Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Puttering in the Sun Room for the 100th White Wednesday

I guess you could say that's my hobby...puttering...you know playing with little things, moving them around...adding...and then moving things around some more. I've been puttering in the sunroom again.

(my bluebird china cups will be linked to A Rosy Note)

It's one of my favorite places to be in the warmer months.
The kitties and I hang out there alot.

I like a white backdrop for all my quilts,
(that change for the season)
pillows, and vintage garden goodies.

(rooting some ivy in an old tea pot)

And here's the newest member of the lamb family.
Given to me by one of the sweetest, most talented, cutest
little redheads around....
The duct tape diva herself...

I like to keep things fun out here...
things that make me giggle

Even a chalkware chicken sitting on a nest.

Love these pillows that I found at my friend Laura's space.
(thanks girlfriend!!!)

One of my fave color combos is pink and green;
fresh and Springy.
I found this quilt a few weeks ago for just a few dollars.

I just can't pass up a darling pillow,
with graphics from the 30's.
Enlarge it to see that it was a Birthday Gift long ago.

I thought I'd better share my late Spring fun
before it was time to change out for Summer.

Be Sure you head on over to Faded Charm to see what's going on.
Kathleen has some celebratin' this week!

I'm linking to all these great parties this week:

Hope to see you Thursday afternoon for
 Vintage Inspiration Friday

Oh Gosh, I almost forgot...
if you haven't entered my May Give Away

lots of love,


  1. Hello Debra... I could just sit in your pretty sunroom all day, along with your kitties, and admire everything... I love all of your Nature~inspired decor... that birthday pillow is such a treasure, and so is your new quilt... I too love to "putter"... one of my favorite things to do... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie PS Your little lamb gift is just precious!

  2. don't ya just LOVE to have a few spare moments to putter!?! I think it should be built into every.single.day!

  3. That sunroom is great! I could totally find myself in there reading a great book and sipping some hot tea!

  4. While we use our sunroom year round I love it best in the summer. My Kitties & I hang out there too!!
    Yours is lovely!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  5. lovely, that sunroom rocks! I could decorate all day long, oh, that's right I do !
    love the lamb peeking out from the bubble wrap, darling...


  6. what a special place...i love the quilts and all the pretty little bits and pieces...i bet you spend as much time as possible reposing in your delightful room!

  7. Love your sun room, and that lamb is the cutest thing ever, thank you for sharing those pictures, and brighten my gloomy rainy day!
    XXXX Ido

  8. You have a gorgeous sunroom! It is very charming, and I love your new little lamb. My parents have a set of glass top nesting tables, that are similar to yours. They're perfect for a sunroom :)

  9. How wonderful to have a sun room! And I share your love of quilts... I got one last summer from the Santa Fe flea market. A crazy quilt from 1903! It was in the perfect colors for my house...

  10. Debra, I love your cute cottage sunroom and those crazed china cups are wonderful. Great shots.

  11. thats is the coziest sun room,, just makes one want to curl up with a new magazine and a snickers bar,, (tea with that of course)!

  12. Oh I love every inch of this room. All of your decor is perfect. It just begs you to come in and sit. Fabulous. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  13. That looks like a wonderful room to rest and relax in. So very pretty with such great details everywhere.

  14. What a pleasant there on the patio! I would also like to expose the pillows and blankets, but yesterday was cold, the weather was nice today. I hope that tomorrow will be great.

  15. I am puttering too Debra! The weather is doing strange things. Has been raining all day and I had to have the heater on for a while. So I am hanging out in the house, decorating and soldering. Let's have some tea on your porch soon, it looks really lovely. ;) Ciao Rita Mammabellarte

  16. Hi Debra! Oh, how I love your pretty porch. Those little tea cups are darling - the pattern is so dainty! You really take some beautiful snaps!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. You have a lovely sunroom. I'm sure you enjoy time spent there and no wonder with all the lovely collectibles to admire. I especially love the wicker, watering can and buckets, quilts, vintage dishes and that gorgeous scale. Thanks for sharing your fun space.

  18. Hi Debra,
    I love your sun room and all of your lovelies too. My Mom said she ran into you at Relics...i told her to get her booty in gear and get a space going NOW lol she really like the store, this is all new to her as far as selling goods. i hope you have agreat rest of your week.

    Smiles and blessings,

  19. Love your sunroom. Looks so cozy and relaxing. All the details are beautiful.

  20. Hi Miss Putter, your puttering pays off. The sun room is so springy and pretty. The pink and green quilt is a great find. happy white wednesday♥O

  21. Lovely photos, Debra...especially the bluebirds cup...just beautiful! Just wanted you to know I live in the necklace I won from you...just love it!

