Thursday, January 15, 2015

In My View...

I haven't seen but one or two comments or posts here in the blog world on the happenings this week and last in France. It leaves us with a sick feeling and thoughts of terrorism coming back to haunt us here in the U.S. I know none of us feel much like taking on the subject, but I've known since day 1 that God was asking me to share a Christian's point of view on this subject. What EXACTLY IS the subject? God asked me a question, so I'm sharing my thoughts on my other blog, A Day in the Life...

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  1. There are two posts concerning the massacre in is a darling young lady living in France, love her blog. She addressed the issue on her last 2 posts........and so many of us responded in support.......go take a look.....Cleo

  2. It all just hurts my heart! Praying for this world we live in! HUGS!


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