Saturday, March 29, 2014

Balustrade Lamps

I mentioned a week or so back that I had found some new Balustrade Lamps. I don't really have a place for them in our current house, but I have an idea where they will be in the upcoming place. This definitely falls into the category of "good things come to those who wait"

Lamps like everything else in decor follow trends, and awhile back I realized all my lamps were really needing an update. Shade shapes are a big way to update, but my living room lamps were so tall that finding new shades that didn't break the bank just weren't happening. Over here at the new house I'm going with a slightly different look, so I've been keeping my eyes open for a pair of these.

Which by the way tend to be sort of pricey. In cleaning out my stash of "stuff" in the garage I located two actual vintage porch balusters that are very similar to these lamps, they just require the work to put them together and with everything else that's going on, that just isn't happening right now.

Anyway, I saw this pair back last fall, but couldn't justify them at full price. I just happened to come back for a visit and saw one of them with a half price tag. "Do you still have the other one?" Well, yippee, they did. So now they are waiting patiently in the studio for a more permanent spot.

Perfectly sized and with a wonderful burlap shade, 
they have just the right amount of distressing.

Since I only have a place for one, 
it's at home here in the studio on my little Italianate desk.

A few subtle touches of Spring are here. My white antique birdcage, a  vintage glove box, and one of my little lambs. I do love the warm glow that this lamp gives off in the evening; perfect for a little task lighting here at the computer.

And on a completely different note, you all know we are downsizing, and I'm having to let go of some of my furniture. My red floral sofa and the matching "chair and a half" and ottoman are going to have to find a new home. I have a Pottery Barn slipcover that you can see in the lower pic. It's not a custom fit, but does give a neutral option. (I'm hoping I can find it in all the packing confusion). The chair and ottoman also have slipcovers in a neutral twill. I hesitate to even advertise them on the blog, but thought someone might, just might, be interested before they go on Craig's List.

They are in perfect condition as we hardly ever used them. The quilt and pillows aren't included but a set of fabric matching pillows are. These would have to be picked up locally,(SW Missouri) because I'm not in a place to arrange shipping. 

Here is the chair. The sofa and chair are super comfy, but the set is pretty large. I can get measurements this weekend if anyone is interested. Remember, you would have to pick these up yourselves, as we're in the middle of this massive move. 

OK, email me if you're interested, with the tag SOFA SET.
 The set with slipcovers is very reasonable. 
REALLY reasonable. 
REALLY really reasonable.

(all the rest of the furniture is sold, sorry)

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Hope you're having a great weekend, 
tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 70!


  1. 70 and sunny! How exciting! We have 50's and rainy in NJ! Love the lamp. Such a classic look.

  2. Debra your new balustrade lamps are so pretty, I love the shape and the distressing on them, and of course the burlap lamp shade. The Charmer being smaller can't use large lamps, hopefully I found something similar soon. Have a great weekend, it's suppose to be 56 tomorrow here in IL, so will be heading out to work in my garden tomorrow.

  3. Love that lamp, Debra! Can I ask where you found them? It looks great on your desk and with your birdcage. Good luck selling your sofa and chair. My living room sofa had a similar fabric but with a dark blue background with the florals. I wound up having a white slipcover made for it and we were able to use it when we moved. I was so glad because it is a super comfy sofa!

  4. &0! Sounds so good! Love your new lamps...they will be fun for your new place! Good luck with the sofa sale!

  5. Of course that typing nonsense I just left on my previous comment is supposed to say 70! I just got excited at the thought lol...

  6. Love your new lamps! They are gorgeous!


  7. Love the new lamps. Wish I lived closer :)


  8. Love you new lamps. I admire your courage in the downsizing....I know it is ahead for us as well, but the thought just overwhelms me....are finding it harder or easier than you thought in parting with the collected items over a lifetime of raising children, etc? I feel like I need to get a spot in an antique mall, but the thought of that is overwhelming also. Have slowly come to the realization that our kids really do not want all our treasures.....Being a "nester" decorator type carries some degree of problems later. ha. Looks like you are making good progress in your transition. It is sunny and warmer here in Topeka today very welcome and uplifting to ones psyche!! Blessings, Linda

  9. those are beautiful lamps.. I hope you sell your furniture set super quick so that'll be more off your mind.

    ya know I moved in late nov and also downsized.. I ended up giving lots of stuff away and I dont miss it a bit:)


  10. Love your new lamps. We made two lamps for our bedroom with old balustrade lamps. I posted them several months ago. We love the way they turned out.

  11. Lovely lamps, but wonderful lambs! We have thought about downsizing to a one-story house, but when we walk into a smaller house, we ask ourselves if we could really live in a smaller house. I think the route we are going with just getting rid of STUFF is the answer for us now. Good luck with the sofa.

  12. Your lamps are great. I really like the burlap shade on these.

  13. your new lamps are adorable, debra:) and the sofa and chair should be an easy sell with the two different looks. have a great week!

  14. Love those new lamps! the distressed patina is wonderful.


  15. You are so right, good things do come to those who wait....and the lamp is gorgeous and glad they had two for you!...

  16. Patience is a virtue, isn't that what they say? Love your lamps, Debra!


  17. Hi Debra- I live in Houston MO and would be curious to know what you are asking for your couch & chair.
    Thanks much!

  18. I love the balustrade lamps you found! It's good that you were able to find a place to use at least one of them for now. Good luck with the sale of your sofa and chair. They look nice and should sell quickly.

  19. Debra,
    Love, LOVE, L O V E your new lamps, dear friend!!
    I, too, am in the process of updating a couple of lamps in the Lower Level Family Room.
    They are swing arm lamps and seem to making a bit of a come~back in current home decor magazines.
    I think I may have found the perfect shades at Target this weekend!!!
    AFTER our Spring Booth, I'll re~visit the possibilites!!!
    Good luck with the $ale of your sofa & chair!

  20. It was worth the wait the balustrade lamp is beautiful.

  21. Debra,
    Great looking lamp Debra...glad that you were able to get a pair.


  22. Beautiful! Love the new lamp and the room is so inviting and comfy! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena


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