Thursday, August 27, 2009

Show Me the Roosters...Rooster Party

As a lover of Country French decor,
I do have a few of our strutty little friends.
Here is my favorite, and the oldest of the flock.
He hangs out downstairs in the Bar on my baker's rack,
with another friend, a teapot which is not old, but cute.

Looks like he's giving his friend a piece of his mind!

This little fellow is having a photo shoot in the dining room,
in the place of honor, a cloche.

And... where would all the Roosters be if it weren't for a few Hens?

Congregating on the kitchen counter,
strutting their stuff!

Be sure and check out Bella Vista who is hosting this
great Rooster get-together!

Have a "Cock-a-doodle" good kinda' Day!

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