Saturday, October 29, 2011

What I managed to snag while in St. Louis...

We didn't get to some of our regular antique spots like, Big Bend, Treasure Aisle, or Warson Woods, but we did make it to my favorite little shops, Tin Roof and White Swan Antiques (University City, corner of Bruno and McCausland). These are true antique "stores" not a mall. There are always great finds and good buys.

So there's this little chip on the rim,
but who cares, this Majolica was only 12 dollars!

Books for 80 cents.

immaculate grain sack, rusty yellow garden tool,
and gravy boat from England.

Since painting the Living Room "white" this summer,
I've started collecting white matte pottery for the mantle.

Anyone know about either of these white pieces?
They didn't have any markings.

And another of my small obsessions,
Biscuit tins. and if they're plaid...
well, just get outta my way!

whoops, another biscuit tin, this time in green

and a silver plate heavy platter for 5 bucks that has a little copper showing through...

nothing that a few strategically placed goodies won't take care of.
(good grief, I can't believe I haven't shown off my million dollar velvet pumpkin!)

this sweet baby isn't old, but I have Christmas plans for him.

and my next project...

...with "help"!



  1. So love all your collections...I am so into vintage tins lately. I am gathering a bunch for Christmas. Love your blog! Hugs for a great weekend...happy collection. YOur home looks lovely.

  2. Love your St Louis finds! I will have to check out your favorite stores! thanks for the tip.

  3. Great finds ! Looks like you had fun !

  4. Cute piece of majolica. I have that very same pitcher. Twelve dollars is very good even with the chip. Majolica is so fragile that chips and cracks are somewhat acceptable. Love the silver tray too. And I adore the velvet pumpkins.

  5. What a wonderful treasure trove...the plaid tins are perfect for this time of year! t.xoxoxo

  6. You got some great treasures on your trip to St Louis! I'm sure you will be able to do great things with each one.

    The brown transferware gravy dish really caught my eye. Stunning!

  7. Oh how fun!!! I love coming home with fun stuff. I just bought a library table for my family room. Hubs doing a little work on it. Found things I did not see needed fixed and that they had cut the legs off probably at least 3 inchs per hubs. And they did not do a good job at it. But it was only 40.00 and I have plans....When I get it done I will have a reason to join up on Friday night! Have a good weekend Debra! Stop by for visit sometime.

  8. Great finds...I love the old biscuit tins.

  9. Your treasures are great! I love the biscuit tins too! You found some amazing buys! I cant wait to see more pics of your silver tray! I love them all!

  10. Love your new majolica! That little English pitcher is darling too! It's just like Chistmas unwrapping it at home! xx

  11. Boy you hit the jackpot didn't you? I love all your new finds. I especially love that little brown and white transferware creamer! That majolica pitcher was a wonderful find too. Those are hard to find and that one has the most beautiful colors. I also think you got a steal on that beautiful silver tray! I can't believe how little you paid for that. You'll never run out of places to use that. Thanks for sharing all your pretty things.

  12. Awesome snags! WOW! Love the majolica, the colors are georgous!

  13. love' 'em all. Ecspecially the little lamb!

  14. Oh, what great goodies. Love the plaid tin and your white pieces are super. Don't know anything about them. Great silver tray for such a low price. I bought one yesterday, too but not as cheap as yours.

  15. Debra, great finds. And even with the chip, that majolica is worth WAY more than you paid for it!!!!

    Diane XO

  16. I love the Tin Roof also. I have been shopping there for more years than I care to remember. John has a good eye and is very fair with his prices and gives a deal or to as well. I have some wonderful things from that shop. Always stop as one never knows what might await for you. Glad you did good. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  17. wow, some beautiful finds in St.Louis,, I have a tin like the round one,, it was my great aunts,, I love the sheep and I can't wait to see what the kitty does with that board!

  18. Hi Debra dear, the majolica, is a beauty,such a wonderful find and I love the gravy boat? also it is a lovely piece , and will look beautiful in your white living room, together with the other great finds. And your pumpkin-OH it is gorgeous--
    Next project???? I`m very exited to see, what you are up to :)
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  19. Dearest Debra + Helper,

    Love your last photo as I have the same assistants! You did snatch away some treasures. Enjoy whatever you're doing. Have a great weekend and love to you,


  20. I would have loved to be there with you but I would have needed a truck... love the little white tea pot..
    Nice finds

  21. The majolica is perfectly splendid and we embrace imperfection gladly too. I paid one squillion dollars for an old rusty bucket today and Joe nearly died one thousand deaths but is being revived now by my broccoli stir fry. Happy Weekend Lovey. ♥O

  22. LOVE the shortbread tins and the majolica pitcher. :D Great finds from St. Louis!

  23. I absolutely love the Scottish tins. My husband and I are both of Scottish ancestry and we collect any Scottish or Celtic vintage items we can find. Charming finds as always!

  24. Great haul!!!

    I miss going on and just junking, bringing home a whole bunch of really cool, rusty crusty goodness.
    Poorness stinks! ;-)


  25. I can't pass up a great tin either...then I turn around and go what am I doing with all these? It maybe a sickness! that I don't want to recover from:)
    Love your million dollar velvet pillow and your little helper....also worth a million dollars.

    Happy Halloween,

  26. Great finds! I love the grainsack and those tins!
    Looking forward to seeing your latest project.
    Have a wonderful day.

  27. They're all great finds, but the garden tool is my favorite.

  28. Debra,
    Great finds! Your pottery looks amazing...but without markings, I have NO CLUE! Sometimes we are just content with the art of the object.
    Those biscuit tins are wonderful! Hm~m~m...a velvet pumpkin, exquisite! The silver tray would have been my pick, for sure!!! Your helper looks enthuastic.!


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