Sunday, January 4, 2015

Toile pillows for the sitting area...

If you're like me this first week of January, you're wandering around the house looking for something to "change up". I loved my Red Tartan Plaids in the sitting area for Christmas, and I wasn't even tired of looking at them, but at the same time I needed to clear out the Christmas decor and make January "fresh".

I don't like to sew, and I'm not very good at it. I don't have the patience for it, and I always end up ripping things out and starting over. But every once and a while my need for something new and different will cause me to lose my good sense and actually attempt some sort of decor project. I've had to teach myself how to do things and that inevitably causes mistakes and frustration. Table runners, pillows, and the occasional curtain or window treatment is about it. You just can't look too closely... a busy pattern works best to hide all the evidence of my (lack of) sewing skills.

I made four of these pillows a few years ago for my twin sofas (who are now happily living at my sister's new house)  The wonderful Toile print enticed me. I love the black medallion with the little shepherdess in the center and those gorgeous bouquets, vines, and swags. I need black accents on this side of the room to balance out the black granite countertops. So I rummaged around in my quilt and pillow closet, looking for something that would match. (yes, I now have a dedicated storage space for all my quilts and pillows)

This isn't a good pic, since the light is not good. This is one side, the other is behind me, but since there's less light that least you get the idea. I need to get in here and straighten things up. It's under the stairway, and a nice size little storage area with easy access. All the better to get in and rummage through.

  I found this gold quilted floral piece for the wicker settee. 

My Ballard Checked Chairpads pretty much "go" with everything.

My Sheep's Head pottery piece on the old door has a new Toile background too. I could have kept up the previous red fruit print, but I found this red/yellow wallpaper sample and knew that it would be the perfect companion for the rest of the sitting area.

I have several "sample" wallpaper books 
that I've been using for accent paper.

I'm hoping now that the Christmas decor is put away that I can get a few of my little French Girl prints up. They've been patiently waiting this last month.

and yes...those are kitty toes.

...and a certain somebody has claimed my Pottery Barn Leopard Faux Fur Throw that I recieved for Christmas. She is giving me her "Mom, I'm not going to look into the camera!" face. It's her new favorite place for "making biscuits". 

         Problem is, she doesn't like to share.

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Debra, Your sewing skills sound like mine. I haven't seen that toile before and love it. Have fun decorating your new home.

  2. Debra,
    I love the black medallion on the Toile fabric - and the pillow is just beautiful! The addition of the leopard print throw is something I'm looking for right now! I have always loved black for seems to ground everything.

  3. Debra,
    Much of the same here on my side of the Prairie, dear friend!!!
    Shuffling things around trying for a new look. . .found one I adore,
    but now need some additional decor pillows and a new throw for the sofa!
    NO. . . I'm NOT planning on any sewing!!!
    Found a few possibilities at PB & Ballad Designs!!!
    Need to take the plunge and make an order!!!
    I love your "handmade" pillows!!!
    The new throw must be comfortable and warm. . .
    your sweet 'fur baby' looks as if she means business!!!
    Hm~m~m. . .a pillow and comforter closet. . .
    oh, how you tempt me!!!

  4. We forge ahead when we want something, don't we? Your work looks great! We're still in Christmas mode here, as we celebrate the Epiphany, and we're having our annual Epiphany party on the 10th, since the 6th falls midweek. Yes, it makes for a long Christmas season, so we tend to put our tree up a little later. Happy new year and best wishes in 2015! Zuni

  5. Since my freak little accident this week, I'm in bed with my "day granny gown" on. Soon I will take a shower and change into my "night granny gown." I always have loved your toile!

  6. Everything looks beautiful Debra, and I love the pillow you made, you did a fabulous job on it!... Hello kitties!... love your dedicated quilt and pillow storage, makes it so nice!... my internet was down for almost a week until yesterday from our terrible 75 mph winds and snow, and I am just catching up... I did do a post from my phone and it was hard!!!... so happy to be back online... I sent you an email with what I got from my giveaway win from you from Treetopia... thank you again sooo much, and Happy New Year to you!... xoxo... Julie Marie

  7. I love your toile look. The color combinations are perfect. And, yes I agree with everyone else that you are a pretty good seamstress! Love your stash closet and I thought I was the only one who had a closet designated for bedding and pillows!


