Friday, January 9, 2015

A new teapot and a bit of Toile

I have to admit, I have a few small rituals that I really enjoy. Having a few cups of hot tea in the afternoon is one of them. This last week has seen really low temps, so that just adds to the comfort level that having something "hot" to sip on can bring. I'm not a cup and saucer and "pinky in the air" type; I love a generous and heavy mug; something to wrap my hands around.

Unfortunately I've broken two teapots this last year. My favorite was a Churchill Chintz teapot from England that I had inadvertently left on top of the stove and I turned on the wrong burner. not good for teapots. The second was a Godinger China teapot, that cracked after a few months. So I decided I would look for a new one that was stoneware, maybe it would be more durable and take the daily use I would give it.

I researched the Internet, and then decided I'd try a Le Creuset this time. I wanted a white or antique white 4-6 cup size. They didn't have teapots in the "Cream" color that I have in the Le Creuset oblong dutch oven, so I ordered the White.

I'm in love, once again...

It comes with a stainless steel infuser for loose teas. I usually use a tea bag, but I think I'll try some loose teas now that this is a built in feature.

I have tons of mugs, and I like to rotate them. This royal gentleman kitty mug came from World Market a few years ago for Christmas. He serves up the "purrfect" cup of tea.

Our new house sits on a bit of a hill, with only one house sheltering us toward the west. That westerly wind can really be brutal. Most of our weather comes from the west, so I hear the wind whistling at all hours of the day and night...brrrr.

And I just realized I never showed you the rest of the red/yellow Toile in the kitchen sitting areaI made this square table topper years ago, to compliment Waverly curtains that had been up, and it's found it's way back. It all sort of brightens up the place on these dull, cold, and gray days of January.

On a side note...

Are you as tired of most Network TV as I am? We've been watching a lot of series from the BBC on Netflix (streaming). (All this talk of tea reminded me about it) I much prefer a series than a one hour sex marathon, which is what most dramas are, on American channels. I'm not a prude, but I want something with some meaty character development and a good storyline instead of seeing how many different liaisons the 20-40 crowd can dish out. The cable channels have better stories, but my ears are burning with obscenities and the sex is even more graphic...

OK, just had to throw that in, because our latest "Last Tango in Halifax", while it does have several "situations", at least you don't have to watch them in detail and ad nauseum. The British feel a good cup of tea ("I'll put the kettle on") can help sort out any problem.

warm wool socks, my Uggs, and a hot mug of tea.
oh, and a cat on my lap...

stay warm.

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  1. I love anything "English" when I visit there my friends could chat for hours on end with our cups of tea and biscuit.
    My friends from over the pond are my dearest friends.

  2. Lovely teapot!
    (One of our little local restaurants has heavy Chinese iron teapots that really keep the tea hot. I'm not sure if they have any health issues that come with them. I guess I'll continue to be content with my porcelain ones--especially since my College Girl insists I have way too many!) Just reading your post and admiring your lovely photos helps me feel warmer!

  3. I'm with you about TV. There's nothing worth the time of watching it. My husband went to the lakehouse on Tuesday for a few days, and the TV hasn't been on since he left. Enjoying the quiet. I have watched a couple of documentaries on Netflix on my laptop. Much more interesting. Looks like a great teapot! Enjoy!

  4. the pictures are wonderful !!! love greetings from angie from Germany

  5. Love your new teapot and your kitty mug Debra!... nothing like a hot cup of tea on these colder winter days... did you receive my email letting you know what I chose with my gift certificate I won from you?... it arrived and it is stunning!... xoxo... Julie Marie PS When I watch tv, which is not often, it's either Andy Griffith or I Love Lucy!... nothing but trash for the most part on tv these days, just like you described it... xoxo...

    1. oh great Julie! glad you found something wonderful, you'll be ready for next year! ha ha, I think I've seen every Andy Griffith Show 10 times each!

