Friday, October 28, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #61 Halloween Nostalgia

As a child Halloween was always special, as it was my paternal grandmother's birthday. She always had homemade caramel corn balls (anyone still make these?) and a chocolate cake. Funny the things that are embedded in our minds and hearts from our childhood. I remember spending hours in my grandparents' "walk-in" attic; full of books, games, and Holiday decorations from when my dad was young in the 30's. 
After all these years, the 20's and 30's are my favorite era for graphics.

Here are some vintage Halloween postcard images found on Google.
They are so hard to find now, and go for more than a few dollars.

And some great vintage photos of Halloween revelers.

I remember the year that I was probably in 3rd. grade that my mom and dad thought it would be funny to dress me up like the "Frito Bandito". Anyone out there remember that piece of history? Mom drew a skinny mustache on me with eyebrow pencil. A serape and sombrero from a trip to Mexico finished the ensemble. I was humiliated but they laughed their socks off. Ha ha, I wanted to be a princess!

(Update!!! OK, I went back to Wikipedia, and it seems that the Frito Bandito didn't make it on the scene until 1967. I was older than 3rd grade in 1967. Clearly my sick parents were ahead of their time with this sad incident. I suppose in hindsight it was referred to as the FB Outfit!!)

 I've shared this before; My Grandfather was a printer and a practical joker. He loved surprise parties and hosted a secret get together for my Grandmother's birthday.

Wish I had photos from that party!

I know most of us have wonderful memories from our childhood about Halloween. So I celebrate the nostalgia and memories. Laura from Decor to Adore wrote a wonderful post that so resonates with my thoughts on Halloween. Hope you'll read it when you leave here. 

So let's see what was going on last week.
Sorry I didn't get by to visit, but as you probably know,
we were visiting our kids in St. Louis.

Theresa "Easy Peasy" Hein from 612 Riverside
really inspired me with her great Jack-O-Lantern scarecrows.

My sweet friend Julie from Idyllhours
adorned an old rake for her porch decor.
(she wanted a broom, but settled for the rake!)

Sue from Sullivan and Murphy put together a wonderful Fall display
with a demijohn that is fantastic.

Rita from MayDays creates a gorgeous buffet display
with her silver and natural elements.

My good friend Rebecca Ersfeld invites us in to visit,
and see all her creations for the upcoming Holidays.
Try to visit her online shop for some wonderful goodies.

And Aimee from It's Overflowing
transformed her rancher chandy into a thing of blingy beauty!

Thanks everyone, hope you'll link up to the party,

"Anything vintage or vintage inspired"
and all your Fall Decor.

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  1. Hi Debra, Thanks as always for hosting such a great linky party. I love the old Halloween photos you found. I always get such great inspiration when I stop by for a visit. Thanks!

  2. The old Halloween pictures are so precious. I remember the Frito Bandito, what a clever idea. Almost every year in the 60's we dressed up as Hobos, then it was on to Hippies. Oh the memories. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I remember the Frito Bandito very well. For a Halloween party in the early 70s, my husband was the Bandito and I was the bag of chips (painted on poster board and worn like a sandwich board)!!

  4. Love the vintage Halloween cards and photos. What a terrific post. Lots of fun and memories to give and get. Have a wonderful day :)

  5. Seems fitting that you are my first link-up for my latest project...I've been working on my Design Challenge! Aren't you proud of me??

  6. What a fun post Debra. The vintage photos are wonderful! Their costumes were sorta creepy with the masks! Have a great weekend and thank you for hosting and linking up with me at HSH!

  7. As I was reading your post I began remembering all the fun Halloweens I had growing up... thank you so much for sharing your memories. I loved everything about this post... the memories/vintage inspiration and the features from last weeks party! All fun! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Oh my that darling pic of the little ones (group pic). Thanks for hosting:)


  9. What a fabulous collection of images! Very "Our Gang". What a fun history you have with Halloween. I remember always wanting to win the cake walk at the school festival! Haha! Not much has changed! The links look wonderful. Thanks Debra! xx

  10. Great pictures you found, Debra, and I love that invitation your grandfather did for your grandmother's party. My birthday is also on Halloween and as my granddaughter {and future grandkids} get older, I hope to make it fun for them.

