Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Out on the Porch

I can't take credit for this one,
I totally stole it from my sister,
who stole it from Robin...

And mine is pretty lame in comparison to the one Robin
had at her wonderful Vintage Suitcase Open House a few weeks ago.

(can you see that cute plaid peeking out under all the awesome branches?)

Love this plaid from Thermos and Scotch Plaid
And it does seem like every post has some plaid in it this time of year...
maybe cause I'm just in love with it!


I haven't seen my sister's yet, 
but I'm sure it's way better than what I threw together.
Although, I DO have to say that this is REAL Holly
from my mega bushes in the back yard.
No faux here...

OK, the little trees are faux...
and the wreath...
and the green poinsettias...
But the Holly is real!

Things haven't changed too much since my 
pre-Thanksgiving makeover.
I just put my pumpkins out in the back for the critters to chew on.

There's one of my helpers at the front door.

I'm done, cause it is now way below freezing and I can't
stand to take any more pictures.

See ya tomorrow for 
Vintage Inspiration Friday
Hope you've dragged out all that old stuff,
cause we're havin' a party!!

Joining in for the Porch Party at 

and a little p.s.
Be sure and link up tomorrow for VIF,
'cause there's a cute little Santa Girl Necklace for a Give Away!

big hugs,


  1. You inspired me today Debra! I have a small vintage plaid lunch box that I'm going to fill with holly(fake) and put on my front porch!
    Hope you are enjoying this holiday season~SueBee

  2. Good morning Deb. I see you have been very busy. Love the plaid thermos with the 'real'greenery in it. It turned out great. I mix real and fake together too. It is just fun, and I prefer a fuller look and sometimes you don't get that with just real. Your entrance looks wonderful. Great job.

  3. I just love the idea of using the old plaid thermos with greenery in it for your decor. It goes perfectly at Christmas time. If you're looking for some more plaid Christmas inspiration, go check out Holly Mathis Interiors blog. Just beautiful!! Your outdoor decor looks very nice. We're expecting lots of cold air later today and it's raining, so you know what I'm thinking!

  4. I love your vintage plaid thermos. I think my sister had one of those when she was a girl! Your decor looks great!

  5. It's finally winter here in the South so I haven't done much outside either! I do love that plaid cooler-it is just perfect for Christmas decor.

  6. It's all very pretty, Debra! I love the traditional plaid too. We both have monster Holly bushes...and your faux comments cracked me up. hehe! Is that pretty little necklace, Melinda's creation?

  7. I love the plaid, you could not have found a better container anywhere. How clever. Thanks for sharing. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  8. love the plaid, i'll be on the lookout for some for me now.

  9. I always enjoy reading your inspiring! Cheers...Agnes

  10. So sweet and welcoming, is your front porch-cosy and lovely decorated with the trees and the wreath and poiensettias ( faux!! they are fantastic )
    Have a great day dear Debra,-HUGS

  11. It is all delightful! Such a wonderful welcome. Thanks for the reminder that I can use the real holly outside where I don't care about the berries falling. Inside they were messy.
    Have a wonderful day~

  12. Oh Debra, seeing your thermos makes me almost want to cry. I have that exact thermos I bought in WA years ago. If you pop over to my porch link you will see it. I made the mistake of putting it out on my porch one summer for a picnic display. Before I knew it the poor thing was sun faded to almost no color. I have a couple of other small ones. Only displaying them outside during the winter months. Won't make that mistake again. Yours looks beautiful filled with your fresh greens!

  13. Love your plaid. I used it, too, by layering different plaids on furniture in our sun room. I call it our "north woods" room in the winter.

  14. I adore the plaid and REAL holly by gosh.

  15. Debra, I think it all look so nice and the plaid is so winter/Holiday...Merry Christmas to you. I see your kitty get in pictures too....

  16. Your porch looks great. Love that plaid thingy. I love anything plaid.

  17. Debra, your plaid is making me smile! clever idea indeed. I'm sure I'll copy it myself. Happy Holidays ~ sarah

  18. Debra, I love the plaid in your porch! It's perfect for Christmas! It's such a delightful welcome to see your porch! I just love it all!

  19. I love those vintage coolers/ thermoses...whatever they are called lol! Looks so great with the holly...also love the wicker wall piece!

  20. Charming! I adore "real" holly and now you've got me wanting to make another attempt at growing some.


  21. Charming is the right word. It is so well layered and looks amazingly inviting. Thanks for sharing. SpecialK XoXo

  22. It is all so lovely Debra! That plaid bucket is just fantastic and I'm only slightly jealous that you have real holly to fill it with. :-) Thanks so much for linking it to the Doors and Porches Party!


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