Wednesday, August 19, 2009

White Wednesday, Snippets from Ozark

I have a few photos of "White" from my small booth at Spring Creek to share. It's a tiny space, but the atmosphere of the tea room is wonderful. I try to go after lunch hours to be out of the way of the shoppers and diners. If you happen to go on a Sunday afternoon, the heavenly aromas from the kitchen will cause you to go crazy, because that's when the owner and head chef, Brenda, makes her homemade crutons, and does some of her baking. Everything on the menu is so delicious you can hardly make a decision! If you are traveling or live anywhere near SW Missouri you have to come for lunch. Spring Creek is a landmark lunch experience!

A little collage art

chalk swans

vintage postcard Birthday Greetings

40's cornucopia vases

stack of dessert plates and teapot for one

This needlepoint piece is so sweet, it has a Scotty Dog in the doorway.

Poor Baby, she's really fallen to pieces. I asked her to please get her
"head on straight" for the photo.

Great old white wicker table

This is an image from last year this time, but I just love this old flower container. I have only seen this one. It is some kind of composite material, not sure, but it has a home with Judy, now, from Leola's.

And speaking of Leola's, here are the rest of my "White" photos, from a few weeks ago. After hearing Jan (Summer Sundays) talk about the store, I imagine that it's all "left the building"!

This white cupboard of Jan's has been one of my favorite pieces.

old clock face with an elegant black ribbon

Be sure and visit the other White Wednesday participants at Faded Charm.
Thank you, Kathleen.

Have a wonderful White Wednesday!

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