  11. Hi Debra, Thank You for sharing the vintage photos of Halloween past they are very cool! Being that we luv antique and vintage Halloween treasures. Thank's for hosting today and enjoy your Halloween weekend.....Julian

  12. Great old photos. Thanks for hosting the party, Debra.

  13. Thanks for hosting! Love the old postcards and especially the photographs. I have that second postcard of the cat and pumpkins, one of my faves. It's fun to see they way they dressed up years ago, I don't remember ever seeing any pictures from back then. Really interesting...thanks for posting them!

  14. Halloween is truly one of my favorite times of year. I love it. Thanks for hosting Debra! I love the old postcards too, I wast thinking what cute little banners they make.

  15. OH Debra, so sad you was not the princess- but yuo looked real funny dressed like that ,my dear ;)
    Love the old photoes, --I never was dressed up ,as we did not celebrate Halloween- funny to see, how things are different .

  16. OOOPS! Got sidetracked by my son and accidently typed in my name for the title of my submission. Is there any way to delete it? It should read "Halloween Mantel Reveal"


  17. Pulled a crown off last year trying to make and taste caramel corn. Don't think I have the talent. I love this post with all the vintage charm of Halloween. I always thought it would be fun to have one's b-day on Halloween.

  18. Debra, I love those old pictures. Those costumes are so fun. They didn't have the premade ones back then so they had to use their imagination to come up with those. Thanks for hosting.

  19. Debra, I love these old vintage Halloween postcards and photos! What fun times folks have had over the years. I'm joining you for VIF with a tablescape but the only thing Halloweenie is the miniature pumpkins. Blessings, Pamela

  20. i love the vintage photos! thanks so much for hosting.
    cheryl x

  21. Hi Debra!

    I LOVE the vintage graphics of Halloween! I too have an affinity for the 20's & 30's era. My parents are 30 years apart - so even though I'm in my mid 30's, my dad was a boy in the 1920's and a teenager in the 1930's! So I grew up on alot of "vintage" things in my home - of course back then, I didn't appreciate it as much as I do now! Anyway, your pictures just reminds me of the things that I was surrounded by at home...I love my dad sooo much! He is still with us at age 88 turning 89 this November 1st and treasure each day I have with him...

    Anyway, I hadn't linked up in a few weeks, so happy to link up this week! :) Wonderful features, by the way!


  22. What a fun post. Love all the vintage cards and pics of people dressed! Linda

  23. The vintage cards are so cute, but I adore the vintage photographs! What treasures!

    Thanks you, sweet friends for being a gracious hostess. And thank you for linking to Potpourri Friday! You are appreciated!

  24. I love your Halloween vintage card collection, I have a few myself. Thank You for hosting this great inspiration party.
    Happy Halloween...........

    The French Hutch

  25. Thank you fro hosting this week and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! andrea@townandprairie

  26. On your postcards...I have a collection that goes back to my childhhod. I have always loved vintage postcards and tins. The lettering was always fetching to me. Not many Halloween ones in my pockets, but I have lots of Easter motiffs! andrea@townandprairie

  27. Those old postcards and photos are amazing! And speaking of amazing, the features this week are truly incredible. Thanks so much for hosting us and always being so gracious and welcoming! :-)

  28. Hi Debra... LOVE all those vintage Halloween images, but I want to see YOU as the Frito Bandito!... hee hee hee, I remember that so well!... I am sure you were adorable!!!... also loved seeing and reading about your Grandpa's party again... how fun that must have been and what an adorable Grandpa you had... thanks also for featuring my daddy's old broom rake I posted last week... finally got my posts back!... and I am joining your party again this week... you make everything so much fun!... have a bewitching evening... xoxo Julie Marie