    2. Funny you ladies would mention that, but we also have the I Love Lucy and Andy Griffith series on DVD and that's all we ever watch:-)

  6. Your new tea-pot is lovely and looks like it will pour well. I love your kitty mug. I'm like you, I want a sturdy cup of tea and lots of it. I'd like to recommend a loose tea called Margaret's Hope - a black, darjeeling tea with a nice flavour. It's a favorite here. Your kitchen looks so inviting; a perfect spot for a cup. Deb

  7. Teapots and toile were definitely meant to go together! And I'm so with you about TV shows lately. We haven't found anything lately that we like either but that series you mentioned sounds great! So fun to pop in and see what you've been up to. :-)

  8. Oh my! I love the look of that teapot! I enjoyed that show too and completely agree about TV options. I'd rather watch my favorite movies over and over. Longmire is another entertaining option on Netflix. Filmed in New Mexico! Your toile is gorgeous. I always love your homey style! Happy New Year!

  9. Love the teapot AND the toile! Keep warm and toasty and have a great weekend. ; )

  10. The teapot is beautiful, Debra, and so is your tabletop vignette!

  11. I love your new tea pot! I could not help but notice your cow in the background. I love how you have it displayed. So cute!

  12. I love the loose tea option of that le creuset! What shows do you watch on Netflix? I, too, am sick of network TV but there are so many different shows on Netflix I don't even know where to start!!

  13. You've reminded me of a toile table runner I made a few years ago that I should take out and use, Debra. Love your new teapot. I am not a regular tea drinker although I have recently added green tea into my daily routine. I try to have one cup a day (it's been taking the place of my hot chocolate in the afternoons). It definitely hits the spot on these frigid days we've been having.

    Last Tango in Halifax is one of my new favorites. Have you watched Sherlock? That is very good and also on Netflix. Not on Netflix but I caught it on Youtube is Born and Bred, a very wholesome show that takes place in, I want to say the 50's, in a small town in England. Bletchley Circle is also very good and I'm hoping they come out with a season 3. I saw that on PBS when it actually aired so I don't know if you can find it on Netflix.

  14. Love the new teapot. I am drinking a cup of tea right now. I am out of my Sleepy Time Tea but I found a good replacement until I can brave the temp and go out again.
    Your fabrics are beautiful.
    Stay warm. Wish I had some Uggs.. As far as TV, I am loving Flip It on HGTV with Jo Jo and Chip. I love how they take an cheap property and turn them into beauties. Also I like the sweet sappy Hallmark movies. They always have a good ending.

  15. My hubby and I are huge BBC fans. We love the "period" series. You can't go wrong with anything Le Creuset! Such a cute cup to. Purfect for a cat lover! Your kitchen sitting area looks so sweet and English to me! Pretty!

  16. Love your new teapot Debra. I have never been a coffee drinker but love my teas. With this snow and cold we have been having and the wind it was nice to have a sweet cup of tea today too. I sipped on tea as I watched the blizzard like conditions out my window. Not really getting a lot of snow but with the winds whipping around it looked like a blizzard outside today. Stay warm and enjoy your tea in your sweet tea pot and cup.

  17. I love your teapot Debra and love that it has the infuser inside! I have a BBC channel, but did not know there might be better options there. I am so disgusted with TV in general, including the home channels which have nothing I'm interested in these days. Thanks for the recommendation:-)

  18. I love Longmire and am so sad the cable channel is not carrying it anymore, and I don't have Netflix, dang!!! I also love Blue Bloods, NCIS, Hallmark channel, and some PBS. And the SHOPPING channels, what entertainment......who buys a $20,000 diamond ring off the TV???? Also am devoted to 'So you think you can dance', and the singing show with all acapella groups, forgot the name.......

    Any who, that was more than you wanted to know.......the teapot is wonderful, looks like it will last a long time. Toile never goes out of style and is always a charmer. I like how you fixed the pieces on your table....

    It went down to 1 degree last night here...........keep warm my sweeties!!!

