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Monday, December 4, 2023

Father Christmas and the Woodland Wagon

My Father Christmas seems to think of this French goat cart as home each Christmas. He ends up here because after 40 years he has a bad back and needs some support. (can any of us relate?) It can't be seen from here but this year he's sitting in my old Tartan Plaid train case.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Christmas Greetings from the Garden Room

I have a lot going on in the Garden Room this Christmas. (well, I guess that's nothing new since I usually do!) It's been fun taking a bit of a different theme on the Baker's Rack and the Holiday Cupboard this season, which I'll be sharing soon. But for now I wanted to wish you a Merry start to the Christmas Season, along with my two old Christmas buddies.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Christmas Cheer with Father Christmas and Friends

Hello Everyone, can you even believe we're heading into December and the official start to the Christmas Season? I've been busy for a couple of weeks making the changeover from Thanksgiving to Christmas and I'm so excited to be a part of a fun holiday gathering today,

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Woodland Santa in the French Wagon

Do you have a favorite piece to decorate? ... a bookshelf, your coffee table, an Entry chest? Do you have something that just begs to be kept changed up for the Season or Holiday? While I enjoy decorating all those different pieces, I think the one element I love to decorate most, might be my little table top "Frenchy" wagon. (whoops, Santa looks a little tipsy here)

Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Fun on the Baker's Rack

I always like to keep the Baker's Rack in the Kitchen Sitting Area as a place to have some fun with vintage pieces. And what can be more fun than Vintage with some Christmas Cheer. The Baker's Rack is my place to mix and match and bring out the Kitsch for the Holidays.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas in the Cupboard

Just a quick "Hello" from the Lower Level Sitting Room,
 home of the Holiday Cupboard to wish you all a very

 Merry Christmas!!

I couldn't let Christmas come and go 
without sharing this special spot with you.
Have a wonderful Christmas Eve,
and a Happy Christmas Day.
(to see last years cupboard, click here.)

We thank you Father, for your Son
who came and died for our sins
that we might find peace and salvation in your loving arms.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Father Christmas in the House

I thought I would share a little more of the downstairs sitting area
where the Holiday Cupboard resides. 
This Santa, I like to call my "Father Christmas",
because he doesn't sport a red suit or have a sleigh.

He makes his gifts by hand 
and carries them in a burlap duffle over his shoulder.

He's a kindly old soul and sort of keeps to himself.

He walks with a lantern on a shepherd's crook
 and isn't known for loud bellows of Ho Ho Ho.
He's a much quieter sort.

The woodland creatures love him and reindeer
 have been known to pull a small cart for him on his journey.
He knows each child by name,
 and fashions their gift according to what they would love.
So glad you could meet my Father Christmas.

Lot of things on my table to keep the old man company:

Graphic print with some sweetie pie sheep.

I've shown this strange photograph several times before.
I love the authentic weirdness of it!

I don't have any history on it, but it looks European to me.

My table also holds a few of my vintage bisquit tins.

I found these this Fall

Some ironstone and a little quail.

Just a cozy spot to relax.

My mom made my Father Christmas character in the late 80's, 
and he's one of my favorite Christmas items.
She hand painted the face and stitched the garments.
She made quite a few to sell at a Christmas show one year,
and I was thrilled to receive him from her.
Each one was different and unique.

If you haven't linked up for the Vintage Christmas Edition of 
The Christmas Blogger Block Party,
it's still open, just scroll down to the next post.
Come join in on the fun!

Just a note to let you know I put a 15% Off code 
on over at the Etsy Shop.

Hope you're having a fun Saturday,


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just a little more white for Christmas

I still have a few more Christmas shots,
especially now that the new camera has arrived.

Santa is on his sunroom baker's rack perch.
look chilly out there?
brrrrr... it IS!!

And downstairs, Mr. Frosty shares a basket
with a somewhat strange old photo
of Santa and some elves.
Be sure and double click on the bigger photo,
then try not to be creeped out.

Paperwhites in the kitchen.
I always plant about 50 bulbs during the winter season
in various vintage containers. 

I can't say that I love their aroma,
but I DO love their delicate blossoms.
So I put up with "stinky".

And the Holiday Cupboard downstairs
which is usually the first thing to be decorated,
didn't get as much attention this season.

Our family room downstairs is darker than the rest of the house,
A great place to curl up by the fireplace,
and watch a movie.
We like it warm and cozy.

Hey, only one more
 Vintage Inspiration Friday
before Christmas!
Hope you can join in.

And today, I'm joining in at Faded Charm

Counting down to Christmas!!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

Hi everyone!! I survived Thanksgiving, and we had a wonderful time.  I am now up to my eyeballs in Christmas boxes, ornaments, flower arrangements and twinkle lights!

is having a wonderful party these next few Mondays until Christmas. We are celebrating our decorating for Christmas with vintage Christmas decor. Be sure and go by. There are lots of people signed up. It's not too late!

I wanted to share this little vintage Santa hanger
 with NOEL ribbons and bells.
It's hanging off my picket fence gate in the sunroom.
He is such a happy little fella!

These next few photos are from Spring Creek
Antiques and Tea Room in Ozark, Missouri.

Vintage Santa vignette

A pair of sweet angels to light up anyone's front porch decor.

And an old Santa in a vintage sleigh!

These next two photos were taken at Leola's in Ozark,
at last year's Christmas Open House.
Love all these vintage Santas and elves.

What a great way to display vintage figurines...
 in old white pottery

I should have my decorating finished by next Monday.
Hope you didn't mind seeing some
 fun things from the local shops.

Have a great Monday!
And may all your Christmas decorating be Jolly!


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