how a blogger can feel that way, but I don't like to put myself out there for people to judge... me, my life, or my opinions. When I first had the heart attacks 13 years ago and was faced with a hard reality, I vowed I would never let my health issues define me.

I so appreciate all of you who care enough about what I and many others with serious health concerns deal with, but at the same time I don't ever want to come across as wanting sympathy. I share what I'm going through with the sole desire of maybe giving some insight for any of you out there facing health problems or situations that can be confusing and frustrating. There have been periods in my life when I've ditched the medical and pharmaceutical route to try natural and homeopathic information and remedies. I've been told by doctors, especially before I had the cardiovascular diagnosis, that I just "wanted attention", was a hypochondriac, or it was "all in my head". I think many women have had that said to them. We don't have symptoms that are "by the book" and oftentimes, doctors ditch us and try to make us feel stupid so we will go away because they can't put our symptoms in a box and tie it up with a big bow.

If you read my blog regularly you already know that my heart situation is hereditary. My Dad and brother had the same thing and they are both in Heaven. I was in my late 40's, a normal weight, exercised and walked several miles a day with my hubby. I've never been the person who ate cheeseburgers, fries, and a shake every day, or routinely ate a Snickers bar, or lived off doughnuts. My diet was good. Each time I talk about heart disease I get a well meaning person, trying to tell me how to eat and exercise; that that will take care of the problem. I'm not perfect, but diet is not my issue. I've had all the blood tests that identify genetic markers, and let me just say, each one lit up like a Christmas tree.

Seven years ago, after trying all the natural things, I had to get back in the medical system. I'd just had an event and found out that I had another artery at 95% occlusion. So began a long road of medications and doctors; then 3 years ago even more serious problems due to blood clots. That meant daily blood thinners on top of all my heart meds. I'm not going to go through all that, but what I've ended up with this last year, is finding that my body has been totally rebelling. Things I've done for years were now not working any more. So now I'm trying to unravel the damage of years of multiple medications, compounded by side effects, allergic reactions, and most recently chemical sensitivities. 

After finally getting a many year anemia problem under control, I've still had the same symptoms that have taken me down this last year. (we still don't know why, but we're working on it) The main symptoms have been fatigue, weakness, dizziness (every day, all day), GI problems, and headaches; not to mention times when I couldn't think straight, memory problems, and the inability to put more than a few words together in a sentence. You haven't heard much from me? wonder why I don't comment much? don't have the same pizazz and interesting blog posts? that's the reason. After my last new Dr. appointment I had to come to the realization that I was going to have to do some investigation work into everything that was going into my body. Doctors can do some of it, but I knew it was going to be up to me to start sorting through and weeding out everything that was going into my body and looking to see what the culprits might be. 

It's been kinda like peeling an onion this last several months. I was naive to think my problems could be the result of just "one thing". I was hoping that having the surgical heart procedure a few months ago would take care of all my health concerns. I thought that getting better blood flow and more oxygen into my system would be the magic wand to transform me back to where I had been even 6 or 7 years ago. That was just the start of this process, but an important "start". If your cardiovascular system isn't doing it's job then you've got more problems than being dizzy.

I'm a Spiritual person; not a religious person, but a person that has a relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm not all bound up in the "traditions of men" ways of thinking. I believe in God's Word that He is ultimately my Healer. Does He work through doctors? yes. Does He do miracles today? Absolutely! But He also wants us to consult Him first for wisdom, guidance, and timing with all aspects of our lives. If you think God is not interested in your daily life and well being, then let me encourage you to seek Him for His perspective and help. Trusting God, has been the key thing that has kept me going, even when some days were the absolute pit.

Proverbs 3:5-8New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight.
Do not be wise in your own eyes;
Fear the Lord and turn away from evil.
It will be healing to your [a]body
And refreshment to your bones.

I'll share what I've found out recently. Each day I've put one foot in front of the other, and stuck with the program. I've had my eyes opened to some areas in my daily life where I've been uninformed, and I guess, also in denial. This isn't just information for those that are having health problems, but info that you can remember and share with others that might be experiencing similar situations.

to be continued...


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