Wednesday, July 8, 2009

White Wednesday, the Entry

This is my second White Wednesday and I thought I'd share some white things from my entry area. It's actually two areas because it is separated by a main hall. So it's not a lot of wall space. The stair railing is in one area and a large opening to my dining room is in the other.

I heard many years ago that every entry should have a mirror, and that this area should be welcoming and reflect the rest of your home. Because of the divided space, I have ended up with two pieces of furniture that each anchor a mirror, one is a small gold gilt French table, the other a small black Eastlake dresser or buffet. I have a little love affair with Eastlake furniture. It is typically thought of as Victorian, but it is the "Gothic" sort, that is often dark, linear, and notched. I call it "bullseye". It is getting harder for me to find, but I have a few pieces. I've passed over a few that I really regret not buying. I need to learn that even if there is seemingly no where for it, I need to get it anyway, otherwise I will regret it terribly.

I used to change out the flower arrangement seasonally, but I had this iron urn so I just decided to keep it in place and then change out the flowers. I know, I know, wouldn't it be nice to have the $200 a month for fresh flowers? How many times have I heard Oprah and Nate say that if you can't have fresh flowers then you should just forget it? Sorry...There are so many gorgeous silk and faux flowers and stems. I don't think you can equate them to the old grungy, plastic kind.
Besides, I have cats. When I am fortunate enough to have a beautiful cut bouquet, I find them constantly nosing it, chewing it, carrying it off, and then they leave me little barfy presents of masticated, faux it is.

A set of four small fruit prints face each other on the small walls.

A white basket of flowers doorstop on an old tall plant stand.

I traded for this gorgeous French market cart.
I had been looking for one since I saw one on a blog last spring.
Even though it isn't white, it is filled with seasonal
white flowers and branches.

I have two leaded glass windows; one on either side of my front door.

No color, just textured glass.
This photo is natural light.

and with a flash.

Technically, I guess this little concrete dove is supposed to be blue-grey,
but he has lost most of his paint, so I thought I'd include him in the white items.

This little white pitcher is so sweet, but I cannot decipher the mark on the bottom.
It is a laurel wreath with another mark.

Love, love, love white wicker flower baskets.
They are scattered about the house and porches.

natural light

One of my little lambs that I collect. There is a post coming on them.
I guess you can see that I have several.
To me they represent purity, trust, and innocence.

I found an old primitive church pew last fall. It was in really bad shape,
so it got a coat of black paint. I made two of these little toile pillows.
I am so not a seemstress, but I can do a few decor things.

Here is the 75 pound antique urn that my wonderful husband
had to lug back to the car one day at a swap meet. He was thrilled.
(so was I)
I'll give you the full view another day,
since I was trying to stick with the "white" theme today.

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.
Give thanks to Him and praise His Name.
For the Lord is good, and His love endures forever..."
"Psalm 100:4-5"

Be sure and say Hi to Kathleen over at Faded Charm.

Monday, July 6, 2009

What I Rescued This Weekend (Monday)

Polly, over at "Sassafras Stuff", thought it would be fun to show all our weekend rescues and finds on Mondays. So check out her blog for her weekend steals, and deals.

Since I downsized my booth space I haven't been junkin' as much as I used to, but I can still manage to find a few things without having to do a lot of work.

I love old suitcases. I have a bunch that I stack and use at my house. They are on top of armoirs, under tables, stacked on an old kitchen cabinet, under stairways, used as end know, everywhere...These are usually in pretty good shape, and I have painted some white, some black. I really love 'em, but sometimes its hard to pass up an old junker. I think these make great display props. I have an old beat up black one that has holes in it that I used last year for Halloween and it was great. Didn't sell, but I didn't care. Anyhoo, I found this one and nabbed it. It has the old movie advertisement for "The Shepherd of the Hills", starring John Wayne. Being from the Ozarks, where the true story took place, it's just right up my alley so to speak.

Here are some sewing machine drawers that are in really good shape. I'm going to leave them as they are. Love these for office or sewing supplies.

This cute little pink and white stripe hat box is so "girlie".

And then this great chippy plant stand,
but I think I will put plates on it, then maybe a small ivy.

I love this old cottagy blue chippy chair.
It has great patina.

These are the things I found this weekend.
I love to incorporate all the odds and ends into the displays.
For me, this is one of the best parts of this business.
The creative result of such random items;
how you can put a bunch of pieces together and have such fun doing it.

Have a Great Monday!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Long May She Wave

Let us not forget that our Freedom is a precious gift,
made more so by the sacrifices of generations
past, present, and future.

Entry area parade flag with 48 stars

An embossed postcard from World War I

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Leola's Vintage Home and Garden

Do you have a place that just "feels like home"?
A store that is instantly inviting and comfortable,
that makes you come by for a visit
even if you're not looking for anything in particular?
Leola's Vintage Home and Garden in Ozark, Missouri is one of those places.

Many of you know Jan from her blog Summer Sundays. She has been my blog mentor and dear friend for this last year. She and her sisters , Judy and Linda, and neice Kelli, are the owners of Leola's, which is named for the sisters' mom.

Jan, Kelli, Judy, Linda and their sister, Jean, on the far right.

(photo courtesy of Katie from Ragamuffin Gal )

Red, white, and blue for the porch

Come on in. This is what greets you this week.

The store is constantly changing, with new displays and vignettes.
Since I want to share all my photos, I will post more next week.
If you are in southwest Missouri, stop by for a real treat.
Ozark is a quaint little town between Springfield and Branson.
Leola's is located right behind Lamberts Cafe, CC and Highway 65.
Have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

White Wednesday

Timeless strength and beauty. She sits on an antique black Italianate desk. The light shines in and highlights her features. I found her for a song on the floor of a flea market. Others may not have seen her grace or recognized her regality, but I did. I had been looking for her.

Today may you see strength and beauty, grace and value in those around you.

Thankyou, Kathleen at Faded Charm

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