Monday, August 31, 2015

First Fall Tablescape

I'm not even going to try and name this "Early Fall Tablescape", because I'm sure I'll change this up in a few weeks for something a little more "Fallish" with some colorful leaves and berries. So let me be honest here and just call it, "First" Fall Tablescape. te he. I've already turned my calendar page over to September. I did mark a "31" on today's date, but I am ready to move into one of my favorite months and seasons. yep, more than ready. Last week I painted a French-y metal basket for the Dining Room table, and put together an arrangement that whispered the first nuances of Autumn. Here are some pics of the rest of the table.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lavender Hydrangeas

It's obvious that I've waited too long to photo these little hydrangeas blooms. I cut them a couple of days ago, but things got busy and then yesterday afternoon the light was wrong, so this morning they're pretty moppy and limp. But what they're lacking in perkiness, hopefully these wonderful shades of lavender will make up.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Share Your Style # 28

Hey There, and Welcome to Share Your Style #28

Can you believe we're winding our way down in this last week of August? Many of us are having a little cool down in the temps so we're really looking forward to Fall. No matter what the season, we all have common decorating dilemmas. One that can really slow down progress is "Styling Shelving". Here's a great post from Michelle from Dandelion Patina, with some great tips to make this a much easier decor task.

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