Monday, August 24, 2009

What I Rescued this Weekend, Monday

I keep telling myself, "No more furniture that requires a project!"
I keep telling myself, "Enough with the furniture!"
I keep telling myself , "Stop, the garage is full and we need to get the new car in the garage before cold weather!"
Guess what?... "self" has not been listening... because "self" brought home a new piece of furniture that will require a paint project, and now we can barely walk through the garage, once again.

I DID ask my husband's opinion on this one though, unlike the white desk of a few weeks back, and this one had his approval.

It has a small amount of damage on the veneer in front, but that can be smoothed out with some filler, and then it will be painted black. The caning on the secretary back is in great shape and it is very now one more reason to spend time in the garage. Oh, and it's on casters.

Great chippy shelf.

Here's a table full of smalls. I'm looking for fall colors.

I had to have this little bisque doll. What a cutie!

Little apple jam pot, small ironstone bowl and brown pottery.

I just love this orange pottery tea pot!
"Gobble gobble"

Every fall picnic needs an organge plaid Thermos.

"Piano baby" busts and a great advertising thermometer.

Concrete Pekingese

Chalk last supper.

Great little cottage pot holders and hot pads.

How many of you remember shopping at TG&Y or Ben Franklin
with one of these canvas and metal collapsible baskets?
Johnson Bros. ironstone bowl with turkey feathers and a great
cream scrap book of someone's dream house from 1938.

"Instant ancestors"

I really look forward to the weekends. That's when we go junkin'.
Before our girls left home, my husband and I didn't really get to do much
together. He works 6 days a week, but since then we have learned
that time spent together with a common interest is so important.

Go by Sassafras Stuff today and visit Polly, to see her finds from the weekend.
Have a great week!

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