Sunday, January 4, 2015

Toile pillows for the sitting area...

If you're like me this first week of January, you're wandering around the house looking for something to "change up". I loved my Red Tartan Plaids in the sitting area for Christmas, and I wasn't even tired of looking at them, but at the same time I needed to clear out the Christmas decor and make January "fresh".

I don't like to sew, and I'm not very good at it. I don't have the patience for it, and I always end up ripping things out and starting over. But every once and a while my need for something new and different will cause me to lose my good sense and actually attempt some sort of decor project. I've had to teach myself how to do things and that inevitably causes mistakes and frustration. Table runners, pillows, and the occasional curtain or window treatment is about it. You just can't look too closely... a busy pattern works best to hide all the evidence of my (lack of) sewing skills.

I made four of these pillows a few years ago for my twin sofas (who are now happily living at my sister's new house)  The wonderful Toile print enticed me. I love the black medallion with the little shepherdess in the center and those gorgeous bouquets, vines, and swags. I need black accents on this side of the room to balance out the black granite countertops. So I rummaged around in my quilt and pillow closet, looking for something that would match. (yes, I now have a dedicated storage space for all my quilts and pillows)

This isn't a good pic, since the light is not good. This is one side, the other is behind me, but since there's less light that least you get the idea. I need to get in here and straighten things up. It's under the stairway, and a nice size little storage area with easy access. All the better to get in and rummage through.

  I found this gold quilted floral piece for the wicker settee. 

My Ballard Checked Chairpads pretty much "go" with everything.

My Sheep's Head pottery piece on the old door has a new Toile background too. I could have kept up the previous red fruit print, but I found this red/yellow wallpaper sample and knew that it would be the perfect companion for the rest of the sitting area.

I have several "sample" wallpaper books 
that I've been using for accent paper.

I'm hoping now that the Christmas decor is put away that I can get a few of my little French Girl prints up. They've been patiently waiting this last month.

and yes...those are kitty toes.

...and a certain somebody has claimed my Pottery Barn Leopard Faux Fur Throw that I recieved for Christmas. She is giving me her "Mom, I'm not going to look into the camera!" face. It's her new favorite place for "making biscuits". 

         Problem is, she doesn't like to share.

What are you up to this weekend?

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