Sunday, August 23, 2015

Gettin' his Fall on...

I tried to tell Beaufort that it was a little too early for Fall decorating...

but he didn't listen.

He wanted to try on his new plaid scarf...

and then he wouldn't take it off.

so I had to humor him.
"OK, Beaufort, it's pretty close.
you can leave it on."

Do you or someone you know,
 have unreasonable feelings about Fall?
yeah, I know.

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  1. That would be me. And, I have Fallen for Beaufort. :)

  2. He is a cutie. You are starting early... I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.

  3. cute!! I love fall and think it's almost time to put out my fall decor.

  4. He's so cute and so perfectly fallish.

    My unreasonable thoughts have to do with the fact that it was 99 here yesterday. So jealous of all of you who are getting fall weather.

    Did I tell you that my son moved to Branson a few months ago? He's only there for 6 or 7 months but we've been back and forth several times. We love Missouri!!

  5. What a cutie! Loving his new fall scarf! I love fall!

  6. Debra,
    Beaufort certainly has a 'determined' expression on his face, doesn't he???
    Perhaps he's a bit like me. . .so~o~o ready for Autumnal decor!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    I'd say by the presence of his bow that you, too,
    are doing a bit of Autumnal decorating!!!

  7. As much as I hate to think of the end of summer, Beaufort's stylish orange plaid scarf is kinda getting me in the mood for fall decorating.....if I can find which bin my autumn stuff is in. He's pretty darn cute!

  8. That scarf is just enough to set the tone for fall cute!!
    Mary Alice

  9. I'm chomping at the bit. Don't think I can hold off much longer to go into full tilt fall decorating. I saw some lambs yesterday at a garden center. Every time I see some, I think of you.

  10. Ok, I have to admit that I have already started! I have a white pumpkin in my kitchen...and my china cabinet well...there is a least a few pumpkins in there as well....and so it begins! Dianntha

  11. Too cute! I've been going through my stash, purchased just a few new things, made a few, and am sitting on go! :) ~Rhonda

  12. What a doll he is!! And we need guys like him to give us ideas well ahead of time!! :)

    Jane x

  13. How cute is Beaufort! I also like that little pumpkin! Sheila

  14. That Beaufort, such a stylish trend setter. If he says it's time for Fall I'm listening!

  15. I love Fall - if Winter didn't come so close afterwards! LOL Beaufort is so cute!


  16. I decided last night to pack up some things so I can open my autumn tote boxes. I love the fall, my favorite season and I have pumpkins in every medium to prove it!! I love your Beaufort. I have three lambs/sheep, iron, etc and use them around Easter. Maybe I'll make an autumn flock.

  17. I have had "autumn fever" for a couple of weeks! Once we hit mid August, I am so ready for cooler weather and my favorite season to arrive! I am sheep obsessed as well, and I absolutely love Beaufort! Where did you find him?
    Edith & Evelyn Vintage

  18. Beaufort looks very dashing in his plaid scarf! And Fall has already invaded my home! It's my favorite time of year so I was ready to start in July! Your home and sense of décor is just lovely! Can't wait to see what you have planned.....
    Happy Monday!

  19. I have a "thing" for lambs and sheep. Beaufort looks stunning in his fall scarf!

  20. Well you won't get any negative remarks from me regarding Fall since it is my favorite time of the year. Personally, for me, summer is kind of boring and way too hot for my liking! Fall is full of festivals, working in the yard again, holidays, lighting the fireplace again, college football on TV etc. My only problem is the allergies that come with it. I love your sheep dressed in his plaid ribbon.

  21. Hi there! Hope y'all are well. I do love Fall and I adore sheep so Beaufort is allowed to wear anything he wants because he is so cute! Rhonda

  22. Ha! Yes! I have unreasonable feeling about fall! I have been singing and dancing around the house since August hit - you can see the light starting to change and there is a bit of cool in the breeze...I can't help but want to join Beaufort in wearing my fall scarves! The little guy is adorable and his scarf is perfect!

  23. Beaufort is super cute!!! I love his little plaid fall scarf! I started getting my fall things out last week so you are not alone:). I hope you had a great weekend, take care, Tara

  24. If you need a sitter I can look after him when you go camping. I am sure Beaufort and I will get along very well.

  25. Aw, you let that cute little Beaufort do anything he wants to! He looks adorable in his fall scarf. His pumpkin looks cute too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. Summer has been short here, this year. I refuse to put out fall until after Labor Day, but lol, Beaufort looks so cute, how could you say, NO! LOL…cute post!

  27. I LOOOOVE Fall and today I out all my shell decor away. I am just doing some transitional vignettes til I can decorate for Fall. I am so antsy to do it. Lowes is NO help as they ahve their mums out and even in my garden MY mums are starting to bloom!!!!!

  28. Debra, where did you find such an awesome sheep? I absolutely love Beufort and would love to have one of my own!

  29. Aw hes adorable! I don't blame him for not taking off that scarf, it looks fabulous!

  30. Oh, he's too cute! I had to do one little vignette myself. Usually wait till Sept. but felt very Fall like today.

  31. Debra, this little guy is too cute for words! I am going to be searching for something like him to use in my fall decor this year!

  32. How adorable is Beaufort! I am with him, I love the fall!
    Have a great weekend Debra!
    XO Barbara

  33. Debra, Beaufort is adorable in his fall scarf! I don't blame him for wanting to keep wearing it. Very cute post!

  34. Beaufort is super adorable.


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