Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vintage Valentine Cards on Silver Sunday

I've been waiting for today for weeks...
Since Joan at Anything Goes Here
announced her Vintage Valentine Party!

I've sneaked in some Valentine photos
 this last week or so,
hope your not tired of all the "love",
 and some of the same photos.

As my kitties like to say;
Valentines, Schmalentines.

I'm also linking with Beth
from Gypsy Fish Journal today
to be a part of her monthly party,
Silver Sunday
(can't miss that!)

So I'm including some of my Vintage Valentines
on a large footed silver tray on my
Dining Room buffet,
where all things "holiday" seem to land.

This is a silver necklace that my sweet mom
 bought me for Valentines Day this year.
Love the initial and the crown on top.

And a silver bud vase with faux roses.

I found this intricate large Valentine
this summer in St. Louis.
It's supposed to be 3-D,
but I wanted to display it in an old
ornate frame I had been saving.

Here are a few of my vintage Valentine postcards.
The cutie boy here reminds me of my nephew Spence.
(tulips from my sweet sister)

My entry way dresser is holding
another smaller 3-D valentine.
And the pink Hull vase was
 a Valentine to myself this year.


And here is my sideboard again,
with another Valentine and
some altered children's Valentines
 that I have been playing with.

This framed simple Valentine is an
original from my paternal Grandfather
to my Grandmother, from the early 1920's.
He owned a print shop and this is another of his pieces.
to my Grandmother's Birthday Party.

Have a Sweet and Cozy Valentine Weekend,

Hugs and Love,

p.s. Thank you all for your sweet comments!
I seem to be having a "time management" issue with
preparing for the new booth opening.
Please just know I love you all and that
each and every comment
blesses me.



  1. Hi Debra! I love it all but my FAVORITE is the white fram with the pink mat. LOVE it! Enjoy your Valentine's Day and we know you love us! It seems a lot of bloggers are having time issues and that is understandable. Lots going on:) Have a blessed day!

  2. Debra your romantic Valentine's vignettes are sweeter than sweet ... I love how you have individually framed the cards and your artwork, they are so well deserving of their very own frame! Just regal, each one ... and to see a fresh tulip is the best surprise of all, I also like the ivy topiary, roses, and hydrangeas ... a touch of nature is lovely!

    Wishing you a happy Valentine's weekend ..

  3. LOVE your Valentine's... We used to have a coffee shop in our town called "Uncommon Grounds" LEzlee

  4. The framed cards are gorgeous Debra. How wonderful to have something from your grandparents to share. And I like how you have been altering the children valentines. I hope you are going to show us your new booth when you get it altogether!

  5. So blessed to of found your blog, I am new to blogging and your site made my heart sing!
    I would be honored if you would take the time to visit me

  6. All of your vignettes are so pretty. I love your silver. Everything is just gorgeous. Hugs,Marty

  7. i love how you framed your favorite valentines. the first one you show is my absolute favorite.
    my half birthday is march 1st......hahaha

  8. Oh, it is all so pretty. I want to come shopping at your house. Thanks for giving me such great eye candy. You are the best.

    Cha Cha

  9. you have such a beautiful assortment of 'framed' Valentines. Very special indeed!

  10. Hello Debra, what a beautiful post! I especially love the pretty necklace from your mama and also your beautiful Hull Wildflower vase you gave yourself... I collect Hull as well and I love the soft colors... Happy Valentines Day... xoxo Julie Marie

  11. Hi Debra,

    Love the way you have displayed your vintage valentines, and the vase is beautiful! Happy Valentines Day!


  12. I've never seen one of those old valentines in such a large size! It looks amazing framed in that beautiful frame. I never thought of framing my valentines before, but they make a much bigger impact that way. Your home is so lovely, and just full of decorating ideas!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. I love the way you've arraged and displayed your Valentines! They really are works of art.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. The vintage valentines, silver, gifts, and flowers look wonderful together.

    Next to where I am typing is your sidebar link to Dreams Intertwined who was at the Chicagoland Bloggers Get together with me today. What a coincidence. Also, Anne Marie from Na~Da Farm Life and Joy from Savvycityfarmer.... And Rebecca from Vintage Living.... of course our hostess was Jenny from Sanctuary Arts....looks like your whole sidebar was there.

