Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Sitting Area

Last month when I shared my "Holiday Cupboard" I mentioned that I'd show you the rest of the room. We have two seating areas in our walk-out basement. One for media, the other is next to the French doors where the light is wonderful, and the girls and I will set and hang out if the guys are playing video games or watching sports.

Someday I'll get new lighter rugs for down here, but it hasn't happened yet. This last summer I found uglysofa.com and knew I had a solution for this space. The slipcovers require a little tucking and nudging, but for the price you cannot beat them. I have a gorgeous red botanical print sofa underneath, but I was ready for a change. (I also have a quilt added for more "cushion") Restoration Hardware French Linen pillows and a couple of flea market finds make for a comfy spot to lounge or nap.

The round coffee table on casters had been my in-laws, that I painted out last year. Hey, one more place to decorate!! yay! The grain sack red stripe runner is a purchase last year from French Garden House. I love it Lidy!

The "Holiday Cupboard" is one of my fun spots to decorate seasonally. 

A vintage wicker settee, flanked by two of my fave tables, a vintage wicker, and a wonderful piece that I just painted out the base on. Love the contrast of the dark walnut top.

And the area to the left of the photo?
...it's my husband's hangout...'nough said.

The grainsack pillow on the back of the settee is an antique French piece with embroidered initials, I just have a couple of down ticking pillows inside.

My seed box is the base for a basket tray with note cards, antique spectacles, and family photos and notes.

I made this ceramic pumpkin cookie jar back in the ceramics rage of the 70's. During one of our moves the lid broke in two, but I had to glue it back. not a very good job, don't look too closely.

Some Fall vintage teapots, jars, and fois bois pitcher.

Old window box and hurricane candle that stays out all year. just change out the accessories.

Two mismatched vintage wicker chairs with Fall quilts, pillows, and footstools. 

I'll be partying with these gals,





We're supposed to have our first frost tonight, and I'm just not ready.
I've been lulled into complacency by 80 degree days!
I think I'm just going to have to throw a blanket over my geraniums,
since they're not ready to winter indoors and hope for the best.

See ya Thursday afternoon for 




  1. That was fun seeing your whole room with all the details. You've done a great job incorporating alot of Fall elements in your room too. I have those pillows from Restoration Hardware as well. Love them!

  2. you and the girls have a very pretty place to visit while the guys hangout! Everything looks gorgeous, I am always in awe of your flower arranging skills, I stick with one flower and leave the arranging up to my Hannah over here! t. xoxoo

  3. Debra - it's all GORGEOUS!!! Your couch looks so comfortable - perfect for hiding out from a frost!!!


  4. Those quilt wrapped cushions on the wicker chairs are my favorite! I may borrow this idea for my own wicker chairs!

    The whole space looks FANTASTIC!


  5. Beautiful space, great find on the slipcover. I love that you were able to use the pumpkin ceramics from the 70's, what's old is new again. I have watermelon bowls from that time. Laura Cottage and Broome

  6. Oh Debra, it is just lovely!... I need you to come help me decorate!... your pumpkins and all look so cute, and I love those stacked vintage suitcases... all your little vignettes are just charming... did I spy a vintage bottlebrush Christmas tree in there too???... I posted one of my vintage key pendants from you again and a link to your blog... hope that's okay... we got out first frost last night too... I don't even want to see what it did to my garden, it was not predicted!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Your room is so pretty, love all of the fall touches.

  8. Hi Debra,
    Your sitting room looks so beautiful!!! And I love the way your sofa tuned out, it looks like a professional slip cover.
    Your home is always full of such fabulous treasures and always gorgeous!!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  9. I thought, I don't remember that white sofa...wonderful job Debra!
    Thank you for the link, yep these slipcovers are def affordable, and when you can't have a custom one made they're certainly the next best thing, and these prices beat the department stores who never seem to have white. Everything looks amazing

  10. I love this room Debra ! It is so inviting and cozy ! Makes me want to come visit.

  11. Looks snug, cozy and inviting ~ and a perfect place for teatime! xo

  12. Your home is so cozy and warm....& so festive. I love the flowers & colorful fall touches too - i could certainly enjoy an afternoon visiting with you there! xoxo

  13. i just want to snuggle down in that room...so cozy.