  22. What a lovely space, so pretty and looks so relaxing! Your little lamb is precious!

  23. Oh my ~ I just love, love, love this room. It's just so cozy and comfy I could curl up in the chair and read a book and have a cup of tea ;-)

  24. Debra, when I saw the little tea cups I just had to stop by to see what was brewin' at the Common Ground ;) And what gorgeous tea cups they are, I love the little blue birds:)
    I also love viewing all your pretty whites in your post, gorgeous gorgeous images, thanks for sharing, tami

  25. How I long for a sunroom! Your's is so sweet with it's wicker and quilts and nicknacks. Enjoy it all summer. Blessings, Pamela

  26. You have the funnest sunroom on the planet! Love that pink quilt! Happy 100th WW!xx

  27. very pretty "puttering" you do!
    love your sunroom...it's so cozy and cute...just perfect!!

  28. Hi Debra! Everything about this says warm, cozy and welcoming. I love the pink and green quilt the best though! :-)

  29. What a fun sunroom! No wonder your new little lamb has such a big smile. :)

  30. Oh Debra if I had a space filled with such delightful goodies I'd be doing the same thing.

    Your sweet new addition is so cheerful looking, she makes me smile. I picked up a vintage childrens squeaky toy lamb last year for no other reason that it made me smile and I couldn't think of passing it up. It's still one of my favorite vintage items although I never really know how to use it.

  31. Really great! I love the pillows and all the things else! xx

  32. What a happy room and a beautiful space to relax. I love those bluebird teacups. Thanks for linking up to my Share the Love link party!

  33. First off...can I say I love me some RNC?
    Second...when I come for a visit...and I will...can I snuggle under the pink and green quilt? Love it and you!

  34. What a cozy sunroom! It looks so springy. I love that photo of the wreath hanging on the mirror. Gosh, that's pretty. Hey, I see you put up a new profile picture...I like it :)

  35. I am a confessed putterer too! Now you have me looking around my house wondering where I can hang a mirror with a wreath in front of it! I love all of your spring goodness Debra! See you thursday! xoxoxo

  36. I just want to sit in your sunroom and read a good book. I love the quilts and the green and pink watering cans are very cute.

  37. We will never tire of watching you putter around Debra!!

  38. Every special touch in your sunroom makes it so warm and welcoming!

    Susan and Bentley

  39. I love your sun porch and I had one once and this really makes me miss it

    Now I have Curtains in my Tree over my patio

  40. Yes I too am a putterer...is that a word?!

    Love strolling through your sun room Debra, so warm, inviting and so many treasures to look at!

    Happy WW!!

  41. Debra,dear- it is a joy visiting you here,-Love the cups-and the teapot with Evy- and all your beautiful quilts- that makes this room look so cosy and beautiful.
    Also love the new photo of you dear- looking so sweet and beautiful.

  42. Oh my goodness Debra...this post is full of lovely images from your porch, and you KNOW how much I LOVE your porch!!!! What an amazing place to hang out!
    hugs from here...

  43. darling, love your porch, pics and cat!

  44. Hi Debra, I would love to be spending all my spare time in lovely sunroom too! All of your "whites" and photos are wonderful and the little lamb is adorable. Thank you for joining my party.

  45. My favorite spot at your house for sure! You know those quilts make my heart beat faster. Oh, I love everything here!

  46. I think I could spend all day in your pretty sunroom. And that sweet lil lamb is just adorable ~ I've got a small collection of those! The photo of the crazed cup is amazing!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  47. I used to have a small platter with the bluebird pattern - no clue what happened to that sweet thing! For some reason you popped into my mind when I wrote my post today and I wanted to check in - lovely and fun as always, Jennifer jennsthreegraces Oh, Happy Day!

  48. hee-hee
    I'm so glad the little lamb is in the sun room 'cause I swear - some day you're going to wander out there and i'm going to be wallowing in the gorgeousness!!! With my duct tape! haha!!!

    I absolutely adore you and that little lamb could not have found a better home!!!


  49. Debra,

    I am swooning over your bluebird china cups. I was hoping you were going to say they were in your shop.

    Your Friend,

  50. Your treasures are all so fabulous - the little lamb is precious as can be

    Happy Photo Feature Friday :O)

  51. Hello Debra! Just thought I'd pop back over and thank you for linking to Photo Feature Friday :) Hope you're having a good weekend!

    hugs ♥ tricia

  52. Your spring sunroom is so pretty and cheerful. I could spend the whole day there reading and sipping tea from those precious teacups with the blue birds. As another sheep lover, your little guy is adorable! Love the one in your header too.
    Thanks for linking up for THT.
    Have a great weekend.

  53. Debra,
    What a pleasure it is to visit your blog and see all of your pretty images!

  54. Hi Debra! I am new to your blog and I already love it! THe cup shot is just beautiful!

  55. I could sit in that space and chat with you for days, Debra! Love the pillow. Thank you for sharing with air your laundry Friday!


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