Saturday, December 10, 2011

Father Christmas in the House

I thought I would share a little more of the downstairs sitting area
where the Holiday Cupboard resides. 
This Santa, I like to call my "Father Christmas",
because he doesn't sport a red suit or have a sleigh.

He makes his gifts by hand 
and carries them in a burlap duffle over his shoulder.

He's a kindly old soul and sort of keeps to himself.

He walks with a lantern on a shepherd's crook
 and isn't known for loud bellows of Ho Ho Ho.
He's a much quieter sort.

The woodland creatures love him and reindeer
 have been known to pull a small cart for him on his journey.
He knows each child by name,
 and fashions their gift according to what they would love.
So glad you could meet my Father Christmas.

Lot of things on my table to keep the old man company:

Graphic print with some sweetie pie sheep.

I've shown this strange photograph several times before.
I love the authentic weirdness of it!

I don't have any history on it, but it looks European to me.

My table also holds a few of my vintage bisquit tins.

I found these this Fall

Some ironstone and a little quail.

Just a cozy spot to relax.

My mom made my Father Christmas character in the late 80's, 
and he's one of my favorite Christmas items.
She hand painted the face and stitched the garments.
She made quite a few to sell at a Christmas show one year,
and I was thrilled to receive him from her.
Each one was different and unique.

If you haven't linked up for the Vintage Christmas Edition of 
The Christmas Blogger Block Party,
it's still open, just scroll down to the next post.
Come join in on the fun!

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Hope you're having a fun Saturday,



  1. Just lovely, Debra! Your entire Christmas home tour has been beautiful! Thanks for sharing your amazing collections and ideas!

  2. His face is very expressive. I think that's the hardest part of making any doll. He is beautiful.

  3. What a lovely vignette, Debra! Your Father Christmas is wonderful...and, wow, your mom made him! What a treasure, indeed! Your entire holiday home is fabulous!

  4. Oooh Debra, I just love your Father Christmas, and even more special that your mama made him!... you know me and Nature... love all the woodland critters too... I want to come sit in your room and visit with you!... wish you could find out more about your old picture, so unique!... and your vintage biscuit tins are wonderful... thank you so much for stopping by my post... just like Santa, you have sooo many stops to make, and I also love the gift of your time... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. He's just lovely, Debra! All the more so because your Mom made him. Love the white pieces you've incorporated here, too.

  6. He is certainly fitting in your room. I can't believe he was hand made by your mom. That's wonderful! She's a very good artist. I like the story you gave about him.

  7. Your Father Christmas is wonderful, even better that mother made it! Your sitting area looks wonderful all decked out. Diane

  8. GREAT blog! I love your Father Christmas and it's even more special since your Mother made it! Your decorating is gorgeous and that picture is crazy funny! Merry CHRISTmas Ya'll!

  9. Oh how wonderful and special he is dear Debra- I love his quiet existence, and sweet look- he is wonderfully dresses for the cold winter, and there is love in his eyes.
    Your mother made you a beautiful treasure.
    Hugs Dorthe

  10. Your Father Christmas and his woodland friends are adorable, beautiful decorating ideas!

  11. it is the sweetest thing to have treasures from your mom. I have a few too and truely treasure them. Your Father Christmas is precious. I always enjoy stopping by your blog. Love the quirky old photo too!

  12. That photo in the oval frame is sheer GENIUS. andrea@townandprairie

  13. So charming Debra! I love your sweet Father Christmas and that photo is fantastic! :)

  14. Love your Father Christmas. Your mom is very talented. Your whole room looks so warm and cozy.

  15. Your home is so lovely...welcoming and warm... your Father Christmas!
    Enjoy this blessed season..
    Laura :)

  16. That photgraph is really interesting and must be a conversation starter when people visit your home.

  17. How nice that your Father Christmas was made by your mother! A group of my friends and I took turns hosting Christmas boutiques in the 80's and 90's and one of them made characters similar to yours, so your post brings back fond memories.

    I bought one of those wicker flower baskets this summer and wanted to incorporate it into our Christmas decor and now you've given me an idea! Thanks for sharing. Your room looks lovely.

  18. Father Christmas is perfect in your Home. Happy Holidays to you & your Family!

  19. That photograph is awesome! I like the weirdness of it too, (imagine that!) Father Christmas is wonderful too, and the fact that your mom made it, makes it over the top special. Everything looks beautiful Debra, just as I knew that it would!
    Happy Sunday!

  20. How wonderful to have such a treasure from your mom. He is quite a handsome fellow at that, goes so nicely with the natural Christmas you have. I love that.

  21. That is a marvelous woodland Santa and that your mother made it is all the more special.

  22. Debra,
    How precious to have a Santa that your mother made just for you. A rare treasure to cherish for all your years.Memories @ Christmas are what fill our lives with JOY! Thank you for sharing your Father Christmas!

  23. Love your Santa,He makes you want to stop and enjoy the Christmas season.Thanks for sharing!


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