Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lavender Hydrangeas

It's obvious that I've waited too long to photo these little hydrangeas blooms. I cut them a couple of days ago, but things got busy and then yesterday afternoon the light was wrong, so this morning they're pretty moppy and limp. But what they're lacking in perkiness, hopefully these wonderful shades of lavender will make up.

This Spring I was excited to plant 2 healthy and happy Hydrangea bushes in our newly landscaped back yard flowerbeds. I had the perfect spot for them, I thought... 

The problem was that my perfect spot for them turned into an oven come the middle of June, and without much shade they were getting too much sun and heat. 

So by the time, we transplanted them into another spot, 
they had taken on some real abuse.


I've had lots of good blooms, but not a lot of growth to the bushes themselves. I've failed to cut them and take pics, before they got away from me. One day I'd look at them, then later they would be on their way out. I started dosing them with coffee grounds each week, and that's given them some life back. Hopefully, next year they'll do better without me working against them.

I added some ivy to the old Ironstone pitcher to help them keep their little heads up for the camera, but even though they are droopy, I'm loving the precious color. These flowers are from the Blue Hydrangea. I imagine the coffee grounds are responsible for the lovely lavender change in color.

 I just couldn't help it that there is a white velvet pumpkin here.
I'm not sure how that happened...

Maybe someday.
I can dream can't I?

 from my Pinterest Board on Flowers and Gardening.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,



  1. Very pretty! That's another great thing about hydrangeas, they still look pretty a bit wilted and who doesn't love them dried?!

  2. They are very pretty. Love the lavendar color.

  3. Here's hoping and praying you get your perfect spot to have that bush pictured next to that cottage. Beautiful!

  4. Debra, it's too hot here for hydrangeas to flourish. We can grow oak leaf hydrangeas, but not these pretty lavender ones. I dream of having a bush like your inspiration photo. Friends in France and on the east coast have them growing as tall as their garage and homes like the one in the photo. Amazing! Your white pumpkin fits in just fine. I'm getting my velvet pumpkins out this weekend.

  5. I just adore hydrangeas and have NEVER had a big bush to clip them from. I've tried and tried but to no avail. I love your purple hydrangeas. That is one of my favorite colors for flowers. Just the other day I was on the hunt for some faux lavender colored hydrangeas but they're hard to find this time of year. Everything is Fall colored right now. I didn't know coffee grounds makes them purple. I have a blue bush that I could try that on.

  6. Just a beautiful blog, loving the photos!
    Sweet hugs, from BC Canada

  7. I sure share your love and dream of hydrangeas everywhere!! Love the photos, gal! But then I always do!!
    I have tried to grow them here, but with the heat they are just always watered too much or too little. Mehhh!
    Hugs to you!!

  8. My hydrangeas have done weird things the last few years. I assume it is the horrid heat and cold winter - don't know! Last year I had hardly any blooms until late August/September. This year they started blooming early Spring.????

    But, they are so gorgeous!


  9. I think they are stunning, Debra! I have to remember your tip in the coffee grounds.

    Jane x

  10. Very pretty hydrangeas and the white pumpkin is a cutie. I bought a few pink ones and had to replant them because the sun was killing them. They get some morning sun and they seem to be very happy with it.

  11. Even in their droopy state, your hydrangeas are beautiful...Mmmm...that color!!
    Mary Alice

  12. Hydrangeas are so finicky but the color is gorgeous. That pumpkin is adorable.

  13. Very pretty color Debra and I'll have to try your coffee grounds tip. Did you know that Starbucks gives grounds away free? I also wanted to let you know that I saw a post on reviving wilted hydrangeas written by 11 Gables blog on 8-10-15. She cuts the stem at an angle and soaks the entire flower in water overnight. Maybe it's not too late?
    Blessings to you dear lady,

  14. Debra,
    A pUmPkIn amidst the hydrangea???
    Something sounds mighty SpOoKy to me, dear friend!!!
    Your hydrangea are gorgeous!!!
    I want to share with you. . .
    My beloved brother, adored Moon Flowers.
    He planted them near his front porch in OKC.
    Every morning, he poured the last of his coffee. . .laced with two helping spoons of sugar
    into the Moon Flower plants! Those blossoms were h u g e!!!
    Thanks for sharing your first hydrangea harvest with us!!!


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