  19. Hi Debra,
    I always enjoy your blog. Love the teapot with the infuser. It looks like a good one and I didn't realize Le Creuset made teapots! Your kitchen sitting area is really lovely, so cozy and inviting.
    Hubby and I watched Tango in Paris series on DVD that we bought at Costco awhile back. We love all the British dramas. Call the Midwife is fabulous as is Doc Martin and Father Brown. Mr. Selfridge ( an absolute must see) right up there with Downton Abbey. Lo Most all come air on PBS on Sunday evenings here. It's our TV-Tea night! Have a great weekend,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  20. Love the new teapot.......what a grand way to brave this (yuck) winter weather! We, too, have turned to those British series and just finished Foyle's War....really enjoying that one!

  21. Aside from tea, I love the series, such as Last Tango and any British TV. I am a PBS fan for Saturday and Sunday evenings (in North Florida, where they are shown). I will think of you as I have my next cup!

  22. Debra,
    Your home oozes warmth, dear friend!!!
    LOVE your new tea pot!!!
    Purr~fect tea mug, too!!!
    Baby, it's cold outside is an understatement on the Prairies this January!!!
    Relax, enjoy your tea, mug and series. . .and think of Spring!!!

  23. I love British TV too!! I subscribe to Acorn TV for, I think, $5 or $6 per month and get a large selection of British drama and comedy to enjoy whenever. One of my new favorite comedies is "Miranda" featuring one of the stars from the PBS series: Call The Midwives. I love all six seasons of Doc Martin and the beautiful coastal seaside town it is filmed in. I wish I could pick up BBC on our cable but sadly cannot. So you might also want to check out Acorn TV to see what it has. I think they offer a free week or month occasionally to see what it offers. Like you I get so bored and disgusted with all the reality tv shows and the goth horror stuff that seems to permeate as well as the sex and vulgarity. (However, sometimes the British shows go a little over board on nudity. I don't think they filter that as much)

  24. I love your new teapot. Wonderful.
    Rehab Addict and Fixer Upper started new seasons, so I am happy.

  25. Debra, beautiful little teapot and the toile looks all so pretty. You should try Doc Martin and As Time Goes By, both half hour shows on BBC and so entertaining..Happy Weekend..Judy

  26. Thank you for your comment about the choices of tv viewing. My husband and I are disgusted with the shows available. We end up watching old reruns of shows that were on twenty years ago, because we don't want to hear filthy language and see naked people. Even the advertisements for some of the reality shows and sitcoms are too indecent to watch with our granddaughters. Are the writers now so lacking in vocabulary that they must use obscene language constantly? When Alfred Hitchcock used the shadow of a knife on the wall, I was frightened. I didn't need to see explicit gory details. When Clark Gable scooped up Vivian Leigh and carried her upstairs, I didn't need to see behind the bedroom door. My imagination filled in the rest. If only our society could turn back to decency. Unfortunately, it has become normal to hear men and women using obscenity laced language with each other and on their cell phones when I'm just trying to shop peacefully in my local Walmart. I'm begining to think my husband and I are about the only ones left who don't use cuss words.

  27. I did not know that Le Crueset made tea pots!...and it is beautiful....I have always loved that toile pattern...I have a set of napkins and placemats in that pattern and covet them!...

  28. The only way to drink tea is from a pot with tea leaves mmmmm. Love the insert.

  29. Hi Debra,
    Well, I love your new teapot. It's really cute! And I absolutely adore toile! I have toile in pretty much every room in my home. It is so charming. Your kitchen looks very cozy. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day. Happy New year!


  30. Your talking my kind of talk tea pots and toile material.
    I have a favorite tea pot and protect it very carefully when making me a pot of tea.
    My bedroom is all waverly toile and love your red and white Mason china which I also have LOL
    Every time I see your picture I want a new camera and just don't want to spend the money

  31. What a pretty tea pot.

    I love all English drama series...order the DVD sets and had cut out cable TV ages ago.

    I fell in love with The Paradise series a year or so ago and was so disappointed that the 2nd one was not available. It recently went to DVD and I was in heaven ! :)


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