Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rusty Fall Garland

Happy Happy October everyone, 
my favorite month of the year!

A couple of weeks ago on one of my Fall Open House excursions, I found this wonderful little Rusty Bird and Butterfly Garland. You know, one of those things you have to have, but don't know for sure where or how you'll use it?

I think I must have tried at least a dozen ideas, then set it aside hoping the right spot would show itself. So yesterday I decided it was time to do something seasonal on the sofa table in the living room. Well... technically, it's not behind a sofa, but it's still such a great little side table which hugs the wall, and offers yet one more surface to decorate.

This table was painted  "off white" a few years ago 
when I went on my furniture painting rampage,
where I painted over 20 individual furniture pieces white.

Usually this spot doesn't get changed up much, but yesterday I was feeling the Fall Decorating Mojo, which has been squelched due to not being able to do anything outside because of the new roof. (which is now done, but today new gutters are being fitted. So that means hopefully, at some point, I'll get my front porch and deck back!)

Love this original oil painting, of an old farmhouse in Europe.

So here are some close ups of the rusted birdies. The rusty garland is intertwined with a faux bittersweet garland, and I cannot remember what these little mini pumpkin pods are called, but they have some cinnamon oil mixed in.

 mmmmm...what a heavenly aroma.

Rust and Fall just go together...

I honestly cannot remember where I found this marble based candleholder, but it weighs 10 tons, so it always stays here. And this interesting old tray has tapestry fabric on it. Looks like "Fall" to me.

This is a hard spot to photograph since one of the twin sofas is sitting in front of it. A talented florist and designer friend made the topiaries for me for Erin's wedding, 15 years ago. And believe me, they have 15 years worth of dust on them, too. ( I hate to dust and will put it off until I can write my name in it. The floors are another story. My OCD floor cleaning fetish always makes everyone nuts.)

If you're local you'll want to make it to the Ozark Art and Crafts Fair this weekend in Ozark, Missouri, starting Friday morning.  There are always some great things to see, buy, and eat... none of which are good for you. 

I'll be joining in on these great weekly parties!

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Jennifer Rizzo                                              


  1. It's beautiful. The mini pumpkin things are ADORABLE!

  2. Love that rusty bird garland! Your vignette is gorgeous!

  3. I'm with you on the dust! And I absolutely love those little birds! I also have the mini pumpkin thingy's and I douse them with pumpkin spice oil every year.

  4. Hi Debra... LOVE where you put your rusty birdie garland!... it looks so pretty with the faux bittersweet mixed in... now, you have given me another idea where to put mine as well... thank you again for it!... it's my fav Fall thing!... love that tray with the tapestry... and oooh, I could so easily live in that farmhouse in Europe!... you have such a magical touch with decorating... that candleholder is fabulous too!... okay, time to see if I can spell out my entire name in the dust on my coffee table... if so, I guess it's time to dust here as well... much love, Happy October!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. PERFECT for that spot! I had some of those mini pumpkins and SOLD THEM at my garage sale this year...what in the world was I thinking? I thought I had more, but I can't find them. HA!!

  6. I love your rusty fall garland! It looks gorgeous with the bittersweet. I bet the aroma is delightful :)
    Dusting is NO fun, LOL! Wish I had a floor fetish :)
    Have a lovely week!

  7. You are so right, rust and Fall go together beautifully. Your blog is one of my favorite places to visit when I want to be inspired for Fall decorating Debra. You just have the touch!

  8. The little garland looks like it was made for that spot! What a great old painting too!


  9. I think you're right, rust and Fall go together so well, your display is beautiful!

  10. Love that last line - it really made me laugh! Why is it that the best things are not good for us? Sigh... That is really a great garland! It is perfect for Fall and you did a wonderful job with your vignette. Also, I want to drive over and steal that great basket underneath the table - it is fabulous!

  11. Your table looks lovely! I love the rusty bird!!

  12. Happy October. The rusty wreath is pretty (say that five times fast). xo, olive

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about this display!

  14. Love the cute rusty birds and the cute pumpkin fillers under the candle!! Such wonderful fall touches! :) xo Holly

  15. Love the rusty garland, and the mini pumpkins......I have some of those and don't know where they are!!!

  16. Entire area just beautiful. My type.

  17. Lovely, I like the subtlety of your fall decor, often times people go overboard and rooms feel heavy and look cluttered~

  18. So beautiful and harmonious! Lovely!

  19. Good Morning Debra, I love the fall decorations and would love to be in your neighborhood when the fall colors arrive. The hills are always so pretty and it is my favorite time of the year. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from a NW Missouri Friend.

  20. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Rust and fall definitely go together! You have so much class! I can't wait to see what you do with the front porch when you can get out there! xo Jen

  21. Beautiful Debra,
    I love that rusty bird garland. How sweet is that. So pretty.

  22. Hi Debra, I'm headed your way on Fri!! We have a cabin on Lake of the Ozarks on the North Shore near Rocky Mount. Where will the craft fair be held? I'll be there. Julia Ferrell

  23. Hi Debra! How are you doing? I love this little rusty bird garland - so cute! It looks great with the bittersweet and your candle holder The entire table makes a beautiful vignette for your room! Love the furniture fabric that I can see too - just my style! Everything you do is always so pretty! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  24. Debra, Nowhere have I seen that wonderful rusty bird garland...what a wonderful change from stars I see everywhere!! If you have any suggestions for location of MORE!! please share. I'm in love with how adorable it is.
    Delighted to be following your blog now,

  25. You got your decor mojo, all right! Debra you picked the prefect spot for your wonderfu rust garland! I think I have a rust star garland somewhere in my basement. Now I need to drag it out! Thanks for sharing your great fall vignette at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!

  26. This is so pretty....the garland is wonderful. I hate to dust too but my eyes are always on the floors. I think it is a habit you pick up if you have shedding animals for most of your life which I have had! Then too at different times in your life you have to watch out for stubbing your toe on kids toys etc...the floors are not always safe! :)

  27. Love the garland and your vignettes are always so beautifully done...always enjoy them!!

  28. So true Debra, rust and fall just go together. I love the sweet birdies! Really looks great in the vignette you created. I have some of those little pumpkins and love the smell! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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