  29. I love all the vintage halloween stuff you found! Thanks as always for hosting.

  30. I just love vintage Halloween pictures! I also love seeing old pics too!

  31. Love the vintage cards and photos! It's funny to see so many of the children as clowns and devils! In my day, it was witches and ghosts! Now...almost anything! lol Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie

  32. Terrific vintage halloween images. Thanks for hosting Halloween Nostalgia. I am now following your blog and have added your blog to my blog links under Link Hosts.
    - Joy

  33. Such a fun post! I love the vintage images. Thank you so much for hosting!


  34. Hi Sweet
    What a fun post!
    Your grand-dad sounds like such a fun guy and how funny the Frito Bandito!!! Wish I could have seen that one... my dad used to paint bugs on our faces... ha we were bums.
    Have a wonderful week.

  35. I truly enjoyed your trip down memory lane. And, yes, I do remember the Frito Bandito. My sister and I used to try to talk like him. We didn't have to dress like him, though! Thanks for hosting.

  36. Hi Debra,

    Finally had time to link up again. I've missed your party and hope to have more time to finish my home and share.

    Hope all is well:-)


  37. Thank you for hosting and the vintage cards are wonderful :)
    Have a blessed weekend and Happy Halloween!

    Kay Ellen

  38. Thanks so much for having me today. Hope your Friday is fabulous. Happy Halloween weekend too!

    Best wishes,

  39. Debra,
    These are all so wonderful...I adore the vintage postcards! How special to have an invitation printed by your Grandfather in honor of your Grandmother's birthday. Have a great weekend and a safe Hallowen!

  40. i am sorry
    that it's taken me so long
    to get linked up this week

    it's just been
    a crazy few days for me

    love all the vintage halloween ephemera
    and photographs



  41. It's the first time I visit your blog and i really love it. As i really love greetings cards and photos you posted. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us! Hugs and Smiles from Italy! :)

  42. Thank you Debra~
    I've always admired your decorating talent and photography. Thank you for hosting...
    Hugs Rosemary...x

  43. Such a fun post! I loved all of those old Halloween photos!
    I do remember the Frito Bandito and I'm going to blame you for having that Frito Bandito jingle running through my head all day :)
    Have a great weekend.

  44. Thanks for hostessing a great linky party!

  45. Hi Debra, I've started following you. Love the inspiration and the vintage cards.

  46. Wonderful nostalgia and birthday party for your grandmother. Your grandfather must have been a wonderful man.
    Thanks for hosting.
    {We've been away visiting our kids too.}
    ~ Julie

  47. Those are some incredible photos you have and what fun your Grandfather must have been. I can't say I decorate for Halloween. I pretty much stick with pumpkins and fall.

  48. Oh love your old photos!! They are wonderful Debra!! Thanks for hosting! :)

  49. Debbie, I loved seeing all of those great images of Halloween pasts! Love the story about you getting dressed up as the FB as a child, too... LOL!
    Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend and a Happy Halloween!

  50. Thanks for hosting! Really love the great vintage Halloween photos

  51. Aye, aye, aye, aye....I'm the Frito Bandito!!!!! Oh, heck, yeah, I remember it! Too funny!

    I love the vintage photos and cards in this post. Too cool!!!


  52. Hi Debra~ I now have that jingle tune in my head! I loved the frito bandito, I bet you looked adorable!
    THANK YOU so much for featuring my gourd scarecrows,I made them about 5 years ago and it doesn't feel like halloween without them up! YOur collection of vintage photos are wonderful, I especially love the one of the two boys carving the pumpkins, so sweet. THANKS AGAIN! t. xoxoxox

  53. Love the vintage postcards and old photos! I think I can still sing the frito bandito song or at least a few parts of it, nice memory, aura Cottage and Broome


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