  14. So gorgeous--so much inspiration to pore over!!!

    So..does the "guy" side have dead stuffed critters on the wall and neon beer signs?? (grin)

  15. Your girl space is lovely and cozy, Debra. The whites sure brighten it up and I like all the seasonal decor. I bet it's pretty at Christmas. Blessings, Pamela

  16. So cosy and beautiful, dear Debra- I love all the white, with the orange touch, a very lovely room, and you decorate so wonderful, is it inside or out- alwayes you have special things to to make great vignettes.
    I saw your frost-note--
    here we also have had frost at night the last dayes.... and white lawns early mornings-- winter is soon here.

  17. That is such a beautiful seating area Debra! It looks so gorgeous with all of your Fall decor! :-)

  18. This is such a comfy room...I could be very content here snuggled up with a good book!! I like the slipcovers and the pretty fall arrangements you have made. You amaze me with your vignettes! Thanks so much for letting us visit!!


  19. so inviting with all your little Fall touches! xo susan

  20. Hi Debra,
    The girl side looks very homey, pretty and comfy. Love the pillows on the couch and settee.
    The fall vingette looks great.


  21. Debra ~ What a lovely place to sit with "the girls". Love your fall decor. Just perfect ;-)

  22. I'm a new follower thru faded charm cottage blog. Gorgeous room and blog.

  23. You need your own store nonuglystuff.com or something as your spaces are so well put together. The details say it all and you have the details DOWN. kiss2u olive

  24. I love how you have a Holiday Cupboard. That's a great idea. Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us!

  25. Your room is beautiful! I love how you've styled the hutch in the corner and the white suitcase are to die for.

  26. Nice spot. I like the dark rugs. It's fun to look around the room and find these lovely vignettes.

  27. What a lovely place! I adore your hutch and the white suitcases! Thanks for sharing such an inspiring room!

  28. What a lovely spot to relax and decorate! The hutch looks wonderful and I really love the coffee table, and chair with fall quilt and patchwork pillow.

  29. Looks so inviting--thanks for sharing!

  30. Hi Debra, Your room is so pretty and there are so many things to love. The cupboard is fabulous and I just adore your pillows. Thank you for linking to the Open House Party.

  31. What a great place to relax Debra, love all the cozy vignettes!

  32. That couch looks so SOFT, comfy and inviting. I'll bet once you have found your little hollow in it that you don't want to get up! A cup of tea and a good book...necessities I'm sure!

    It's a beautiful, inviting room, Debra.

    Hugs, Diane

  33. What a lovely room and you are too funny about your husband's area. I love all of the white and you have so many great details all in one room.

  34. Oh my goodness, HOW GORGEOUS! I love it all but those suitcases are still my favorites:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  35. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one painting all her furniture white! Love the table turned coffee table.

  36. Debra, you have created such a cozy retreat in your walk out basement. It is the perfect place for the girls to hang out.

  37. I love every inch of this room! All the details are so fun to look at, and it's all homey wonderful!

  38. Your room is gorgeous and I love the way the orange stands out against the white!

  39. What an inviting and gorgeous sitting area! I love all your pretty touches. I'll check out your tip on uglysofa.com

    Thank you so much for linking up this week!

  40. You have sooo many pretties in this space, Debra! I love changing out the décor of a room seasonally too. It keeps everything fresh and interesting.

    Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages I'm discovering in living in a TINY cottage is, EVEN with seasonal changes, there is just not enough room to keep the "man cave stuff" from intruding into my pretty decorations. lol

    Thanks for joining Time Travel Thursday. I look forward to what you have to share each week. ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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