Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Spring Frame-Up

Each day that I pack, I find things that I haven't seen for a while. I mentally try to take notes on where they were found and try to remember which box they are being packed into. Last weekend I was opening cabinet doors that hadn't been opened for a bit, and I said "Hello" to an old friend that had been on my kitchen wall several years ago.

I'm a sheep lover from way back. If you look on my blog list I have several sheep blogs that I keep up with on a daily basis. This fellow is just one of many sheep and lambs in my flock. He's really a chalk wall pocket, but I like him plain. He looks like a pretty serious fellow to me, so no sprigs of Ivy or trailing foliage for him.

I've been wanting a little more inspiration in my studio, so when I found him I went searching for an oval to frame him in. But there needed to be a little pattern and color...something for Spring that was easy to work with; maybe something that could be changed with the seasons. I thought a wallpaper sample would work, just a little small, but it gives the right background.

A few years ago I had the chance to grab a few discontinued wallpaper books, so I had a few options. I settled on something "Spring Green", but can change it out when the mood strikes.




I thought of pitching all these sample books, but slapped myself right afterward. I've used these papers for so many projects. Since it's close to Easter, a few vintage Easter Postcards were tucked in for display.

don't you love this patina?

So glad he's baaaaaack...

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  1. I love your little head sheep, what a cutey, can't believe you forgot about this really cute guy! I also love your vintage postcards. I wish I had some sample book like you do, such pretty papers and great patterns, a treasure in my book!

  2. Debra, it's lovely. I use to have some wallpaper books. Don't know what happened to them. As I'm packing for my move, like you, I'm finding things and reminiscing.

  3. Debra,
    Your sheep has a "content" look on his face.
    I think he is glad you found him behind the cupboard door.
    Now, dear friend, those wallpaper sample books are gorgeous!
    I'm sure my heart skipped a beat with the Taupe sample!!!
    Keep focused on the prize that lies ahead!

  4. You chose the perfect piece of wallpaper to use as the background for the serious sheep. She looks as if she is deep in thought. (Or he?) Love the frame.

  5. This is so cute, Debra! The vintage cards are the perfect touch! :)


  6. Hi Debra- How cute is that?! Just darling! Love the added postcards.

  7. Hi Debra,
    I love this. The vintage cards are great and love that you have that wallpaper book what pretty patterns to use.
    Have a great week.

  8. Oh I just love that Debra! So sweet and perfect for Spring!

  9. I love him, Debra...does he have a name? I love sheep, too, but only have a few old lamb toy animals and Nativity animals...

  10. How sweet. I love sheep too Debra. And how all the unpacking going? I need to catch up with you, I've been without internet for a while, the move was a crazy time and it's slowly getting sane around here.

  11. Totally adorably Debra! I finally visit here again, as always you have an attractive topic. Not only the sheep is adorable, the frame fixes it all! Classy!

    Sebastian of
    Gazebo and Bali Hut Super Store

  12. This is so cute, Debra. I love the vintage postcards. Isn't it amazing what we find when we start to pack? xo Laura

  13. Looks the sheep and the great wall paper. Great back drops for frames, I'd try and use them for placemats....LOL

  14. Very pretty, Debra! I like that you can change out the background paper. It's great when you find something you'd forgotten about and get to use it again.

  15. What a fun find. Like how you added the wallpaper and cards.


  16. Debra, I am in love with your frame! Such a cute idea. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. Isn't it funny how you unpack something that you haven't seen for awhile and it brings back all the memories? I've been doing that too lately.

  18. I'm a sheep and lamb lover to. You guy looks great for spring! Where did you find him?

  19. What a great idea! and the green wallpaper is the perfect spring green backing to show him off. I have a thing for sheep too, and paint them as often as i can...


  20. This is such a charming way to display vintage postcards, and your sheep has so much personality :) What a clever little vignette.

  21. He is quite a serious sheep. Perhaps he is in charge of your flock? Love the wallpaper. Especially since it's not on a wall. Wink. xo, olive

  22. I have 3 large wall paper books of toile paper i can not let go of yet, I had a yard sale and sold several wall paper books to men !
    love the little sheep makes me wants to go look for my sheep if I still have them
    I am with you on using this wonderful paper for projects , happy spring in Missouri ( I have froze all week ) LOL

  23. you've made this stern looking guy adorable, debra:) and the frame is awesome! have a great night!

  24. Moving, packing, gives us the unique opportunity to take stock of what we have, what's important to keep and what we might want to part with. This cute little sheep is clearly something you need to keep!

  25. Love the whole thing - the sheep, the vintage cards, the sweet green background and the chippy old frame! Great job!


  26. He's darling and I love the wallpaper behind him. Happy Spring, girlfriend! Hope that all's going well for you...make sure to hang on to this guy...he's fabulous!

  27. This is really pretty. I love the sheep.

  28. Oh my what a sweet idea...the Sheep head is the bomb! I have some postcards, vintage too, and this is a great way to display them! Thanks for inspiring me!

  29. This is adorable!! He's so cute!!~~Angela

  30. Lovely idea...and the sheep head stole the show!

  31. Wow... I'd love to have a wallpaper book. I'm glad you didn't let it go Debra.


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