  8. I still have all my Christmas up, I will be taking it down next week, I HOPE. I hate to see it go, I really enjoy it, but am anxious to do some "winter decor"! Love your pillows and LOVE the idea of storaging them under the stairs. My hubby made me a closet down there too but the space actually under the stairs could get shelves for pillows!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I have always had a love affair with toile and have a lot of it in my home. Your pillows look amazing and I think you do a great job. All my decorations are down and it's very boring in the house. I will be doing a little re-arranging and making some new curtains for the kitchen and dining room.
    Kitty sure likes your new throw.
    Have a wonderful New Year.

  10. I love Toile, and have many fabric pieces, but I'm OCD about cutting fabric I really love :-{. I do love your pillows looking so pretty on your settee. I'm pea green with envy that you have your own quilt/pillow room! My storage is in the bottom of an unused tub!

  11. The toile pillows are simply beautiful, Debra. I can't sew worth a darn but every once in awhile I get brave with the iron on webbing! :)

    The storage closet you have is so neat, what a dream it must be to peek in it and pull out something perfectly suited for a change of style!

    Happy New Year to you!

    Jane x

  12. Hello from Belgium where I read your post with pleasure Debra.I like too toile fabric especially "toile de Jouy" and your great idea of storage!! Happy New Year to you.Chantal

  13. Great pattern on that pillow, Debra. What I'm most impressed with is the vivid color in your antique prints! It will all display so well the way you've curated it. I know what you mean with still liking the plaids but wanting it all put away, together. I'm letting my rooms rest, bare, just a few days, waiting for a new mood to strike.

  14. Love that pillow:) I am doing the same thing, looking around at small changes to make a big difference! Love that throw and it looks like somebody else loves it too:) Enjoy your Sunday dear friend, HUGS!

  15. Awww .... how sweet the Kitty toes lol! I especially love the french girl print holding the lamb. You done a great job on the toile pillows. Happy New Year!

  16. Your pillows caught my attention. Nothing better than a great Toile.... Looks wonderful.. As far as your sewing skills I must say they are certainly better than mine. These pillows are wonderful and the Paris pillow as well.


  17. Well leopards are in the cat family so I imagine your cat just assumed that throw was hers from the get-go! :)

    Beautiul pillows and those paintings are just lovely!

  18. Love Love your toile pillows Debra!! I'm busy trying to put all our Christmas stuff away.

  19. Your pillow is gorgeous! And thank you because now I don't feel so bad being the world's worst sewing Mom. =)


  20. I love toile and that pattern is beautiful. I love the French girl prints too!

  21. Your toile pillows are gorgeous, Debra! And I'm envious of your wonderful storage space for all your pillows and quilts. Fair warning, you better keep your doors locked when you hang your prints. LOVE!!

    Happy New Year! (love the blog banner, too)

  22. Those French girl prints look wonderful, Debra! I look forward to seeing them hung up and where you wind up putting them. I love your toile pillows! It is such a pretty pattern and they look pretty darn good to me. : )

  23. Loving the toile. I can't sew either. I had a sewing machine once and threatened to throw it out the window. We sold it instead! I would love to have all that wonderful storage.

  24. Hi Debra! Those toile pillows are fabulous!! Are you sure you don't sew well? One could never tell - the pillows came out beautifully. Good job!

  25. Debra, love the toile pillows! Really a great touch for the New Year. I hear you about wanting to change things up a little. I've also been in the organizing mood. Cleaned my pantry today and going to tackle my walk in closet tomorrow. Love the New Year!

  26. Your pillows are beautiful, I don't know what you are talking about with not being very good! My goodness, the trim alone would have me sweating!! ;) Love all your new year changes. I'm looking forward to a few here soon too.

  27. Debra, your pillows are fabulous. I've never seen that toile before and I love it. I will keep my eye out for some vintage cuttings of it.

  28. Those pillows are beautiful, Debra! Now you have me wanting a fabric and pillow closet of my own!


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