    Thanks for taking the time to participant in the Vintage Valentine Card Party! Happy Valentine Day xo Joan, your hostess

  15. Hi Debra,
    You can send me that initial necklace, because my first name is Diana. So there ya go, just send it over right away.

    I love all your beautiful Valentine decor. It's all so lovely especially the framed valentine.

    Thanks for a wonderful post.

  16. The necklace from your mom is just beautiful, Debra. I love all of the valentine's in the pretty frames and all of the vignettes you have made. How sweet!!

    Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!


  17. Love all your Valentines.... don't think I could pick just one fav.... you are a talented lady... and I enjoy the lovely eye candy...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog....and the comment


  18. That framed valentine is fantastic! I just love have several nice vintage cards...and you can't go wrong placing them on silver!! Happy SS!

  19. hi debra! you have such wonderful vintage seems the supply never ends! it's great! good luck to you on your bigger and better booth!
    happy valentines!

  20. Your altered Valentine's all look so good! So much better than mine, she said without a trace of jealousy, hehehe. ;-)

    I remember that Halloween invitation, your grandpa was a little hottie, wasn't he? My goodness!

    Valentine's schmalentines, meow! :-)


  21. wow! Lots of beautiful things here! The silver is so pretty and the Valentines, well, just wow!

  22. Beautiful! Especially the lovely framed Valentine from your Grandfather to your Grandmother. What a treasure! The vintage valentines are so much prettier than anything you can find today. Have a warm, wonderful and serene Sunday. Blessings, Tammy

  23. Lovely, lovely, lovely..Happy valentines day! ~lulu

  24. I'm sure the kitties really love the valentines deep down in their little kitty hearts! You have displayed everything so beautifully Debra, they look truly cherished. Happy valentine's Day to you!

  25. Debra, I Love your Sweet Collection, really love how you framed them..... So Sweet
    Happy Valentine's Day

  26. WOW! Your vignettes are just extra wonderful today! I love LOVE everything that you did.

  27. Debra,
    All the Valentine pieces you have are lovely as usual. But, I just love the necklace your mom gave you. I know you will treasure it for years to come.
    Happy Valentines!

  28. Absolutely wonderful collection of vintage valentines! And a very clever use of the flower frogs. I'm going to remember that!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you! ~ Sarah

  29. Oh my goodness, your vignettes are just lovely. All of your valentines are adorable. I just love the one framed with that intricate paper cutting. Thanks for sharing
    Happy Valentine's Day

  30. Your home is lovely and the displays are extraordinary! Having them framed really adds a special touch! Good luck with your new booth ~ I know how hectic and time consuming it can be ~ Happy Valentine's Day ~ Judi

  31. what a lovely combination of silver and valentines! very pretty pieces.
    happy valentine's day!

  32. Enjoyed your beautiful vignettes. Would love to see your booth. Wish I lived near by so I could see it.

    How special to have a Valentine your grandparents exchanged! That is something.

  33. We never "tire" of the love! :) All your pieces are just gorgeous. Happy Silver Sunday and I hope your Valentine day was a sweet one.

  34. I just love this post, but then I love all your posts. Silver and Valentines together- yeah! teo of my favs. I love the colors and textures you combine in your design! good luck with your new booth...


  35. Debra, Such a bounty of love! Your new header is gorgeous as well....makes me want to spring to hurry up!
    Thanks for paticipating....see you next month!
    {{Gypsy Valentine hugs}}

  36. Your vignettes are beautiful, just as your framed valentines. The first one with the gold frame is absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing.

  37. Very lovely valentines and you have captured them so magically! XXOO

  38. Gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous! I love the way you have displayed your beautiful Valentines and I adore your heart topiary!


  39. Beautiful! I especially love the silver date calendar, so gorgeous!

  40. Your Valentine displays are gorgeous! How cool are the 3-D valentines. What a lucky find. The silver necklace is pretty too. How lucky you are to have a sweet mom (w/ good taste!).

  41. Love all of your displays!! Everything is just gorgeous!!!

  42. Hi Debra~~found your blog from your comment on mine!! So glad we found each other!! I L*O*V*E your framed valentines~~So gorgeous! Thanks for becoming one of my followers and I will return the favor as well. talk to you again soon~~Junkinjulie

  43. Oohhh, love your vintage valentines! You are one classy lady, Debra!


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